Japanese people according to weebs

2021.09.27 00:16 SophiaKarinaaa Japanese people according to weebs

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2021.09.27 00:16 Linus_Naumann Wo kann man das komplette Wahlergebnis inklusive "Sonstige" Parteien sehen?

Ich sehe überall nur die großen Parteien mit ihren Prozenten aufgelistet, niemals aber Hinweise, wo eigentlich die immerhin stolzen 8-9% für "Sonstige Parteien" gelandet sind. Könnte mir jemand sagen, wo ich diese Informationen finde? Und wenn wir gerade dabei sind: Warum wird eigentlich ein demaßenes Geheimnis daraus gemacht was 8-9% aller Wähler gewählt haben?? Ist es so schwer wenigstens die 1-2 größeren "sonstigen" irgendwo zu erwähnen?
Danke im Voraus!
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2021.09.27 00:16 hopping7 Controller and centrifugal pump question

Controller and centrifugal pump question Hello all,
I am doing an experiment with some simulation software called petroskills and I have some questions.

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2021.09.27 00:16 KyeTheHusky 5th person to cross the 2,800 FC milestone for Bass on xbox (not sure about PS4/5). Only another 91 songs left to FC till I can say I have completed the FLFC on Bass! The grind is on...

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2021.09.27 00:16 bfields2 Christians and Grace

Hi guys happy Sunday! Friendly annoying Jew here with another question. So I have a fairly decent idea of Fundies idea of grace, IE men can do whatever they want and are forgiven and fine and women are whoring sinners for wearing pants, but what actual Christian grace does mean. Appreciate all the time and help!
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2021.09.27 00:16 Johnnadawearsglasses Phantom limb

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2021.09.27 00:16 Gnubay The Madonna Of St Jerome By Correggio 1905 Mezzotint Art Print FoundArtShopCom

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2021.09.27 00:16 Dingbat515 Been in the US for well over three centuries!

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2021.09.27 00:16 Ruser8050 Humira + poison ivy

Curious if anyone on humira or similar has had poison ivy before and after starting it and if it had any effect on the severity.
I’m very allergic to it and have been my whole life, but have noticed that I’ve come in contact with it recently after being fully ramped on humira and haven’t had a reaction, wondering if I’m lucky or if it’s related
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2021.09.27 00:16 Memedealer6942 What’s the best method to get global xp?

Idk if there’s a good method or good pack to get?
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2021.09.27 00:16 Kronopolitan Hard surface practice project. Sculpted in Zbrush and textured/rendered in Substance Painter.

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2021.09.27 00:16 Creativation This comic could be /r/HCA's mascot. [Reposting due to prior removal before the existence of "meme Sunday"]

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2021.09.27 00:16 CumLord1776 Vaush Good

Refer to title
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2021.09.27 00:16 FossilBoi Ties That Bind - Prologue: 24 Hours' Worth of Events

Little did Monarch know, but a third Iwarrika individual was out there, and tonight they finally got to see it. This Iwarrika moved through the wetland landscape, the waters reflecting the brilliant light beamed down by the Moon. The sounds of nighttime birds, insects, frogs and other nocturnal wildlife provided the night a quiet and peaceful ambience. It could sense the presence of two other individuals in the vicinity, though it was very hesitant on reaching out. After all, just because they're a member of your species doesn't mean they're friendly, as previous encounters he recalled attested. The Iwarrika continued to wander about, looking for any good spot it can rest. However the eyes and ears of the primate Titan were continuously alert, for around every corner could lurk a threat. The water continued to slosh around as the Iwarrika waded through it, but then it stopped. The wind seems to have been affected by something, like something was passing by. It stopped and looked around, nothing. It remained still for a few seconds before continuing to move, but then the air felt different once again, and it stopped again. Nothing. It stood up on its hind legs to get a better view of the surrounding area. Still nothing. As it descended back to four legs, a distant squawk caught its attention. That squawk was all too familiar to it. Now was the time to hide. The surrounding trees were not enough to hide it, so burrowing would have to work. The Iwarrika lowered its head down, starting to burrow into the soft ground beneath the water, but repeatedly stopped to raise its head above to see anything around. The ground beneath the surface was slowly giving way and it dipped its snout in...
The attack came from the left. The Iwarrika found itself thrust off the ground, yanked from the water. Sharp talons dug into the skin, and the Iwarrika chittered in pain as it tried to squirm away. Using its hidden tail quills, it repeatedly struck the legs of its attacker, causing it to drop it. After it fell, the Iwarrika breathed heavily as it tried to get up. Blood poured from several puncture wounds on its flanks. As the blood mixed with the water, the Iwarrika got up and tried to escape quietly, but then its antagonist landed before it: the flying demon Vucub-Caquix. The flying Titan squawked and flew forward again. Though not having the energy to do its infamous Sonic Beak Bite, it still had enough energy to finish its prey. Its talons aloft, it flew forward, grabbing the unlucky primate Titan as it flew into the sky with it, before suddenly veering back down, letting itself and its prey go into free fall. As they got closer to the ground, Vucub-Caquix seized the Iwarrika's neck with its claws and just before they landed, the bird Titan turned its body suddenly, resulting in the primate Titan flying free from its grasp and tumbling away before stopping with a loud snap. The predator landed, and to its satisfaction the neck was broken, and it was still. Satisfied at its success the bird Titan decided to recover some pieces of meat early to regain some energy. Using its hooked beak it tore into the carcass, but as it tugged on the dead Titan's leg, it felt something moving the carcass away, tugging on it. Vucub-Caquix exasperatedly tore its gaze from its food to look over to see who was trying to steal it. It was that caiman Titan, Nahuelito. Once the smaller Titan realized what it was up against it tried to merely take a piece of the carcass rather than the whole, eventually breaking off one of the dead Iwarrika's arms and swimming away with it, out of sight. Now free of distractions, the bird Titan continued to feast, and before long, had reclaimed enough energy to fly again. Spreading its wings and seizing the carcass in its talons, it flew off into the night sky, ready to finish its meal elsewhere as Monarch scientists watching remotely did so in awe and observance.
Tsawhawbitts walked through the desert, dragging his massive bulk with him. The world seemingly has changed so much since he was last awake, the Tiny Ones' settlements dotting the landscape here and there. He had been careful not to approach them, aware of conflict it would create. Despite that, he still found himself harassed by them in their equally tiny weapons, which he effortlessly destroyed whenever they came too close to him. Part of him grew sick with them; their artificial detritus had become mixed into his back hair, providing the occasional yet hard-to-ignore annoyance, as well as their attempts to approach him. He huffed, unsure of where he wanted to go, only having the compulsion to go South. As he crossed an empty road, some of his thinner hairs stood on end as he felt something. Tsawhawbitts stopped, and looked around. The sun beamed down from the blue cloud-less sky, and no one seemed to be around save for him. Before the ape Titan can continue walking, he felt something underground, that seemed to follow him as he slowly moved. Before he could bend down to investigate, he roared in pain feeling his left rear leg being grabbed by something. He got free and saw his attacker emerge from the sand. Malinalxochitl, an unfamiliar scorpion Titan rising from the ground, blood staining one of its pincers. Tsawhawbitts roared, beating his chest and briefly rising on his back legs, slamming himself back down in a vocal intimidation display. When his antagonist did not back down, Tsawhawbitts growled and charged, fist aloft and aiming for the head. The scorpion Titan dodged the hit, and Malinalxochitl charged, using the pointed end of one pincer to stab the larger Titan in the flank. The ape Titan huffed in pain, but before he can react, Malinalxochitl used both pincers on the arm and leg, dragging the ape Titan down, succeeding on flipping the Titan onto his back. Tsawhawbitts growled at his restrained limbs and used his free ones to try to lift himself up the ground and fight back with. Whilst restraining him, the scorpion Titan raised its death flower-tipped stinger tail, ready to strike all six into the ape Titan's flesh. Tsawhawbitts saw this and shook himself, slowly loosening Malinalxochitl's grip, before taking a handful of sand and rock and throwing it straight into the Titan's compound eyes. It loosened its grip in reaction, and Tsawhawbitts flipped himself back over, jumping into the air and using both fists, slammed the scorpion Titan straight into the ground.
In retaliation, Malinalxochitl slammed the death flower straight into the ape Titan's nose, sending him backward, and clutching his face. A purple caved-in bruise specked with bleeding gashes adorned the Titan's nose, and his eyes glared at his opponent, before charging again, this time to try to disable the stinger. When he got close, he sidestepped, trying to make it as difficult as possible for the scorpion Titan to sting, with it repeatedly missing. On the latest strike, Tsawhawbitts seized the tail, and attempted to rip off the tip. Before he can do so, Malinalxochitl used the sharp tips of the pincers to its advantage, slicing at the Titan's knees, digging deep enough to strike bone. The ape Titan howled, and the death flower sprung forward once again, striking the Titan square in the lungs, sending him back once again. Malinalxochitl's mouth opened, and the Titan unleashed its petrifying sand cloud, which quickly mummified the ape Titan's injured legs. Tsawhawbitts saw this and howled as his legs slowly become immobile. He tried getting up, but his legs were weighed down. However he saw that his opponent had his claws ready to strike at the injured leg. He waited for it to do so, and just as he predicted, the claw strike cleared away the sand, inadvertently freeing the leg, which promptly swung up and kicked it in the face. He then freed the other leg and jumped up, sending another fist down on it. This time, he swiftly grabbed the Titan by its sides and legs, holding it so its dorsal end faced him. Tsawhawbitts then tried to tear off the legs, using his feet to hold down the pincers. However, Malinalxochitl's tail struck low, managing to strike a below-the-belt shot. At this the ape Titan screamed in pain, dropping his enemy and panting as pain surged through his pelvic area, before falling to the ground. The scorpion Titan then grabbed him by his neck and throws him straight into a rock face. Malinalxochitl moved in, ready to finish him, but suddenly it stopped. Something seemed to compel it. It was a frequency that sounded a lot like its species', and with it was a new sound that seemed equally as compelling. It abandoned its pursuit of the ape Titan and wandered off towards the source. Tsawhawbitts slowly got up and walked away, his pride and body not only wounded but emasculated as well.
Khonsu flew across the night sky, the cool air whipping between the spaces in his feathery wings. He was preparing for his nighttime ritual of attracting others of his kind, which, though not working before, continued thanks to instinct and his hope for a mate. He surveyed distant cities as he flew over, sometimes seeing the Tiny Ones observing him from below at his ethereal bioluminescent glow and his majestic form. He eventually found a good spot to start his display, sixty miles from the city they called Kharga. Dotting the landscape were several groves of sycamore trees, whose growth was jumpstarted by the familiar bison Titan Hathor, whom he had seen on some occasions. He begun to dance, waving his feathers about in every which way as the species tradition advised. Khonsu continued, but was then tossed to the ground by something. Looking up, he saw he was face to face with a Titan he had never seen before: the antelope Titan Satis, whose horns and white face gave an eerie profile under the moonlight. The falcon Titan immediately got up, spreading his wings and shrieking at his aggressor before swooping in. Unfortunately this proved to be his undoing, as the antelope Titan grabbed his wing in his teeth and began chewing sideways, tearing away feathers and skin. Khonsu squawked in pain as he tried to stab its face with his sharp beak, but then, the Titan's horn cut in, causing a large bloody wound on his side, and Satis threw off the falcon Titan. Coughing up blood, Khonsu flapped his wings, but then Satis stomped its hooves on the Titan's chest, and Khonsu went limp. Satis bent down to sniff the Titan's body and was satisfied with the state of its opponent. Huffing, it stomped off, eager to find its next opponent. Once the Titan was gone over the horizon, Khonsu awoke. He knew that in situations, playing dead was key. However he did not get off scot-free, he was now grounded for a time, and could no longer perform his nightly dance nor fly. The Hollow Earth seemed a good place to heal, so he slowly limped over, his breath hobbled by his injured lungs. However like all Titans, Khonsu was not willing to let this slow him down.
Sunrise over Egypt was something made better by the arrival of the bovine Titan Hathor. Her majestic horns and the translucent orange membrane between them beamed the rising sun out, providing a beautiful display for those fortunate enough to witness it She walked outside the city of Qena, now laden in sycamore trees thanks to her. Walking alongside her was a calf, though not her own. She had found the poor thing orphaned next to his dead mother, and consequently adopted him. The Tiny Ones called him Cepos, which bore reverence to a word for a type of ruler in the country she walked in. Cepos luckily knew some survival instincts, knowing how to walk and to stay close. Despite the obvious species difference, he had seamlessly transitioned to Hathor, practically clinging to her as if she was his mother all along. Hathor kept an eye out for any possible predators that may want to kill Cepos, but she did not account for any fellow herbivores posing a threat, as the alien antelope Titan Satis watched the two from afar. Its instincts prompted it to eliminate any and all threats that stand in its way as it would naturally expand its territory. The fact that his target had a calf with her just showed how permanent her presence would be if he decided to abandon his pursuit of conquest. He waited for them to have their back turned to him as he watched from close by next to the river that snaked down the country. As she grazed on the trees and her 'calf' suckled milk, Satis bent its head low, kicked up dust with one hoof, and charged, horns ready. Closing in, his horns were horizontally aligned to strike, but before he can complete the stretch, suddenly he saw the smaller animals stop suckling and look in its direction and cry out. Just as the horns were feet away from sinking into Hathor, the bison Titan suddenly swung her head, knocking the antelope Titan to the ground. Satis shook its head, grunting as it locked eyes with her. Hathor had Cepos beneath her to protect him, and she stomped her hooves to kick up dust around him. Satis charged again, but this time, Hathor charged head-on, throwing her horns around his, and the two Titans were locking horns. They both grunted with effort as they slowly entered a tug of war type struggle, with either of them being pushed back and nearly falling before pushing the other. Hathor's upward-facing horns proved to be an advantage, scraping against Satis's backwards-pointing ones, which had to be orientated with the Titan's head facing down. When Satis briefly pushed her back, she took the opportunity to not only push Satis back but also perform an uppercut with her head, striking the antelope Titan in the nose and sending it back. She then charged and whacked him in the head using her entire head before charging and sinking the tips of the horns into his side, pulling them out, backing up, and charging, sending Satis to the ground. Satis hurriedly tried to get back up, but Hathor then kicked him right in the head before stomping on one of his legs, and backing off. This time, the antelope Titan decided to retreat. For the first time ever, Satis did not want to risk injury and decided to move on, his head aching and leg bones broken as he skulked off to his nurse his wounded pride. Hathor returned to Cepos, gently licking him in reassurance before resuming her grazing.
"So you're about to go sir?"
"Yes. Time to put this plan into action."
"Good. Not to offend you Oraculi, but is this not too hasty?"
"I'm glad you asked. It is not, I assure you. The world must know we are needed."
"What if they don't see it that way?"
"They will. I guarantee it."
"Best of luck, Oraculi. Filii naturae, conveniunt."
"Filii naturae, conveniunt."
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2021.09.27 00:16 tolub Income visa

I saw on this site that you can get a migrant visa in Colombia if you are retired or if you receive periodic income from a reputable source.
Does income from a remote job count? Anyone know someone who has done this?
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2021.09.27 00:16 Cyvggy Guys I need help trying to download the afraid of monsters I'm trying so hard it's just it isn't working pls and I also try to understand it but I can't pls help

Pls help
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2021.09.27 00:16 Used-Image-3800 🚀 rADAr Token - Much More Than Just ADA Rewards 🚀

🚀🚀🚀 rADAr Token - Much More Than Just ADA Rewards 🚀🚀🚀

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2021.09.27 00:16 IMMADUCK-NARS I’ve been manic for hours, when can I go back to self-isolating?

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2021.09.27 00:16 HairyLiterature1931 Thoughts

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2021.09.27 00:16 LaLic99 Quality service

I always wondered why all those restaurants I loved, and business in general lose quality in their service with time, I thought it was like lazy thing.
It wasn't until I started my own business that I realized the real reason. Is because of entitled people that find ways to destroy or break things or products, or mistreat people, that I have to remove certain services because I just couldn’t afford them anymore.
They ruin things for everybody else. Please don't be an entitled person.
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2021.09.27 00:16 nnboynnn More Kaylin

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2021.09.27 00:16 Potential-Pie0 MEESA, YOU'RE GENIUS!

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2021.09.27 00:16 lolwhyxd I have $10,000 and I am 17 years old. What can I do with that money to generate passive income outside of investing?

I am looking for simple things I can do to create myself streams of income for myself. If anyone has any ideas or experience, please let me know!
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2021.09.27 00:16 celebsUHQ Tamanna Bhatia

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2021.09.27 00:16 Frikandelneuker What file format does the phillips songbird use?

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