Just got married - this is the wedding gift I received from my mother

2021.09.27 00:18 lazybandicoot Just got married - this is the wedding gift I received from my mother

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2021.09.27 00:18 superhumans1 Millionaires and even billionaires will be made by BBRW and BRBL

Dear friend ❤️
Check the link below from LADE BACKK:
Millionaires and even billionaires will be made by $BBRW. Make sure you own at least 5 million shares of $BBRW
Wishing you all the best dear friend ❤️
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2021.09.27 00:18 nWord06 look guys i have found some pictures of me since launch lmao im an ogae player now gib ubdoots free karma 🥵🥵🥵🥵

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2021.09.27 00:18 ImnotshortIswear My dog is barking what do I do

she's just a stinky little rat dog and I love her but it's gone 11pm and we have neighbors and she won't shut up
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2021.09.27 00:18 anewguy111 28 [M4F] - Seattle - Let's cuddle tonight!

Hey Everyone,
I am 28 M, Indian, living in Seattle and looking to find someone to cuddle with. I would like to spoon someone to embrace and keep each other warm. Pretty flexible to just cuddle or watch a movie and cuddle.
Open for females of any age, race, ethnicity and I can host. If interested, send me a message to connect.
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2021.09.27 00:18 TheEarSplitter We had 192x as many passing yards as the Bears today

Let’s remember that we didn’t take the biggest L today
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2021.09.27 00:18 GrandpaSteve4562 Far East brand

Did Wegman’s stop carrying Far East cou cous or rice products? I can’t get the rice pilaf on Instacart, but I did get it from Wegmans on Instacart 2 weeks ago.
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2021.09.27 00:18 Big-Responsibility77 I sold all my stack, sitting in cash until reaches bottom of dip.

Plan to sit it out. Will buy again... taking profit.
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2021.09.27 00:18 Greaselorddd Big Boy Kai, 5 Months ❤️

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2021.09.27 00:18 Anonomous125 My brother just got diagnosed with psychosis what’s the outlook

A two weeks ago my 17 year old brother told the family that he has been hearing voices that say bad things about him for three months, he refuses to leave the house and is emotionally unstable on occasion. He has isolated himself from all his friends and is constantly zoned out and I caught him whispering back to the voices (I was unable to understand what he was saying). He is seeing a psychiatrist on Monday and we are trying to get him appointment for other medical and mental testing. Does anyone have any advice and what do you think the outlook for the rest of his life is?
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2021.09.27 00:18 xrocketsmomx Test

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2021.09.27 00:18 mehay1 How do i focus on the lesson in class?

Hi i am a 12th grade student. Whenever a teacher comes to the class and starts the lesson i just can't focus for 5 minutes. I try to but suddenly i am thinking about random things in my mind, like anything except the lesson and 20 minutes literally gets deleted. When i realize that i can't focus on the other half because i missed all the important parts. This has been like that for a long time. What can i do?
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2021.09.27 00:18 alsydsamin [WTS/WTT] KAC Sr15 LPR mod 2 upper. (VA)

Up for grabs is my Sr15 LPR mod 2 upper. This bitch is rare, and shes prettttty clean. No BCG or charging handle included, but I will leave the MAMS. I’m looking for a 14.5 or and 11.5 in trade. Less than 1,000 rounds down the pipe.
Cash $2000 MAMS included.
PayPal Venmo.
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2021.09.27 00:18 goldfish-are-awesome Spam and long-term streaks

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2021.09.27 00:18 2xspeed123 Me_irl

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2021.09.27 00:18 Used-Image-3800 🚀 rADAr Token - Much More Than Just ADA Rewards 🚀

🚀🚀🚀 rADAr Token - Much More Than Just ADA Rewards 🚀🚀🚀

Unlike most other rewards tokens, rADAr is a long-term and sustainable rewards token on Binance Smart Chain with multiple use cases, lotteries, bonuses, and daily giveaways. As the name suggests, rADAr automatically rewards holders with Binance pegged Cardano (ADA) tokens.

💰 Multiple REWARD Opportunities Simply by Holding rADAr

⭐️ Receive REWARDS in Binance pegged ADA at regular intervals

💎 Show us your diamond hands - receive weekly BNB BONUS REWARDS if you hold your rADAr

🏆 Take part in our WEEKLY LOTTERY and win more rADAr tokens

🔥 Massive wallet used multiple GUARANTEED BUYBACK & BURNS

✅ Large actively used marketing budget: Expect lots of Ads, AMAs, GIVEAWAYS and more.

🧠 AUDIT with KYC from SolidProof. io will be done within the presale period

🚨 Don’t miss out!


6% - ADA Rewards

2% - Marketing/Buyback

2% - LP


💰 BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x7b6df8a7fae3d0040f307613c81c35bc607e03c6

💰 Contract: 0x7b6df8a7fae3d0040f307613c81c35bc607e03c6

💰 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x7b6df8a7fae3d0040f307613c81c35bc607e03c6#readContract

🔒 100% LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x0a14beb946d9094b86e171849835e33b4c18ad4e
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2021.09.27 00:18 post-news How Russiagate became a story of old friends in high places

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2021.09.27 00:18 xcommander99 M22 looking to chat with someone long term

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2021.09.27 00:18 Rumpelstiltzkinz Me NOT trying to decipher RC's tweet.

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2021.09.27 00:18 post-news Texas governor vows to hire horseback border agents if Biden fires them

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2021.09.27 00:18 iLikeDicedBeans The battery in the first image is dead and I need to replace it. I’ve found this other LiPo battery which is the second image. Are these two interchangeable?

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2021.09.27 00:18 FlyLikeEgyptianMusk Google Store Sale Tomorrow - Decision Time

Sale on the Google store tomorrow (UK at least). No idea what will be on but thinking of biting the bullet and buying a Nest Hello Doorbell and a couple of Nest Battery Cameras.
I've also been looking at the Eufy stuff but not sure I like the idea of having multiple hubs which I would almost certainly need due to probable range restrictions, or potentially the Eufy Solo Cams.
The Hello Doorbell seems a lot better than the Eufy offerings - would having a Nest Doorbell and Eufy Cams be a bit counter-intuative? All I have at the moment is a Ring Doorbell which was here when I moved in, but I'm looking to replace as have no other Amazon stuff...
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2021.09.27 00:18 ttvNuggNuggg Dark Esau meets his match!

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2021.09.27 00:18 stavn How can you tell if an LED fixture is dimmable?

I have these shop lights from harbor freight. I assume they probably are not dimmable but they’re so bright. Is there a way I can check if I can dim them?
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2021.09.27 00:18 tennobydesign Phone barely works, can't rollback, can't flash... What do?

Hey so i've been having a problem for a couple weeks now that isn't getting any better. I don't get notifications, including alarms and calendar events. 90% of apps wont work.
FYI Pixel 3a on apparently Beta 1? (SPB1.210331.013) I didn't realize that I would have to manually update versions...
Apps I can get to work are Spotify, Facebook messenger and Discord.
Google apps, ie. youtube, gmail etc don't work.
I've tried some tips I was given from a previous post to no avail.
I've since looked into flashing my phone fresh but it seems my computer wont even recognize the device is connected.
When I try to rollback from Beta on my phone, it simply says I can't rollback because my phone isn't approved for Beta..... WHAT lol.
Yeah Idk. I think i've tried all the avenues and I'm getting nowhere.
Will factory reset screw me up even more? Or will that reset me back to Android 11??
Thanks for any help!
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