David Montgomery: 55 yards. Entire bears offense: 47 yards

2021.09.26 23:22 Ctroutm1 David Montgomery: 55 yards. Entire bears offense: 47 yards

I don't think I've ever seen that happen before. A player having more yards than the entire team.
And no, I don't mean thatMontgomery had more yards than all other bears players combined, he had more yards than every other bears player AND HIMSELF combined. Justin fields lost 67 yards on the 7 sacks he took, dragging the team's total yards of offense down to 47 yards.
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2021.09.26 23:22 SomeRandomGuy1S [XB1] H: This stuff W: Junk

Looking for Circuitry/Oil/Fiber Optics/Springs (open to other junk offers tho)
~10,000 Caps
Violet Flux
M/E Minigun (2*)
M/25ffr Minigun (2*)
M/E Handmade (2*)
The Fixer Plan
Bloody chef set
Chally set x2
Bos Spec Ops mask x2
Grillmaster's hat
Jaguar Pant Suit
Reclaimed deep mining gas mask x5
Sheepsquatch mascot set
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2021.09.26 23:22 very110 Love(sarcasm) how these MLMs prey on people’s insecurities. I keep her on my friends list to see what BS she’ll post next. Shocked she actually makes sales.

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2021.09.26 23:22 SonicCody12 Spider-Jumper: Meet the Squadron Supreme and Young Squadron (Minus Dr. Spectrum and Kid Spectrum )

Web Head: Before I go back to talking about how I became the Phoenix Spider, I thought I should explain how I encountered each member of the Squadron Supreme as Spider-Man. First Night Hawk, I mentioned this in another post but here it is

Night Hawk was struggling with the press he was dealing with. It was night his alchemic powers are active. He dealt with the criminals. SO WHY WAS HE IN TROUBLE!? Here the what's happening. It's a robbery with many hostages. Night Hawk is currently dealing with the criminals That were looking out on a roo top nearby but they seemed to get the drop on him. But he bested them was done to one thug. Suddenly there was a commotion
Thug: Wait your pals are here too?!
Night Hawk Impossible none of the Squadron-
???: Okay people please panic and run in an orderly manner. Women and children first. I Said Women and-oh who am I kidding
Night Hawk heard the joking nature of the voice. And thought it was the Blur. But it sounded too young to be the Blur. He quickly knocked out the last thug and headed to the bank and saw...madness. Criminals were stuck on the ceiling and walls...by webbing. The ones on the ground were alive and groaning in pain also webbed up.
Night Hawk: How
???: Geeze what took ya so long?
Night Hawk Spun around to see something that he thought he would never see again. A masked vigilante wearing a red and blue costume with a black web design over it and on the chest was...a spider
Night Hawk: You.
???: Me?
Web Head: Awww you remember! I missed you too. (Mockingly opens his arms for a hug) Come here
Night Hawk: How? I...We altered reality! You're not supposed to be here.
Web Head: and Yet here I am. Oh and uhh by the way. The Daily Bugle will be here in about (Looks at his wrist as if he has a watch) 30 seconds...might want work on your story (Swings away as the cops and the news came)
What happened after that can only be described karma to Peter. While yes he was still called a menace by Jameson in this reality, on his first outing (He was beginning to miss that.). Night Hawk was SLAMMED by the press. First reporters wanted to know why Night Hawk was dealing with a villain across town when the Young Squadron had it handle and why did it took him so long to defeat the criminals. Then one news team said that this is the sixth sighting of this new vigilante and said that he can be a new hero. A hero that New York need.
Reporter: While it Night Hawk said he had the situation handle. This new vigilante swooped and save the Hostages.
Mother with a child: I thought we were going to die. Suddenly the gun man was lifted on to the ceiling and then another.
Kid: He came in and fought the bady guys right Mommy?
Reporter: Thats sounds amazing. Did he say anything to you?
Mother: Yes he said "Don't worry about these guys. Its nothing that I can't handle" I asked him who he was and he said "Your Friendly neighbor Hood Spider-Man"
Reporter: Hehe your not the only who had an encounter with him. (She turns back to the camera) Seems like New York has another hero protecting them. This one swings by to take on crime. But the one question that is one everyone's minds is: Who is Spider-Man
Night Hawk: That No good.

End of Flashback

Web Head: Meeting Hyperion happened on my second return to my reality after becoming Spider-Man again. Deku and I just finished the Spider-Man Movie Trilogy and the Venom Verse. I encountered him on patrol with him was Power Man

Web Head: Aaah a slow day for crime just the way I like it.
Jameson: Ever since Spider-Man has arrived in New York the Squardron has been breathing down our necks. When is that so called Detective Night Hawk gonna capture him?!
Web Head: Not even Jameson can bring me down.
Nearby there is a villain attack. By the Juggernaught, and it seems like Night Hawk is no where to be seen
Web Head: Of course when its Scorpion or Mob Bosses, there he is but when its Super Villains no show. Alright Night Hawk, let me show you a real hero at work. Ooh Maybe I can try that new thing I acquired. Ahem! MASK!
As Spider-Jumper swung closer to the site of the destruction, a black substance begins to cover his body and costume. Enchancing his powers and improving his senses. THE SYMBIOTE!!! But Web Head was okay no sign of increased agression were present
Web Head: Alright. Show time!
Spider-Jumper lands near the Juggernaught and tries to get his attention
Web Head: Hey Chrome Head!
Juggernaught: Who are ya calling Chrome Head?! Wait...Your not the Squadron!!
Web Head: Nope, names Spider-Man. And I'll be your beatdown giver today.
Spider-Jumper was no fool though, his taunts were done so he can get Juggernaught to focus on him and not the civilians nearby. It was working but...something picked up the Juggernaught and tossed into a building
???: and Who are you?
Spider-Jumper looked at who just threw the unstopabble Juggernaught. The person was flying in air, muscular, wearing a domino mask, and wore a costume with an atomic symbol on it.
Web Head: Spider-Man...and you are?
???: Surely your kiddin'
Spider-Jumper turns around to see his team mate!!! From the previous reality...Power Man but his costume was yellow and black anymore, it was red and white.
Web Head: Nope! Who are ya?
Flying Man: Hyperion.
Power Man: And I'm Power Man
Web Head: Cool but WHAT THE HECK!? You could've killed someone with that act!!
Power Man: We just saved your but man. Where's your gratitude?
Web Head: I had it.
Web Head: Language!
Juggernaught Charged at the three heroes, Spidey immediately used the Symbiote empowered webbing entangle the charging villain's legs causing him to trip and fall, but before Spider Jumper could web up the villain. Power Man and Hyperion picked up and punched Juggernaught into the same building...causing it to collapse. Granted the building was condemed and abandoned but still that was just reckless.
Power Man: And that is how it's done. Now you!
Power Man points Spider-Jumper
Power Man: I get that you want to be hero like the Squadron.
Beneath the mask Peter Gagged
Hyperion: But we Do is dangerous! Go back to your normal life, before you get yourself killed
Power Man: Beside you don't look like your up to it...Kind of Scrawny.
Web Head: I think Night Hawk would like to-Before Spider Jumper could finish his retort the two wer gone
Web Head: Great...

End of Flashback

Web Head: Power Princess is next and I met her while I was stopping a mueseum hiest...it was also were I met White Tiger, Girl Power, and more importantly Wonder Woman and Super Man


In the histroy museum Spider-Man had just dispatched a group of goons webbing them up so the police could handle them.
Goon: Hehe You idiot. We weren't in it for the cash. Our Boss should be getting the artifacts now.
Web Head: Artifacts? THE NORSE EXHIBIT!!!
Spider-Jumper ran for the Norse Exhibit where two asgardian artifacts dwell, The Helm of Njord and the Bracers of Magni. The helmet grants the wearer control over wind and flight, while the bracers grant strength and durability. Sure enough when he got the exhibit and a thug was already wearing the artifacts and was grinning at Spider-Man
Thug: So you're the new super that everyone is talking about. Name Tony and as of today Tony the Terrible!!
Web Head: Okay I'll admit that is a good name.
???: I shall put it on your grave!!!
A woman followed by two girls smashed into the room. One of them he identified as White Tiger
White Tiger: Huh? Oh. Spider-Man presume?
Web Head: Yeah?
White Tiger: Look nice work handling the thugs but we got this
???: Yeah so go back home to mom!
The two followed the woman and engaged to Tony in battle....and were losing
White Tiger: Girl Power we need a new plan
???: Nonsense Tiger...this is FUN!
White Tiger: Fun? But Power Princess what about the-
Before White Tiger could finish or for Power Princess to continue her assault; a golden Lasso pulled tony out of the museum through a window
???: So this is how the Squadron handles things
Web Head: Another one
Spidey goes through the same window to see Tony engaging against a much different woman this one wearing a star-spangled costume.
Web Head: Uh hi! Names Spider-Man
Star-spangled Woman: I Know. Bat Man told me about you.
Web Head: HE DID?! Even my
Star-spangled Woman: Yes, but don't worry your secret is safe with me!
Web Head: Hey show some respect!!!
Star-spangled Woman: I am no 'Broad'. I am Wonder Woman
Web Head: Oh! Bat Man told me about you. He was right, I should not make you angry
Wonder Woman: Thanks. Now do you know anything about this man
Spider-Jumpers jumps out of the way of a cyclone attack that Tony just launched at him Web Head: Not really. I do know about the artifacts he's wearing. The helmet gives him wind powers and flight, while the bracers makes him strong and tough. So if we can get them off him
Power Princess: NO NEED! THIS WILL BE A GOOD FIGHT! Have at thee Tony the Terrible Power Princess begins to brawl with Tony, smiling with glee in the melee she's in. White Tiger and Girl Power try to support their hero
Web Head: NO! We need to be smart before civilians get hurt! If only I can get close I could get that helmet off him
Wonder Woman: I can get Power Princess away from him all that leaves is his Tony
Just as Wonder Woman says that a red beam hits Tony knocking him away from the Berserker Hero
Power Princess: Had it handled Hyperion
???: I am not Hyperion.
Wonder Woman smiled as she engages against Power Princess
Power Princess: TRAITOR
Spider-Jumper turns to the newcomer
Web Head: I know you. Super Man right?
Super Man: Yes. and you must be Spider-Man. Need a hand
Web Head: Please
Super Man nodded bolting towards Tony and grabbing him. Spider-Man getting his opportunity swings up and snatches the Helmet. Super Man then takes the Bracers before putting tony on the ground where he was knocked out by White Tiger. Power Princess screams at Wonder Woman
Super Man: I think you should go
Web Head: will do

End Of Flashback

Web Head: After that, I wasn't very popular with the Squadron. Hell, White Tiger tracked me down for a chat


The night after the Museum incident, Spider-Jumper was going about his Patrol until he saw a familiar face beckoning him. Accepting the invitation Spidey landed on the roof
Web Head: May I help you?
White Tiger shoves a new paper into Spidey's hands
Web Head: 'Power Princess Fumbles' Well yeah so?
White Tiger: Ugh you don't understand. The Squadron has enough problems as it is! Thanks to your stunts Night Hawk is being monitored by the government more closely. Japan is refusing aid from the Squadron
Web Head: Okay stop. I don't see how this my fault. If Power Princess was a bit more careful this wouldn't have happened.
Spider-Jumper Swung away after that

End of Flashback

Web Head: Yeah. White Tiger has had issues with me before so nothing new. I didn't really encounter the Blur. But just saw him ran by...a bit anti-climatic I know but Dr. Spectrum...well I am going to save him for his own post
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2021.09.26 23:22 Dapper-Ad-9109 According to Wikipedia sokka's title is sokka from the species of sokka

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2021.09.26 23:22 cpalence [LANDLORD CA LOS ANGELES] 1 property rookie landlord needs help :(

I grew up poor, didn’t finish high school but through hard work, I was able to attain my first property March of 2020. It’s a decent 10 unit property in the city of LA. I have 9 units leased and I live in one now, I’m not rich by any means. I’ve worked two jobs most of my entire life to attain this…
I had my first tenant stop paying in October, I am now up to 5 tenants out of 9 who have stopped paying. I have been working my regular full time job and additional odd jobs to make extra income. I also have been draining my savings and going crazy into debt. Ive maxed out multiple credit cards and now am about $50k into credit card debt now. I’m not sure what to do anymore…it’s such a frustrating situation.
One of the tenants has applied for rent relief but have yet to receive anything. It’s not fair… I see all the packages and things they buy on a daily basis through Amazon. I feel so cheated.
What can I do? What should I do? Very much appreciate any advice…
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2021.09.26 23:22 Floor-Proof Il punto sulla missione italiana in Libia e l’ospedale militare a Misurata

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2021.09.26 23:22 ferulebezel How do lost films get IMDB ratings.

Two movies I recently wanted to watch are un-seeable, Convention City and Christopher Bean. Joan Blondell claimed to have a copy of Convention City. If she did it hasn't left her estate. Christopher Bean hasn't been released for TV or home video. Yet somehow they have been reviewed and rated on IMDB. How? It makes me distrust all the ratings.
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2021.09.26 23:22 ImHalfAsianAMA I can graft 2 seedlings onto this right?

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2021.09.26 23:22 Saldirgann Is it just me or does crohn's makes you give less fuck about everything?

If l don't have abdominal pain or severe diarrhea l am pretty much okay despite every other daily problems l am facing with. I can be happy while getting fired because l am not having any chrons related problems at the moment.
Last year l had a huge break up and right after that i went to play soccer with the boys cuz l didn't have fatigue or diarrhea or all sorts of shits this disease brings. That was one hell of a day without giving a single flying fuck about my long term relationship crashing. I kept not caring about it until my next flare up. When the flare up comes it's my time to shine. That's when l am facing with all my problems, that's when l am getting sad because my gf dumped me.
Idk man l just wanna worry about the daily struggles like everybody. Not shiting my pants shouldn't make me this happy. Hell l had this illness so early in the life. My life could be whole a lot different. I could be successful and shit. Naah l wasn't a bright kid back then anyways.
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2021.09.26 23:22 ThePrimeReason If you order a kebab and they don't serve it on a stick, it's not a kebab

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2021.09.26 23:22 LastBuyInClub Grand opening Pokerrrr2 Club. Make this your daily poker game home we will slowly build a community to have fun relaxed micro poker games 0.25/0.50. Bonuses, Freerolls and Low rake is our priority for our players. Club code: 582zn more info in club description.

Grand opening Pokerrrr2 Club. Make this your daily poker game home we will slowly build a community to have fun relaxed micro poker games 0.25/0.50. Bonuses, Freerolls and Low rake is our priority for our players. Club code: 582zn more info in club description. submitted by LastBuyInClub to pokerrrr2 [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 23:22 Javaslinger Index of Hydrogen Deficiency of a charged molecule?

Berberine is an HCl salt and has a charged molecular formula of C20H18NO4+ . If I add the HCl to the formula I get C20H19NO4Cl. The degree's of unsaturation should be 13 by inspection, but I can't figure out how to get that with the formula.
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2021.09.26 23:22 IIoveyuo2 After the lmantooz will be a v2 of someone!

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2021.09.26 23:22 ortofon88 Chris Stussy - Deviant Shadow

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2021.09.26 23:22 Joshss1122 So, a player who I used to watch in the BCHL is playing tonight.

Sheldon Rempal is one of my all time fav players and I'm going to buy his Jersey, should I wait until the end of the preseason or end of the season to see what jersey number he wears if he plays any NHL games?
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2021.09.26 23:22 steen311 [Bob pockrass] Kevin Harvick says his talk with Chase Elliott last week was like talking to his 9-year-old son, Keelan

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2021.09.26 23:22 Chtulhu2000 Azelf on me RN. Taking 10. FC 7292 4478 0189

Azelf on me RN. Taking 10. FC 7292 4478 0189
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2021.09.26 23:22 Rakdose925 ELI5: Why is Disney suing Stan Lee’s family for character rights?

I’m not very savvy in the lawyer language. But wouldn’t it be in everyone’s best interest if Disney just paid a small “fee” of sorts to the family? I don’t understand why Disney needs to sue Stan Lee’s family, seems pretty savage.
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2021.09.26 23:22 Jclub1997 Deciding which card to get for a balance transfer

Hey guys, I got hit with some hard times and racked up my credit cards. My score has dropped to 670 because of my now 70% utilization, my usual is around 7%. I have about 3 years average age of credit, I have about 7000 in credit debt I need to eliminate. I’m looking for a good balance transfer card to get. I got denied for the Discover It Balance Transfer card so right now I’m looking at the B of A Customized Cash Rewards card and the Bank of Americard because they’re known for higher starting limits and have the long term 0% interest plus they’d be good card to use after payoff. I’m just worried I’ll be denied. My other option is to apply for the US bank Signature card because I’ve already got 2 cards with them with low balances but they’ve never been good at giving me good credit limits, I’m still stuck at 1k. What do you Guys recommend?
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2021.09.26 23:22 awesome2000 [Data Point] Approved for Paypal Credit Card

I got a targeted offer for the paypal mastercard cashback. I can pay rent via paypal key for a flat $10 fee, which makes this very lucrative.
Current cards: - Chase Southwest Preffered - Chase freedom flex - Amex Platinum - Amex Blue cash preferred - Venmo credit card (used for utilities 3%)
FICO Score: 746 Oldest account age: 5 years Income: e.g. $54K
The biggest benefits are 4% on every purchase and 6% on paypal purchases. No SUB, but the 4% back makes it excellent for a daily driver for now.
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2021.09.26 23:22 TheFanOfManyThings Monkey D. Luffy, one of my cake day posts! [OC]

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2021.09.26 23:22 Adolph_hutler if you could have any super power what would it be?

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2021.09.26 23:22 lovechildwild Hello! Could someone help me find out what this is? I tried using the plant scanner on Snapchat but it kept giving me random results. Thank you to anyone that reaches out!

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2021.09.26 23:22 A_Kenmomen4096 日米豪印、インフラで新枠組み 中国の「一帯一路」に対抗

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