Whitby was kinda bangin a few days ago

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2021.09.26 23:35 TheOcculistGamer Dear Bethesda: for Elder Scrolls 6, couldn’t you include an actual Class System instead of Stripping it out like you did in Skyrim? Sincerely, someone who would like some RP in their G

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2021.09.26 23:35 BardRunekeeper My first spicy pretzel mustard build. Not quite sure how it worked lol

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2021.09.26 23:35 FrontpageWatch2020 [#659|+674|27] Problem solved [r/stevenuniverse]

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2021.09.26 23:35 FalseWallaby9 How does chaos corruption work?

I've never fully understood how chaos can corrupt mortals.
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2021.09.26 23:35 sigmanaut_ Alex Chepurnoy on Twitter: "Long-term vision for Ergo" (my personal thoughts just)

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Anyone wanna come water flowers for me??
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2021.09.26 23:35 HamishWarne [Highlight] Fan celebrates too early and gets smoked at the 1 yard line.

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I have 3 BG codes (cuties,shadowlands,beach)
I'm selling them half price (10uds).
just DM or add me to bnet. One#1856
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I am a plat 4 player and can boost low ranked accounts up to gold 4 for a very low price my discord is Jumex#2877
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2021.09.26 23:35 hemperbud Leftovers is amazing

The 2 of them are hilarious together and could tell their synergy was getting better throughout the episode. Been watching since the first bobby Lee interview, this show is gonna be so good as long as they don't get banned lol. Just wanted to let them and everyone know how much Ive enjoyed the episode. Peace and love, peace and love!
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2021.09.26 23:35 Zero4892 Remember when Bungie said they fixed trials

How come I can lose 4 games in a row due to people paying others to get them wins yet not get a single game with people at my level...
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2021.09.26 23:35 Septi_Lingual Mobile data lagging

I'm using Galaxy S10 that is a year old, and whenever I turn on data to use Google map or weather, the data lags. More precisely, the connection changes to "no connection" and data turns off. Then, the connection bar comes back, but when I press "turn on data", the button turns on, but the data doesn't. After about 20 seconds, the problem is gone.
This happens every single time when the bleeping "location" thing is on the taskbar.
What is the problem with my phone...?
To add onto this, this started happening when I inserted my old usim card after using another one (different number, different country) for 3 months. However, I don't know if using another usim was the problem, since my father's phone works just fine (which used the same "another usim" I was using)
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2021.09.26 23:35 Cross_my-heart "Est-ce que l'anglais pourrait te CHAUFFER un petit peu?"

Hi french-speaking people of reddit ! I was making a transcripcion of an interview and there is a phrase that I dont understand. "Est-ce que l'anglais pourrait te CHAUFFER un petit peu?" The meaning of CHAUFFER according to the dictionnary : to heat up, to heat, to get hot. I would like to know if the verb Chauffer could have a different connotation. Or could it be that I had just misheard the word?
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2021.09.26 23:35 LusipherStarLine778 So there are those people who crazily try to call me crazy or try to disrespect me

There main idea is to try and say I'm Bryan and crazy
So logically if there is a star line and if there is Lusphur
And the thing is is that it's not just a theoretical thing you're actually talking about the Lusitania the White Star Line company yellow white lines
And invintor of yellow silver and white silver Witch is gold
So you wouldn't understand it until you imagined to realize that I was 1.17 size and a bunch of people just ran to the people and tried to say that they were Lucifer darling star something and they basically wore spandex suits that said Celeste you will and Cipher on them and one person tried to say that he knew more celestials and I did and there really aren't any others it's an acronym
So one person was trying to convince other humans basically how they're the warship in praise dance like I'm in Ventura matter and I mean the most well-known Electric most well known person in existence
Unrealistically this hairy move man had already been caught and are even found out about and he was just trying to get more people to base if you try and help him
In this way there are six teams of young boys which I've basically been punished and suffered and was because in since since the time of Rome basically long long ago couple of thousand years ago basically there are laws and rules basically that protect the Lored
Which is the life-form inventor of mparticle inventor and basically like I said the large sphere the center of the of the system basically produces matter and the matter converters and stuff like that the stars and the planets basically make matter as well and so basically I mean
So it was stupid
Like I said I imagine a small group of people there were some people that basically were dead and buried and going to be punished regardless and I mean when they look into the when you get down to the center of the bureaucracy religious or government from Rome on basically there are lots of rules and regulations and laws that protect one person it's even inside of your mind
And basically some people when they met me when they found out about me they thought if their name was
And yes Existince did attack A EVil wicked Little Lusphur laughing giggling
And I lived
I'm not bad I just like to be silly just A bit
So basically you're talking about the one that is seven that is the number seven
One person so so basically you have a bunch of people that pretty much think that they can convince people work on people into thinking that I am not who I am and that they well in their minds or their idea was like I said it's not a real idea I mean I mean doesn't really work
It just gets A a lot of people hurt and it's basically the idea you know basically I said one Harry move man and then you get into well they can't actually use the truth so then they start thinking well maybe if all of us say Jesus Christ and God and Christ means cup it's a real thing though yeah it's there was cups Chris Christ chalice
So on the surface you know about this and that but deep down inside basically all these people are trying not to deceive trying not to because there's so many people that underneath you actually do know
And when you basically have is a bunch of people with nothing like Kennedy had nothing you find out that the fake presidents are basically just people that thought that they were going to become Lucifer and take over and be immortal in fact most of them try to say that they Lucifer it first and then they they have to admit
Then there is me EL Air Bri Bri N. Z
Lucifer's riddle what is a Brian Nathaniel Alexander Briley
The men can get it didn't understand what Brian N.A. Briley
So not really my name so what ever name could I have
Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS StarLine
I was born with the right name so they broke every law and rule and force A name change
Which caused massive effect and was really bad everyone in existence would notice it
Oh talk about about a wake-up call or whatever like I said german-americans Chinese everybody in existence noticed the change
Even if they didn't know what changed
Like physically being around a piece of nuclear metal or basically like detonating a nuclear bomb or pressing a button and you don't know what the button does
Maybe it didn't do any thing
Then years later you start to notice things and at first they were saying how they had to go to work they had one and stuff like that
The idea behind the church is that well they're at their whole idea basically is that if enough of them go out there and say these things then and basically it all stems from a very small group that would be white supremacist or basics of white people that thought that they were going to be Superior or whatever and they said they're all idea was that once they're confirmed as Lucifer the life and existence will just become what they want and so basically it's about two people that are 15 and 25 and then they grow up except they're stuck with it now
I mean logically you worship God you pray to God pray to God now will you praying to basically the government do a government I mean it's complicated and it's really stupid and I was part of the government one point in time and now I'm not part of the government
So with me it was real now it isn't
So you're talking about the most loved most cared about person and you just as basically Lusphur me
So so you have a whole bunch of people that think well maybe if you never says anything was no one ever believed him then we can win and it's like I mean there's a lot of people that basically have their mouth open and their jaw was on the floor they're just like what the f L
Or h
Pelagic Lady of course if 120000 people run around saying that there's a God and they believe in God and it's like the power of belief kind of idea though like I said it's some Future Point
There is no GOD creator
Unless you mean me turn that way basically a bunch of people because Lusphur
So I mean you have these people trying to say there Lored or creator
And basically because they knew about me so they thought maybe there's another one or maybe they can say that there this one and so you have a bunch of I don't know well basically because of some hairy move people and they thought that once I wasn't in control of the government or Wednesday at taking over then but then they lost their hair and I mean logically I mean you're talking about identity theft of the Lord which is in government rules since Rome and Egypt basically throughout existence
And basically have a bunch of people that think that once they get the name then they will be that way
So well then so well
Like I said his bunch of people that were trying to do the easy way the get-rich-quick rags to riches
So they fail fail fail fail
So basically they spend their whole life trying to get this too happen there are more then A few teams
I mean well everybody knows about my true name everyone else in existence knows exactly who I iS
And you have a bunch of people that are trying to kill those people who know who I am and what I am I know why it's important
And then later on you have one group of people or one person saying why I had to give it a shot I had to try you never know you could have been doing identity theft and the new and punish me as Lusphur the Lored then killed me then killed others that knew
This is why you have killing in Germany this is why you kept killing in China and an American Mexico because their people that weren't okay with it for the logical reasons that is real
Which is much like saying that people that tell you that you shouldn't walk off of a skyscraper walk off a bridge I mean can you imagine trying to go and kill all the people that would tell you that it would be a bad idea to walk off of a cliff
I've been trying to kill all the people that might think it's a bad idea to walk off a cliff
So this is what there trying to do
So in 28 years so so they're trying to use the relations they're trying to use technicalities like maybe someone else's Lucifer maybe someone other is the Lord
So um 100% guaranteed punishment try to make me look like a bad person or they try to but that's making Star Line look like a bad person the star alignment Star Line Industrial
That's the star Flag the Lored of light the best greatest person that ever existed and the name there trying to use to do this or trying to say they are
So I tried writing this fiction like maybe if they put forward another idea of a possible other and so the Gordie guy was A joke
Though they think people agrees with them
So anyway like I say they're trying to do all kinds of things like what people believe will happen what you say what happened what you talked about her know about and they said it's a bunch of people that are basically laughing at existence in time and space and life forms and indices like I said in many ways it's like this giant headache that basically no one wanted no one needed to have and everyone basically gets very angry about
So they try to blame me
Does very simple I had the right name Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS Star Line
And A group changed it the most sacred forbidden protected name in existence
So to my birth certificate was never supposed to be Brian They tried to say I was bryan
So though then they try to say some other is Bryan My name couldn't be Bryan or just Brian I had to be Briley
The Bay City Rodney and Rick Bush and bunch of other people get very angry very upset as basically they watch their joke or they're easy way or easy ticket basically crumbling
And yes is identity theft to the most sacred forbidden name that has been sacred and forbidden since Egypt Rome And through out Existince
Rodney and Rick bush in a bunch of hair remove people keep on saying to other people we're not going to do it we're not going to do it and they yell and scream and basically saying they're not going to do it yet they do it and did it and many know what there doing
And as I say the only thing the only way anything could work and it would be really bad because basically it's betrayal of the life of an inventor its betrayal of the Lord in Flash Amber Hardy apparently was that wants this little child person was dead. They could just use what they could never use the Lord Star Line industrial to cover it up
I'm angry I'm so angry that I practically assembled a bunch of humans and planets where they would suffer and then die and it's in another galaxy or at least that's what I originally did
There are six planets or will be six minutes with humans inside suffering and dying
I wasn't quite sure that I could actually particle assemble like I said Rick Bush and Rodney and other people thought that this was the only pass over manure that this is the only place in existence where to go see we're coming together and they're actually was another previous pass over that I had on there was doing basically that was closer together and so I didn't have to wait that long and so basically I waited and then I park we assembled them basically I waited until Rick Bush dies of natural causes or whatever when he's about eighty or so and I actually took his body that boy guy he doesn't know that throughout three points in existence throughout his three points in time and space he's actually been punished three times over and over again
I basically make a copy of him and punish him it's like one of those things that just makes you feel better
Besides I was wondering if there is another copy of someone that is screaming throughout the person's whole life in pain would they know
So do this to one Harry move man Rick Bush tries to do this to me though like I said on the most loved most cared about person in existence and someone that many other people do care about and will protect
I'm Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS Star Line
So I would also have Ella basically helping me throughout this whole entire thing mostly to make her important
She was going to die and I didn't want that and I wanted to show her I loved her
So there are complex things
So this is like Lusphur takes A vacation as A Brian Nathaniel Alexander Briley Brian Nathanial Alexander Briley
So rick bush is trying to not be blamed
Oh why did he lose his hair so not going to tell them huh huh huh I would taunt him
Tick tock tick tock 2 galaxy light Spheres
So they say they failed by 1929 they failed by 1935
They fail failed
So they try to also try and act like if Lucifer was whatever why is he helping and well there are consequences for identity theft and like I said I was a little size in flesh so
Though the Rick Bush actually tries to get all the patents moved into his name so you can try and say that he's all like he tries to get all the patents to be purchased by the company's so you can try and say that he invented and he is all said he's not all in richest is nothing
Eick bush has nothing rick bush has nothing rick butch has nothing
So he kept changing his name
Trying to become Lored guy
Exept Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS StarLine
So the only way they could do anything as if I had never taken my name and they couldn't do much
So so imagine there is a little person named grilled cheese sandwich
Now he's the cheese king he has the Eternal cheese slice that every one wants
I mean this little person he extrudes cheesiness and cheese his King of cheese obviously
Yes black men you can laugh I do care and like them
I mean there are some people that I mean it's like you have some fifteen-year-old 225 year old people that are now 70 and are completely nuts crazy stupid trying to do something that is going to kill hurt or cause the most massive problem in existence itself for which anyone and everyone even someone associated with it will be punished and hurt
Witch is what rick bush and Rodney want
Like I said they're bitter they're angry because they didn't become God and Lord because they failed because they are stupid because I wasn't so easy so like I said I mean anyone who actually thought about it he thinks about it it's more like a joke except it's not a joke they're serious they're really trying to insist that I'm Brian and trying to kill me trying to divide a theft of the most sacred forbidden name that's been sacred forbidden before Egypt before Rome
And this is 1981
So Rick Bush and Rodney were trying to create the situation where I would die or I could die or be killed trying to Mariela tried to take everything from me because they're bitter and whatever and like I said I mean so three world wars so I mean how the Germans going to feel about this they died and suffered because of Rodney Rick Bush and Harry movement and because what they're trying to do how are the American soldiers going to feel about this when they went to go try and kill those Germans finding out about the truth about why they wanted those Germans killed call the American people going to feel when they find out why the Americans were killing people in China
So and mean while they try and say that I'm crazy and everything else but like I say they're trying to say why America is a people of America is so natural security so the Americans don't want these people like I mean even the Americans lock them up and kill them like I said all this stuff are already happened years ago it was already squashed by a year 1968
You have people waking up in the middle of the night and crying uncontrollably for no reason
There are people that choose to kill themselves rather than existing still
Becuse they know deep inside
Like I said they tried to blame me for all this stuff you try and say oh it's stupid Brian's fault or is stupid Lucifer's fault
Ops what the Lored
They try to say Brian Nathanial Alexander Briley is bad person
So people think that I'm frustrated by these words and well I look at it as if a bunch of humans want to be punished and want to suffer and want to anger life and existence and everything in existence I mean I we did everything we could to try and stop it
And I was Born as Lusphur Lored Lite StarLine
And they tried to keep my name secret so I was just Lusphur with is enough
They thought I had lost if my name was just Lucifer because no one would know um yes they would
It is one complete name
So any part of it would have been enough
And realistically I didn't really have an eighth in time and space later on I told them that basically didn't have A name I'm from before name's my name is L or l or EL or LS SE it is symbol and more I
L I E Light I energy
liE. It actually kind of looks like a wall outlet
So I mean the invintor of life and Existince in flesh
So killing me or my death is like killing the large sphere at the center of the Galaxy or killing the leader for the first electric life form the most ancient person with the most amount of technology and right to rule
So Rick Bush and Rodney and other people they try to make up all these stories like well in medieval times King Arthur meaning author Manning like the king of the writer like I said that they were on drugs a lot
So they started this in 1944 and picked A fight with Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS StarLine
So Lusitania everything yellow everything white even calcium every thing yellow silver white silver depleted uranium aluminum Aaron iron Steel
The black widow spider Latrodectus.
They didn't actually before 1970 or some point time they actually didn't have my symbol they should have had it though
You have to understand to that well I proved myself basically and like imagine a little person proving themselves
Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS StarLine
Except I'm 1.7 yellow silver Blond first blond then hazel hair
So other people knew that my hair was going to change the hazel color which is a light brown
Brown actually doesn't exist as a color
Some people said they where mister brown which is like saying Master Brown so the master was removed
Leaving the human waist in its place
So you have to understand all the like you call an adult mr.
They want it to be mister
M I ster me I star
Um that's identy theft of Lored star
So like saying you men are creators witch they tried to have done
A little 6 year old girl is like nope
See Rick Bush and Rodney and other people they couldn't convince a scientist they couldn't convince a teenager they couldn't convince a middle-aged man or woman they couldn't convince parents they couldn't convince a child of 6 years old they couldn't convince a child at 4 years old they tried to convince a six year old baby drool drool
Drool they say was acceptance of their argument
Yes well we waited to see what the child was saying teeth hurt
So nope
So well there never going to lead
How do I say this begins so around well it extends to 1929 or some metal do they didn't agree with them really understand that there's original time-space basically then in 1979 I died one time I proved I can come back or that I was necessary so what this is is basically Rick Bush and Rodney say that their group or team is necessary and they try to make this into a team thing and it's like I'm not a team
I'm just one person
So they think oh well obviously we can win then like I said this is all words is all arguments this is them trying to say that man or some other man is master and Lord and creator or that somehow or other men can say that their creator except of course the life-forms identity theft for the Lord and rules of government religion and basically once people find out about it if like are you going to allow other people to call themselves Mister me I star
When you know what it means
Meanwhile Rodney Rick Bush you're trying to get celebrated saying that they did something that people will find out about latter
Rodney and rick bush where are never going to give up
They say there repenting oh no one will know what there really doing and Whispering it to years so this is basically is like the Jehovah's Witnesses like one little religious group white supremacist basically the same group that told each other thought they were going to be Immortals
Like if Bob tell Sally and Carl. They're going to be immortal and then Carl tells Sally Is there going to be a mortal and that one of them is Lord then I don't know
It not logic
So latter others at gun point ask them to explain it
How there lord
And Brooke bush Whispers to Rodney what's this we're going to switch and we'll have the gun
The Germans said yup there crazy
Feel like I said their whole idea of turning the tables switching the game reversing the score was basically to insist I was Bryan and kill me
So yes well it happened
From 1944 through 1981 and first part it's basically where they're caught their punished and basically their effect stops which they really didn't have an effect like I said they were going to create this great God VS Lusphur
No one was going to let that happen and nope cant be god
So guy VS Lusphur
Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS StarLine Yellow white silver lines
So no one was going to let them hurt Lusphur
But or except whichever one they insist I'm Bryan
Except Brian Nathaniel then Nathanial Alexander Briley
So well
Do Rick Bush.. Once you confirmed as Lucifer then his existence in history would be known about and what you mean the history where you were born in 1944 and are nothing more than a con artist and a Deceiver
And how you tried to kill Lusphur as Bryan
Oh that just so smart
So they had to move man had already failed he's going to have to get someone else like Ronie Rodney
That was trying to say he was mister Lordney
Loonie maybe they said
Though they did get A war my LemineL German killed the Yankees
They couldn't win and more people found out
They blamed and killed sible
Symbol with an electric she was a vocabulary Cipher
Vary nice good person I'm angry they hurt inosent life forms
As I say deep deep with in me there are many I would protect them with my life and Existince
I'm at my Limit like I said you don't understand you have never seen instant die you do not know pain suffering you do not want to war you do not know real Existince
You do have A chose you can stop or you can find out
I only have to exist and I win and I have too exist
My Existince is the only real Existince the only truth
liE LUE Lusphur Existince
As I say lie means light I energy does not mean deception
So well there are many Lines
So they say the only thing that is really happening is between 1944 and 1981 and 2000 something basically a group of people try to say that they spoke to the Lord and life ones they tried to say that they were the Lord and Lucifer
They started this
How do I say Rodney and Rick Bush and other people did not understand that Starline the most ancient the oldest name in history in existence
Invinting of Existince
For which existence is named SL LS
So there is one person and real person yes
So they say there are many electrics and many other people that know about me and would understand and probably know this truth and everything else like that but there are some very small group give around me basically you trying to kill me trying to take over they want to rule females they want to rule existence other people would know this as well Germany China America Mexico other planets
This argument was already solved and decided by the time I was 1.7 and little size
Though then Rodney and rick bush again try to say I was child and young
Commercial one group of people saying the same thing over and over again trying other things that they could possibly say or would possibly say over and over again life in existence
So then they get to 25 and it was over then they try to cover it up so Rodney and Rick Bush and other people they wanted to look like Heroes and they get very angry because they have to attack they had to attack they had to do this evening deception and killing of innocent people I didn't have to do that
So they ordered it they told other people to do it and then later on they tried to change it so well they trying to say that they were Lucifer back then or people thought they were Lucifer and nobody ever really thought that they were actually Lucifer in fact Rick Bush was told over and over again to not say that he was Lucifer and when he was confronted everytime you would say vo it's a joke he was just joking
They even tried to say that Lucifer is fake because the spelling of Lucifer is fake its Lusphur and Lusipher
Rodney tries to get on the bandwagon or basically say well he's a chip off the old block so shouldn't and it's like no
There is no father son team no I wouldn't let that happen I'm not doing that I knew what they where doing
So they started doing this thing behind my back when I was still a little size I like being little size
So yes I'm frustrated so it's more like it's just like a big headache really it's the stupid thing that's been going on that basically is happening pretty much do arguments already been settled the wars have been lost the epic battle was not an epic battle life and existence is angry and basically a bunch of people are trying to find a way where it's not going to end badly for them or their children and realistically they didn't care if it ended badly for their children feelings are defending badly for them and they want their children to stall and basically like I said this whole thing actually ended a long time ago back way before and basically Rodney Rick Bush wanted the children want the children to basically delay things so they can die
So when I was electric I knew what happened and why and like I said basically what you also have is you have like Earth or a group of people trying to say that one of them is Lord and Creator and tried to take over existence and the Galaxy and then you have the Galaxy lights and so many other saying no and so like you just have this crazy one small group as actually being contained and it's going to be filtered and basically those people were just trying to have a good time just trying to get back at me and life and existence for I don't know what like there's nothing that they can get back at me for really they want Vengeance but there's nothing to be a vengeful like what you going to do then they hurt me if anyone gets Vengeance it would be me so like I said they got Vengeance first thinking that I would die like I said it's a bunch of people that were on drugs and crazy
And even try and say well the drugs are the problem and once you're off the drugs and like nope drugs don't matter I mean your excuses or basically your fake reasons for doing what you did or you are ways of getting out of it it's like it doesn't matter if you're on drugs or if you're drunk and you kill someone you still kill that person
So well they still get punished
So by 1958 by 1968 by 1981 they knew they were going to go in front of a firing squad and be shot and killed and basically they're trying to stop that from happening by trying to take over the course by trying to take over America so the reasons for trying to take over basically no one agrees with
So so basically this whole time Rodney Rick Bush and other people have been saying how they're going to be found out as Starline or Lusphur and basically I was never going to happen
So this is why Rodney tries to become like the father and like I said he was saying the stuff beforehand or something I thought like there's a lot of things that people don't know about and they find out about and so like I said there's the way it was the way it kind of became and mostly what happened was they were insisting and trying to kill me as Brian Briley
So this whole thing is epic stupid and the worst thing that happened that was supposed to be the best
Also the kind of funny because America needs me to love them and needs me to support them yet I've been abused and disrespected in America and I've always loved leminel and lussia
I'm incredibly loyal I'm extremely loyal like my people like they missed me Germany wants me back
Though I was building America it is A lot of effort to build A country
So I'm professional I am effective and efficient time I mean Rodney Rick Bush were trying to build America except they couldn't actually do it
So they try to get EL LE to build it then planed to kill me and be celebrated as if they had actually done it so as I say this is what they were trying to do and no one would let them do it
Though Rodney and trick bush thought they could do it with out any one knowing
So they say I'm very aware of the problem in this situation I am very aware of how they work lonely stupid Brian and saying all these or stupid brain
I mean I cared about ELLA
Like I say I didn't care about what they said about me I cared about what they said about Ella and how they reacted a tree Della I loved her I'd still love her cuz all I is one of my love just like Sattain Lase Lit linea
I'm 100% loyal
Well 77% so I never blame or I'll betray though Rodney and Rick Bush and other people thought they could use them like that the loophole right there did you see that this loophole if you never betrays if he's always loyal then it's like well actions are actions so that's not betray you or being disloyal
So you understand they where 15 to 25 and epic most likely to get punished in for a great amount of time longer than they'd ever live very listed for
No Rodney Rick Bush and other people thought they could just go into my buildings in my houses and kill everyone there or basically move in and so basically there are Wars and battles and then other people basically I'm supposed to be going to these places and living these houses melee people and so Rick Bush and Rodney thought that if they delayed this if they stopped us basically like oh no Lucifer's supposed to go there not Bryan
Lusphur so I'm Briley
Bri EL so my my uncle used to call me Brian EL
Though Rodney and rick bush where trying to keep me from knowing
So well if I get through this
So basically they punished me first guitar string for Thousand Years a Mustang for 500 million years they punished me for a few million years or basically made me suffer do the existence and line and things are Lusphur
So it's like me trying to attack myself except I can't really talk myself that was Rick Bush and Rodney trying to say that they were Lucifer and trying to kill Brian saying that I'm a deciver
And also trying to say that I'm Brian the deceiver and the deception and then trying to say that they're telling people the truth and it's like no you knew my real name and I was not saying that I was Brian exactly they were trying to deceive people in Everyone by saying that I was Brian and they're trying to kill me as a Brian
I became Briley and it ended
So from 1980-81 on basically Broadway and Rick book try and tell people that the repenting and even try and tell me that the truth that they're repenting and they're fixing it except they're not fixing it just make it worse continuing to try
So so they're still trying to be in the White House Ronnie Rick Bush still trying to be in the white house but only the Lored could be at the White House
It is Lusphur Lored Silver Lite ELEIELS StarLine Louse
L house so witch means so basically since before Egypt Rome in religion and government and later on bureaucracy because it's just crazy
/_\ L use L See
Lusphur has no father or parents
So brought even trying to say that he was father and realistically what he's really trying to say is that he's Lucifer
And nope not Lored or lod or anything punished
So so this is why between 1925 and 1968 or 1970 basically there was the people that were supposedly speaking for the Lord but they weren't they speaking for the Lord and supposedly their children speak for the Lord exspt they didn't
So guess what well the end of this there is screaming and yelling and Rodney trying to yell and intimidate life in existence which is almost laughable
I'm basically this whole time Rick Bush and Rodney and other people are like what you can't listen to him you could change what he says
Nope not changing there are effects and some things happen then don't happen and
And so it's like system Reeds and runs a file file runs fine and then a Rodney and Rick Bush come by and damage that file so the computer & system basically gets what information that can then looks it records then looks at other things and rebuilds that same program somewhere else
Away from epic stupid
So so this is why Rodney Rick Bush and other people realize that basically they're going to be stuck in time and space as we get into the future basically they're going to be removed more and more and more they're going to be punished so this is why they are trying to be lowered and trying to take over America and trying to control the courts
So the only thing there doing is insisting that I'm Bryan
And so for 44 years and 75 years till there last breath they do this
Where they're trying to take credit for what Lusphur did because I was a little size person
And trying to say I'm there son I'm trying to say that I work for them or something like that which I don't I'm independent
I'm not with those boy guy men so
Yes so like I said there's a lot of things trees in a hostile takeover America basically Rodney and Rick Bush try and say well that doesn't apply to played us because we're Lord and Lucifer and that's going to come out in the future if it never comes out in the future
And I'm correct my name Lusipher Lored Lite Star Line
So I'm Lusphur
So basically Rick Bush and rodnesha died a long time ago and should have been shot in front of a firing squad
And that still might happen
I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen
Don't like I say basically their whole Gamble the whole bet was basically that I would die and that they would live past me
So though everyone knew they failed bush lost his hair
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2021.09.26 23:35 FrankenscienceNews Glass frogs have translucent skin, helping them to blend seamlessly into their leafy surroundings in an unusual form of camouflage known as 'edge diffusion'.

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2021.09.26 23:35 morganmonroe81 1968 in J.C. Penney Store

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2021.09.26 23:35 dmin7add9 24h best-performing coins by % are the 3 DEXs, Uniswap, Sushiswap, and Perpetual Protocol, which seem like a logical consequence of China's latest ban. People can still easily trade just not with centralized exchanges.

Today seems to be the day of decentralized exchanges. The majority of them are in the green, most noticeably UNI 25%, SUSHI 17%, and PERP 24% at the moment of writing (Coinmarketcap).
It's surprising that this happened only today, but it does seem to be a direct consequence of the Chinese most aggressive crypto ban to this day.
It is possible that many who invest in high cap coins never bothered to use DEX before since the liquidity and fees of major centralized exchanges are far better. This could really jumpstart a greater DEX adoption, this time out of necessity, so that anyone who wants can easily invest in crypto, despite their countries regulations.
I really wonder if the trend will continue tomorrow.
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2021.09.26 23:35 VodkaBlyat69 Guardians who hate Gambit.

What is the reason you hate it?
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2021.09.26 23:35 marriedwithchildren2 W: Halloween Costume Skull plan.. H: Caps

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