Origin Files Missing?

2021.09.26 23:23 Voiduh2187 Origin Files Missing?

I installed Battlefront 2 on Steam and ran it using proton and i knew it would make me install origin so i did and now i cant even find the files for origin. I know even if i found the origin application i wouldnt be able to open it since it isnt being run through lutris but im just wondering where the files have actually gone. It doesn't even show up as an application in the search bar however the origin overlay works just fine so im a little stumped. Running POP!_OS if that makes a difference at all but probably not.
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2021.09.26 23:23 veryGooseBoy Y'Shtola BT+ in 60 Seconds

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2021.09.26 23:23 CapriciousWattage Nintendo Switch Lite for sale

Not sure if this is allowed here but Im trying to sell a Switch that I bought a few months ago but honestly barely ever use
Perfect condition and it would come with Zelda and the original charger. Just could use some cash this week for some upcoming bills
I'd sell it for $120 if anyone's interested
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2021.09.26 23:23 MLG_Eli G Pro X wireless headset sound quality

Just picked up this headset because my G430 wired headset came apart after years of awesome service. After using the G Pro X wireless, I'm kind of shocked by how bad these sound compared to the G430s. IDK if it's just me, or I haven't optimized the sound in settings, or what but the G430s sound way way better. Anyone else experience this, or have any suggestions as to what I could do to make them sound better?
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2021.09.26 23:23 M00nKnightvol7 I believe I found myself a Gen 1, but I could be wrong. So far, I see the right markings and the correct length of the mask of 11.5 inches.

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2021.09.26 23:23 Raging_Al #8 for the Jets name is (complete silence)

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2021.09.26 23:23 Awexie33 Can someone help with this? Is this normal?? I’ve never had a white gecko before and this is my first(juvenile) and I’m worried. Could this be concerning or because it’s translucent?

Can someone help with this? Is this normal?? I’ve never had a white gecko before and this is my first(juvenile) and I’m worried. Could this be concerning or because it’s translucent? submitted by Awexie33 to geckos [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 23:23 TrueNorthXCIV How many of y'all were having sex on nofap ?

Just curious cause I do get horny lol
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2021.09.26 23:23 thecube131 Half marathon logistics

Will be running my first half marathon during the upcoming marathon weekend in January! I was curious how some of the logistics during the run work- are the hydration stations only water or are there some sort of options with electrolytes? And do people tend to bring their own energy gels to use during the event? Thank you!
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2021.09.26 23:23 Christophagain Is it a bad idea to ask for a raise after only 30 days?

So I got a job at a corporate office recently and it has been incredible. I was told that the position was just a clerk and sales job, honestly the whole process was pretty informal. I have been doing things that are kind of far ahead of what I thought I would be doing.
The other day, my boss had me sign a contract with a vendor for like 25k. I know it might not sound like a lot of money, but I was in charge of finding someone, negotiating a little bit, and then ensuring the project was completed to satisfaction. To be honest, I almost had a heart attack being given such a big responsibility.
I’m also in Ontario, and I seem to be the only one in my office who is bilingual. We handle a lot of customers and vendors in Quebec, so I’m often called into situations that I didn’t think had much to do with me.
I guess to put it in a nutshell, I accepted the contract under 19$ an hour because it seemed like a pretty tame entry level position. From what I was told, it sounded almost like a receptionist role. I was a server before this and made about the same amount after tips.
I’m recently graduated, my parents were very blue collar growing up so I don’t know much about these office jobs. I don’t want to jeopardize anything, but I feel like I might deserve a bit more but I don’t know how to approach it.
Just to be clear, I’m ecstatic about the position and I’m learning a lot. I am very happy at my job and it’s exactly what I wanted after graduating. I just also don’t want to hurt my career.
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2021.09.26 23:23 squanchando World of Minecraft está online... PROCURO AGIOTA PARA FINANCIAR ESTE SERVIDOR

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2021.09.26 23:23 StuckBuyingStonks Is this a good iguana enclosure I just got this little guy about 2 days ago so I still need to get a UVB strip instead of a bulb

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2021.09.26 23:23 ImaginativeHobbyist A poster for EXTREME RULES that I made #FanArt

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2021.09.26 23:23 No_Geologist_5704 Is the femme fatale skin for Mileena in mk11 still available in any way?

I love this app and community
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2021.09.26 23:23 Used-Image-3800 🚀 rADAr Token - Much More Than Just ADA Rewards 🚀

🚀🚀🚀 rADAr Token - Much More Than Just ADA Rewards 🚀🚀🚀

Unlike most other rewards tokens, rADAr is a long-term and sustainable rewards token on Binance Smart Chain with multiple use cases, lotteries, bonuses, and daily giveaways. As the name suggests, rADAr automatically rewards holders with Binance pegged Cardano (ADA) tokens.

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💰 Contract: 0x7b6df8a7fae3d0040f307613c81c35bc607e03c6

💰 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x7b6df8a7fae3d0040f307613c81c35bc607e03c6#readContract

🔒 100% LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x0a14beb946d9094b86e171849835e33b4c18ad4e
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2021.09.26 23:23 idiotgreentree this is why we can’t have nice things

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2021.09.26 23:23 Blutwo-150 understandable, have a good day sir.

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2021.09.26 23:23 Faladr4do How do I Counter DPS?

Today I played agaisnt a Brand on mid, and I don't know how to counter the damage per second that he has. I don't know if I should just build Magic Resist or if there's a specific item to counter it.
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2021.09.26 23:23 Anas_Alawaad I love deers

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2021.09.26 23:23 TJCK this is definitely about salvia

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2021.09.26 23:23 Kill-Jolly How Cool Would It Be If Gerald Got A Symbiote Like Venom Or Carnage

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2021.09.26 23:23 CrunkysTV Blender used for technical drawing software prototype visualisations/videos

I'm an mograph artist that recently started producing software visualizations (videos how new drawing software should look like when used) in After Effects with extensive use of expressions (javascript based automation of layer properties in AE).
I've recently started creating 3D animations for that purpose and I'm running in to a huge wall of software performance while working in native After Effects 3D to create these animations.

Animation screenshot from After Effects with more than 70 controllable blocks effecting 200+ children layers (margins, strokes, shadows)

My question is, would you recommend Blender as software for this kind of "technical" 3D animation?
I would need to create objects with linked properties (i.e. block size is influenced by margin size and many more) to simplify the animation process (not more than +-3 keyframes for 1 block movement that is made of multiple objects (main block, margins block, outlines).
My Blender knowledge/experience is an intermediate level and I know that scripting is an option, but still, would it be good software for more technical stuff such as controlling block "stroke" size and other After Effects like properties (opacity, masks) or should I look at 3ds Max/other 3d software for this type of an final animation (i.e. blocks moving around, resizing, fading in and out, changing fill/stroke color) of more than 70 blocks at the time.
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2021.09.26 23:23 Okay_Pineapple Is the float test accurate?

And when do you ditch a seemingly dead starter and start from scratch?
Backstory, im using the startelevain method in FWSY. Days 1-2, good, day 3 starter got HUGE, but about 6 hours after the inital day 3 feeding, it collapsed and has been pancake batter consistancy ever since. Not seeing action when being fed. Doesnt smell bad, doesnt smell like much really.
I see some other starter instructions from other sources that say day 3 should get multiple feedings, so im at a loss at this point.
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2021.09.26 23:23 electricpamplemousse How old do you guys think 🙈☺️

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2021.09.26 23:23 plushgamR I miss my GameCube

I had so much fun with it, and had a transparent controller for it, but sadly i lost it while moving
(This happened a while ago im just expressing my sadness for it)
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