Did you ever mistake Basil for a girl

2021.09.26 23:55 RandomInSpace Did you ever mistake Basil for a girl

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2021.09.26 23:55 KL3GG Hasan plays his part perfectly!

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2021.09.26 23:55 Arocna Forest beauty at night

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2021.09.26 23:55 Rapunzelpumpkin Progress on Cami’s 5th anniversary collab on amino!

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2021.09.26 23:54 OkAd9263 IF YALL WANT HER STUFF FOR FREE ITS DOWN BELOW 100%Legit The Vouchers are on the right. 🤝All the vids that these scammers were trying to sell its all there for free 2 OPTIONS DOWN BELOW

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2021.09.26 23:54 NewsElfForEnterprise Community college gets $200K grant to boost apprenticeships

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2021.09.26 23:54 Imposteramongus_ Bad boy.

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2021.09.26 23:54 Ceedox Ye

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2021.09.26 23:54 confused_as_hellish Need advice to resolve the predicament between my mother and my own goals. How to have a peaceful solution.

I'm in my mid 20s now and currently in a complex predicament for some time already. Therefore, I need advice (or another perspective) on resolving the predicament as it is affecting me mentally. So I'm going to tell a short summary of my situation before asking adivce.
So, basically I have a single mother and she got divorced when I was a small child. We got support from my grandpa after her divorce and she didn't marry anyone further and just decided to take care of me only. Therefore, I had really caring mother and had a quite good childhood because of her. For my bachelor's, I moved out and it was partly financed by grandpa and myself teaching online. Then after bachelors, I had a job offer abroad but I declined the offer and took job in India so to be near her. I used to visit her 4 times a year and call everyday to know she feels okay and what's going on in her life (which I always do). While working, I partly financed to buy property which gives her rent to pay for most of her living expenses now as by now, my grandpa's support was cut off. So, after 1-2 year of working in india, I decided to moved out for master's on my own expenses and also left some money saved for her living and emergency funds until I get job abroad. My plan was to emigrate and also bring her abroad in future.
During my master's degree, I used to talk every day with my mother but couldn't visit her due to pandemic. Also, I fell in love with a non Indian girl and met her family. So, I liked her and told my mom about her but she clearly said she won't accept her no matter how good she is because she is non Indian. Now, after master's I got a job and told my mom that it takes some time to bring her abroad permanently but she can visit me for couple of months frequently which she will soon in a couple of months.
Now my mom is in late 40s and she really feels unhappy about the current situation. According to her, I didn't sacrificed for her and sort of betrayed her by leaving for abroad and not staying in india. And now I should do as much as possible to bring her here near me as soon as possible or come back to India. She also hates that I am in love with non Indian girl and she doesn't accept her. According to her, I should be marrying a woman on which she agrees while I'm saying for 8 years already that I will marry according to myself. So overall, she feels that I should be sacrifice my career goals and life partner and live near her because she is single mother in late 40s and would like to near me who needs care and emotional support and she is sacrificed a lot for me.
Now, from my perspective, I love my mom and my girlfriend both a lot. I clearly don't want to lose contact with anyone and I clearly understand my mother has done a lot for me. However, the current situation is affecting me mentally and my involvement in work. Therefore, I need advice/opinion/another perspective on how to proceed further.
1) I'm currently planning to buy additional property in which she can live safely in a housing society or rent it out for additional money, for the time I can bring her abroad permanently. However, she feels that I'm planning to settle her in india permanently. How to avoid making her feel like that?
2) She wants to live in the same household when she moves abroad with me permanently, however, this is okay intially but I prefer to live in flat just in front of me rather in the same common living area. However, she would be extremely unhappy about it. How to make her understand that as a couple, we would need our privacy because she feels, that she should be staying with us.
3) Currently, I have explained a lot my mom that marrying an non Indian is nothing different and I really like the girl. However, my mom is unable to budge on this. What should be my steps going further to make her feel comfortable with our relationship?
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2021.09.26 23:54 hushpuppylife Just moved from NOVA to WV and exploring the area. But man, Loudoun has such a strange border with WV!

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2021.09.26 23:54 noonehere1981 Emotinal Abuse

Hello My parner has recently told me she slept with some one else 15 years ago when she finished the relationship. That is not the problem There was another man involved which she always denied but was obvious this has dogged our relationship. During that time she emotionally abusing me. There was a couple time she phoned me while she was having sex with some else which she says she carnt remember. I am stuff suffering from this and she will not take any responsibility and is killing me. I feel so humilated and brocken. Can some please give me some advice please.
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2021.09.26 23:54 ReaperofReach [EU] The Doom Slayer accidentally forms a Warrior Death Cult.

His countless battles have instilled Awe in the frightened Masses. The mountains of demonic corpses inspires Resolution amongst the Soldiers of Earth and the slain Titans of Old engraves a desire for Absolution in the hordes of Hell.
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2021.09.26 23:54 zughzz What’s a group of people you have mad respect for?

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2021.09.26 23:54 Mardoche7890 Blue Penny Coins Mauritius 🇲🇺 News.

Cryptocurrency price live – Pi Network allows users to mine crypto on phone as Bitcoin tumbles following China news https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/16190561/cryptocurrency-bitcoin-prices-mining-china-pi-market-shiba-inu?utm_source=native_share&utm_medium=sharebar_native&utm_campaign=sharebaramp
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2021.09.26 23:54 SomeLengthiness First time painting an Ork and trying NMM! How do you think it went?

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2021.09.26 23:54 Lurch1350 New updated Ancestry results vs 23andMe results

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2021.09.26 23:54 Mr_vapors Anyone have any info on this book? Can’t find another one online anywhere.

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2021.09.26 23:54 KittyBatSasha Any consensus on products like this in regards to potential benefits/detriment to breast development/growth... I've onow a few people who have used it and experienced lactation and still had impressive gains since..... Just concerned about getting the most out of my transition as far as chest growth

Any consensus on products like this in regards to potential benefits/detriment to breast development/growth... I've onow a few people who have used it and experienced lactation and still had impressive gains since..... Just concerned about getting the most out of my transition as far as chest growth submitted by KittyBatSasha to DrWillPowers [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 23:54 SIsForSad Reading The Secret History

I started this book two weeks ago because I’m all into the Dark Academia aesthetics and people recommend this book to the core. I already know what happens cuz i saw a video about it, but omg if you read this book did you struggle with the pacing?? By now I’d be already at half book but I’m barely on page 130. I don’t wanna give up so i just need to know if you struggled with this read as well
To note: it is not in english but the translation seems on point, so idk if that’s the case or not
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2021.09.26 23:54 sambadi_ A diary entry

I often write in my diary. Nobody reads them. Writing is my way of talking to myself. Ever since I was 14 years old, I wanted to be a writer. (At first I only cared about becoming a famous writer, so I’d try to sound smart in my writing. Gradually, all that pretentious writing made me sick. I became so depressed, unable to read or write. It was good for me though. That was the whisper of my heart, calling me to myself. Telling me this isn’t who I am. Telling me that I don’t have to become the next Hemingway, or the next Salinger or the next Bukowski. That my only task is to become myself, to write from the bottom of my heart.) But I’m tired of writing without having someone to read those intimate words. Here I am now, writing it all here. This post is a diary entry, and this time, I’m gonna write to you, dear stranger. A friend of mine just texted. I see his message and I’m hesitant to open it. Him and I have nothing to talk about; and he has nobody to talk to, except me. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate him. I wish I could find a way to help him, but sometimes, I just find myself feeling impatient with him. Wondering why does he keep wanting to talk to me while we have nothing much to talk about, and there is also a sense of guilt. I’m guilty of not being interested enough in him, of being easily overwhelmed and detached. I know by experience, that how difficult it is to love somebody who is detached from you. To be fair, I might not be as detached from him as I think I am. Sure, conversing with him bores me sometimes. But I don’t judge him, I don’t mock him. Unlike others. I guess that’s why he sees me as his confidant. I try to understand. I ask him questions. I give him advice when he asks for it. And yet I feel guilty because I don’t think about him very often. I wonder if I even consider him my friend, while he considers me his best friend. It hurts. I wish there was a way to just change these feelings, but there isn’t. You can’t force your feelings. It’s good to observe them though, without condemnation, without justification, just observe. All efforts to change how you feel are born out of that feeling, and thus it’s in vain. Why do you want to be happy? Because you are not happy. Because you are unhappy. Why do you want to love this person? Because you don’t love them. You see, all these efforts to achieve a certain feeling are born out of fear, and they are bound to fail. Once you see this, once you feel this with your flesh, you will be liberated from unnecessary suffering.
Life is strange. We are living. We are sharing this moment. This moment goes on and on for all eternity, with no end, with no conclusion. We expect a conclusion but there isn’t any. Life just goes on, and on, and on. Sometimes, I just go for a walk in the street, and then this moment hits me. I see with all my essence that this moment is all that there is, and that it will never come to a conclusion. That life is what’s happening right now; that old woman getting out of the grocery store, the young rebel smoking a cigarette, the old man walking anxiously, the moon hanging in the sky, the cars getting back from work, this is life. I thought about this today, and I felt complete. I usually worry a lot, about my future. About losing my loved ones. About death. About the fact that so many people have suffered tremendously. About unimaginable tortures and murders. About the fact that one day I will lose all that I have; my parents, my friends, my books, my phone, my notes, even myself! Normally you can keep yourself company, and I am okay with my own company. I enjoy solitude. But death takes that away as well! We don’t own anything. This evening, going for a walk, thinking about all this, I felt complete. Everyone’s somehow broken inside, and life is this moment, so I can die at anytime, and that will be okay. I think I can finally say that I am living a good life, a courageous one in which I have an eye for the beauty of the world. I’ve lived with curiosity and intensity. Isn’t that enough?
This brings us to death. Quite often, I wonder “who is it that’s gonna die?” In other word, I am going to die one day, but who was I in the first place? Where did I come from? My body is stardust. My consciousness is, too. That makes me one with the Universe, with God. Yes! I’m a mystic by heart. In this age of technical rationality, I might be laughed upon, but I do believe that there is no such a thing as “I”. James(my name) does not exist. As Krishnamurti would’ve said, “there is no thinker who thinks the thought; it’s only the thought.” I really think there is no such thing as “nothingness” as opposed to “Being”. Being is all that there is; nothingness does not exist. What we call nothingness is, actually, only forgetfulness. I’m an integrated part of being, just as you are. I think we are never going to die, because we were never born in the first place. We have always been here. We just forget, then we wake up again and we call that birth. Then we forget again, and we call that death. Life is so wonderful; but there is also so much horror I cannot deny. I wish I could stop people from suffering. I wish I could. I try to do my own part though. I see some people laugh when they hear that “Love can change the world.” Sure, if we take love as a blind emotion, then it’s absurd and this sentence is ridiculous. But Love is a flame that burns steadily in the heart and warms up those around you, and sometimes, it warms up those far away from you, too. Love is opening up to the world. It’s taking the world inside your heart, drinking the seas and star-filled nightsky, and then recreating it all. When you read a good book, and it gives you new insights, it makes you feel understood, and then you just keep thinking about the writer, you feel close to the writer. The writer has touched your heart, warmed you up and turned you into a slightly different person. Your life is richer now, thanks to the author. That is Love. The book is a manifestation of that inner flame. Love can change the world; Buddha’s love still touches our heart, Christ’s Love still guides us, Rollo May’s love is still with us. Roald Dahl’s love still amazes children. Love can save people; but first we must find out for ourselves what love is. Otherwise, nothing good comes out of confusion. Thanks for reading so far, dear stranger.
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2021.09.26 23:54 FreeJokeMan Ugh, it's so... (silence)

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2021.09.26 23:54 heinaga1989 👽ALIEN BSC👽 Fairlaunch in 1 hour | Contract deployed | Ownership renounce | Initial liquidity 5 BNB

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2021.09.26 23:54 roxass34 Ohtani vs. SEA: 6.0IP, 0ER , 4H, 0BB, 8K on 98 pitches

Tack on another solid outing. What a privilege to watch.
(Now if the Angels can get him his 10th win, that’d be great. Please and thanks)
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2021.09.26 23:54 whitneykni Jackson Elle upgrade?

I’m thinking it may be time to upgrade my Jackson Elles with the attached Matrix blade. I’m turning 30 in a couple weeks, weigh around 135, and I’ve been skating on them about once a week since June 2018 (with the exception of the pandemic of course).
I am starting on the loop, already have tiny waltz, Salchow, toe loop, half flip and half lutz jumps. TBH, jumping’s not my favorite thing, but I have a consistent four rev forward scratch and one in ten of my back scratches make three revs :) Ultimately, I would like to get all my single jumps, mayyyyyyybe an axel, not really looking to do doubles. I’d love to get a killer combo spin though. My skating insta is @mississipskate if that would tell you more about my shortcomings as a skater
I’ve noticed some breakdown in the Elles, but there’s definitely still life in the boot. I figure if I upgrade, I’ll have two pairs of boots to use while I break the new ones in, and I can take the older ones to use on trips and novelty winter ice.
I am thinking about the Coronation Ace blade, but am pretty lost as far as what boot to get. I’m pretty happy with the fit of Jackson; I’ve always had foam in the toe box to give more control, and I sometimes feel the skate is a tad wide near the arch (have trouble getting it to change edge - maybe it just needs arch support?) I had Riedell before the Jackson and they were way too narrow, but never have tried Edea.
I am planning to go to Rainbo Sports in Nashville to get fitted, but I have anxiety lol and thought I’d get Reddit’s opinions first.
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2021.09.26 23:54 sultanpepperoni He wins

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