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2021.09.27 00:29 psyopticnerve How a raven helped me find a murderer

I was always a peculiar child, and had very few friends growing up. My time was often spent in solitude. While my peers were out at sporting events, school functions or whatever the majority of middle schoolers do, I was either drawing in my room or walking through the woods behind my house. This became even more true after my father’s passing.
He died when I was thirteen. He had simply fallen asleep one night, and never woke up. It was ruled a brain aneurysm. I will spare you the shock and confusion that we went through that day, I’m sure you can imagine how awful it was for me and my mother.
To make matters worse, a rumor started to circulate in the middle school that my mother had killed him. This only further compelled me to avoid my classmates and escape into the wilderness around me. It was the only thing that I could do to cope with the situation. I found solace in the trees, going straight from the nightmare that is public school, to the serenity of nature.
On a chilly February morning I caught a glimpse of a couple of ravens building a nest together. Struck by their intelligence and the strange croaking calls they made, I checked out books from the library and learned all I could about them.
I started attempting to mimic their calls. They would look down at me, puzzled, but not alarmed by my presence. Once I started bringing food scraps they seemed to accept me as a friend, flying down at my feet to feed and occasionally nibbling on my shoes playfully. I started to feel like I was a part of their family, really looking forward to seeing their hatchlings. Unfortunately, this was never to be.
On my usual trip out, I began calling to them as I approached. They would always return my calls, but they didn’t on this day. I got chills, suddenly realizing there were no sounds coming from the woods around me. Something was off. My breath caught, my legs began shaking. As soundlessly as I could, I continued to the raven’s nest.
Feathers and debris from the nest were scattered on the ground below. Despair washed over me as I realized what had happened. I picked up one of the broken eggs, my heart breaking as I cradled it. I felt I couldn’t handle another loss in my life, this completely broke me. I fell to my knees and wept, disregarding the apparent danger the silent forest was warning me of.
A familiar call behind me snapped my head around. It was the female raven, some of her feathers were ruffled and torn away, her left wing stuck out awkwardly. She looked up at me sadly, croaking quietly. I pulled my food scraps out, extending a hand toward her. She nibbled them quickly, not being careful to avoid my palms.
I tried to examine her wing while she ate, but she wouldn’t let me get a close look at it. It seemed that she was having a hard time using it. After much coaxing, she raised a foot, climbing onto my forearm. Her intelligent eyes peered into mine, she seemed to be looking into my soul.
I knew that if she was unable to fly, she would have no chance of survival. While she was still perched on my arm, I began walking toward my house, feeding her the scraps as we went. I tried to silently communicate to her that I was trying to help, hoping that she understood that I meant her no harm. To my surprise she stayed, never leaving my arm the whole way home.
I brought her into the garage, emptying out a large cardboard box for her to nest in. She observed from the floor, curiously watching as I filled it with sticks and leaves. She seemed to find the nest adequate, hopping to the edge and looking down at it before settling in.
Getting my mother to allow our new guest was a tough sell. She was less than thrilled that I had brought a bird into our house, telling me how filthy ravens were. She eventually caved in, seeing how emotional I got when she told me I would have to release her. She let me keep her in the garage, on the condition that once her wing had healed I would let her free. I assured her that I would, thanking her profusely.
She made steady progress with her injuries, gradually gaining back the use of her wing. I named her Mira, after a while she even began responding to her name. I sat with her and practiced saying words to her. A little known fact, raven’s are capable of speaking, much like a parrot. After hearing me say it enough, I was greeted with a crackly “Hi!” one evening. It was one of the proudest moments of my life. We practiced other words, eventually getting “Wow!” and “Bye!” down. After a month, her wing had healed enough for her to fly short distances again. By then, my mother had grown quite fond of Mira. She would ride around on my mother’s shoulder while she worked in the yard, the two of them chattering away. It was the first time either of us had smiled this much since my father had passed.
When she was flying freely again, I helped Mira build a nest in the tree across from my bedroom window. She would fly back and forth, grabbing a snack from my sill, then retreating to her nest and singing her songs. She never stayed away for long, always returning to greet me every time I arrived home from school.
We accompanied each other on excursions behind the house, Mira flying above me and perching on branches as I meandered through the animal trails. It was safe to say that she was the best friend I had ever had. We had both experienced crippling loss, and had found an unlikely camaraderie in the aftermath.
Now, you most likely didn’t expect to be reading so much about my raven friend, and as the title suggests, there is much more to this story. Without further ado, here are the events that lead me to the killer.
About a year after I met Mira, my town was shocked by a high school girl’s disappearance. There were no leads, no one could figure out what had happened to her. After she was gone for a couple weeks, people began fearing the worst. We were shocked again the following month, when yet another girl went missing.
The town was horrified. A strict curfew was enforced, ensuring that everyone under eighteen was home before six. There were rumors of the FBI being involved in the investigation, though I was never certain on this.
My mother fretted for my safety, but either out of arrogance or delusion, I told her the killer wouldn’t be interested in me. It seemed he was preying on girls from the high school, after all. What did I have to worry about?
I continued my long walks in the woods with Mira, sometimes staying out past the curfew, knowing that no one would be there to enforce it so far into the woods. It was on one of these late nights that I got quite a surprise.
We had returned from our excursion about an hour before. As usual, I barely had enough time to cram my homework in, feverishly scribbling half-assed geography answers at my desk, when Mira flew over and perched on my windowsill. This was so common that I didn’t even look up as I opened the pane, continuing my frantic work. She usually came in to grab a snack, sometimes watching me toil before flying back to her nest, but this was the first time she had ever brought something to me.
The wet thud on my notepad took me aback. It was so shocking that I didn’t realize what it was right away, needing a few seconds to take in the sight before me.
Ravens are not picky eaters by any means. They will resort to eating trash, and sometimes, even carrion. She had dropped an eyeball on my homework, the optic nerve still attached to it.
I gagged, looking at Mira in shock. She stared right back. It seemed like she was trying to tell me something. I gingerly picked up the eye, trying to ignore the feeling of it in my hand. The iris was bright blue. The white had turned a yellow hue, bloodshot, and covered in dirt. My stomach lurched, the room started to spin. I knew that it had belonged to one of the missing girls.
There were a number of things that I should have done. I can’t really explain why I didn’t do any of them. Instead, I went down to the garage and got a cooler, placing the zip-locked eye into the ice. I placed it on the roof outside my window, hoping the chilly air would preserve it well.
A healthy raven can fly about a hundred miles per day, but Mira wasn’t quite up for that challenge with her slightly defective wing. Plus, the time she spent away from me was so short, I doubted that she could have possibly gone very far to retrieve the eye. I deduced that it must have been taken from somewhere near our trails.
I know that I should have alerted authorities, I know that I was putting my life in danger. Whatever the reason, I got the notion that this was something I could solve, that this was my responsibility to pursue.
I waited until the next day to search for clues. I packed a backpack with food and water, ropes, and my father’s flare gun. When I was supposed to be walking to school, I called Mira down from her nest and went into the forest. My father’s machete bounced against my leg, reminding me that this was no ordinary hike with every step I took.
Mira understood what we were doing. If I veered from the correct path she began getting agitated, even giving me a sharp peck on the neck a couple of times. We walked farther than I had ever ventured before. I knew there was a river coming up, a natural border between counties. For some reason, this made my spine tingle.
Mira dug her feet into my shoulder as the water finally came into view. I understood that I would have to cross it, though the task seemed difficult, and would also put me out in the open. I began searching for the best way across the rocks, all of them seemed like they would be hard to traverse. I took tentative steps, slipping and soaking my feet in the icy water a few times. Mira flew ahead, landing on the opposite banking, encouraging me to continue. When I finally joined her on the other side she offered a “Wow!” and lowered her head for me to scratch. Despite the grim situation, this brought a smile to my face.
She lead me farther east along the stream before I lost sight of her. Panic rose in my chest when I heard her calling to me. It wasn’t a sound I had heard her make before, she sounded urgent, scared even. I ran as fast as I could, slipping on the rocks as I went. I followed Mira’s frantic calls, finally darting into a patch of cedar trees and finding her atop a large rock. When she saw me she flapped her wings rapidly, rising in volume as I got closer. I shushed her, paranoid someone would hear the commotion.
It took me a second to realize that the rock she was on was actually the entrance to a cave. It was so easy to miss, the opening was obscured by thick vines and undergrowth. I know that I wouldn’t have found it if Mira hadn’t lead me right to it. The gravity of the situation hit me as I took out my flashlight. I braced myself for what I might find when I shined the light inside.
I was not prepared for it. Both bodies were badly butchered. In fact, all of their limbs had been removed, stacked in the farthest corner of the cavern. To add to the horror, animals had gnawed off large chunks of flesh, some fingers and toes were chewed right down to the bone. Worst of all, though, were their severed heads. Their eyes had been plucked out, their lips had been eaten away to expose their skeletal smiles and swollen tongues.
I sobbed, dropping the flashlight and turning away. I had felt so certain I was meant to be some kind of hero, I was so sure of myself before now. This proved to me how far out of my depth I was, I was not cut out for this. I was just a stupid kid, doing something very dangerous. Mira pecked at my back gently as I continued to bury my face in my hands and cry. I ignored her, completely losing my sense of urgency in my grief.
It took me a long while to pull myself back together. Much too long. It may have been hours, the sun’s position suggested so. I sat on the ground with my knees to my chin, numb with shock. Nothing seemed to matter anymore, my world had been broken too many times. All my innocence had been pulled out from under my feet, dropping me into a pit of despair.
Mira had stopped pestering me long ago, retreating to a tree and keeping watch from above. Still shellshocked, it took me way too long to register that her sudden shrieks were a warning. Once it sunk in, I heard footsteps approaching. I was emotionally drained, unable to rise to my feet as whoever it was made their way to the patch of cedar trees. Mira continued screaming, eventually coming down from the tree and pecking at my neck, trying to get me moving. My body took a long time to respond, my rubbery legs weren’t able to support me once I finally pushed myself up. I flopped back to the ground.
The boy who appeared wasn’t who I had anticipated. He looked about my age, husky and tall. His beady eyes took a while to settle on mine. His smooth face crinkled with confusion, studying me for a while. Mira continued her racket, now as loud as I had ever heard her. The boy stood about a hundred yards away, his deep voice boomed over Mira.
“Are you alright?” his voice echoed. I had no clue what to say, my mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water. Concern crossed his face and he stepped forward, Mira still incessantly shrieking. He got close and crouched down in front of me, his eyes staring straight into mine.
“What are you doing on our land?” he growled, any note of sympathy he had before now disappearing. I swallowed, my mind went blank. He noticed my eyes drifting toward the cave, following my gaze. Immediately, he grabbed onto my wrist with an iron grip.
“Did you see something? In that cave there? Something you shouldn’t have?!” he bellowed, pulling me roughly off the ground.
“No… nothing,” I croaked out, my throat ceasing up. He picked me up effortlessly, bringing me close to his face.
“You lie, YOU LIE!”
Mira came at him with her sharp beak, digging into his eye viciously. I fell to the dirt as he tried to shield himself from her attack. His beefy hand swatted her away, throwing her far into the trees. As soon as I saw her body falling from the sky I regained my senses. Fueled by rage, I fumbled for the machete.
The boy looked down at me with blood leaking from his eye, letting out a savage roar before lunging at me. I tried pushing myself away, unable to pull the machete from its holster in my panic. He punched the top of my head, sending stars shooting through my vision, grabbing ahold of my hair right after. I howled and scratched at his hands, losing a fingernail in the process. More punches rained down on me, each one threatening my consciousness. I faded in and out as the beating continued.
I tried to focus on the darkening sky, fighting to stay awake while he dragged me by my ankles. My ears were ringing, drowning out whatever he was screaming down at me. My jaw was broken, I could tell by the way my teeth were stuck together crookedly, crunching painfully with each bump I was pulled over.
I was going to die. Just like my father. Just like Mira. Just like her family. I gave up hope, finally letting the darkness take over.
“Wake up.”
I blinked, trying to make sense of what was happening. My body begged me to surrender back into painless sleep.
“Wake up!”
The boy finally came back into focus, standing above me. His narrow eyes were dilated and his lips were curled into a snarl. He held my father’s machete, placing the blade to my throat once he could tell I was awake. I realized I was on the floor of a barn stall. I futilely tried to crawl away as he placed a large boot on my stomach, pinning me down.
“I don’t want to kill you, you know. But you shouldn’t have been out there, kid, you had no right!” he said, almost ruefully. My jaw wouldn’t open. I had no words anyways, only fear and regret.
“You can’t stay with them pretty girls you found, you’ll ruin everything I’ve done for them… No, that just won't do… You’ll be staying here,” he said, gesturing around the barn. I couldn’t think of any place I would like to be less. I wondered if I would ever be discovered. I thought of my poor mother, never knowing what had happened to her only son, left all alone in the world. My tears fell onto the filthy floor, I resigned myself to a gruesome fate. The boy picked the machete up over this head, glaring down at me indifferently.
The sudden call froze us both. In anticipation of the blade slicing through my body, it took me a few seconds to recognize who had spoken. The boy looked away from me, lowering the machete slightly. He looked terrified.
“Hi!” Mira called again, from somewhere outside. The killer turned, vaguely wielding the machete at whoever was speaking.
“Who’s there?!” he yelled. I noticed that his voice had gone up in pitch. Seizing the opportunity, I slithered toward a shovel that was propped against the back wall. He still had his back to me, looking out into the night.
“Show yourself!” he screamed, swinging the machete through the air.
I had a grip on the shovel's handle now. My whole body was quivering, exhausted and terror-stricken. I knew I would never get another chance. With the last of my strength I rose from the floor, using my momentum to propel myself at the boy.
He turned just as I closed the distance between us, swinging the blade down as I jabbed the pointed shovel into his throat. We fell to the floor, his head slammed off the concrete with a sickening crack. I rolled off of him, reaching for the machete that he still held. His limp hand didn’t resist as I pried it loose. I looked down at him, watching as a pool of blood formed under him, his eyes staring up blankly.
Only then did I feel the searing pain in my bicep. My entire arm was dripping with blood. I knew the cut was deep, I didn’t dare look at it as I hurriedly removed my belt and tied a tourniquet. Mira was there now, chattering frantically at my feet. My injuries were too severe, I was losing too much blood. There was no way I could make it to safety.
I found myself walking in the dark. Mira was on my shoulder, her beak digging into my skin, directing me and trying to keep me awake. I couldn’t recognize any of my surroundings, I couldn't see anything in front of me. Somehow I kept moving, my body on autopilot as Mira guided me through the blackened trees.
Eventually I felt the ground change under my feet, the forest floor was replaced by smooth pavement. Streetlights flooded my vision, only they were moving at me much to quickly. I heard people shouting, confusion and worry in the vague voices around me. Then somebody was grabbing me, holding my arms and legs off the ground. I was flying. I knew I had died, knew I was a spirit now, floating through time and space.
I awoke two days later with my jaw wired shut and over two hundred stitches holding my arm together. I had a severe concussion, broken fingers, broken ribs and a cracked collar bone. I had nearly died of blood loss and dehydration. The stunned couple who’s car I walked in front of had saved me. It was by luck that the woman was an EMT and we hadn't been very far from the emergency hospital.
Once I had recovered a while I was given more information about the killer. The boy (I won’t reveal his name here) had murdered his entire family weeks before. Their corpses were found inside the barn I was taken to. His victims totaled eight, his motives never fully understood. Police found detailed plans for the rest of his intended victims inside the house. All in all, I may have saved up to twelve girls from a similar fate.
His death weighed heavily on my mind for a long time. If I hadn’t decided to be a vigilante, he might still be alive. To this day I am ashamed that I didn’t bring the girl’s eye to the police. I can only wonder if they would have found the bodies without Mira's help.
Mira flew straight home after I was found in the road, arriving at the living room window a minute before the phone rang and the police informed my mother that I was in the hospital. When I hadn’t come home that night she had reported me missing. I may never live down the guilt I feel for the terror I put her through.
The three of us have mostly recovered from these events. We support each other through the difficult days, we enjoy the beauty of nature and live our blissful moments to the fullest. We all persevere, for we are survivors.
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2021.09.27 00:29 Creepy_Shakespeare A Wonderful Pair

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2021.09.27 00:29 blacksan00 Fun with the ladies. $1 a shot was pricey for the P50 but completely worth it.

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2021.09.27 00:29 GlitteringGirl7309 bbw big tits bouncing onlyfans massive saggy tits

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2021.09.27 00:29 DaftSteve Rumor: Daft Punk is in Milan?

Hey all,
I don't usually post stuff like this but I thought it was interesting.
Milan fashion week is currently happening and there's an afterparty happening today at a club called 'Just Cavalli' in Milan. The club just posted this photo.
Earlier in March, Louis Vuitton posted this story, which showcases their Fall/Winter '21 lineup, with music supplied by Daft Punk. Further, a fashion article I read (from March '21) confirms that Louis Vuitton's creative director convinced Daft Punk to provide music for the show.
This could be (and probably is) just the artist trying to drum up attention.
If anything were to happen, I am not expecting any new music or even the Robot outfits, but I think if they were to appear together to just spin a couple tracks, that would be news.
What do you think?
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2021.09.27 00:29 No_Swan9615 MY/MH

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2021.09.27 00:29 dirrtyremixes Beatport Deep House Tracks [September 2021]

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2021.09.27 00:29 TrashClear483 Can we all take a moment to recognize just how many people take part in film discourse on the Internet who don't actually love anything about filmmaking and are essentially just using films as an excuse to root for their favorite sports team? (YourMovieSucksDOTorg, 2021)

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2021.09.27 00:29 C_TheCartoon Our cat, Athena. She randomly came into our lives months ago. She really is a sweetheart.

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2021.09.27 00:29 dirrtyremixes Beatport Deep House Tracks [September 2021]

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2021.09.27 00:29 yukon4paws Enter this Breedlove/Shure Giveaway for September and get a chance to win a Breedlove Pursuit Exotic S Concert Edgeburst CE Acoustic, a Fishman Loudbox Mini Acoustic Guitar Amplifier and Shure Motive MV88+ Video Kit! Enter Now - A $1,917.95 Value! {us} (09/30/2021)

Enter this Breedlove/Shure Giveaway for September and get a chance to win a Breedlove Pursuit Exotic S Concert Edgeburst CE Acoustic, a Fishman Loudbox Mini Acoustic Guitar Amplifier and Shure Motive MV88+ Video Kit! Enter Now - A $1,917.95 Value! {us} (09/30/2021) submitted by yukon4paws to giveaways [link] [comments]

2021.09.27 00:29 firegrrl Just brought home this Black Velvet (Alccasia reginula)

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2021.09.27 00:29 DoctorX149 Claes Bang Dracula Cloak

Claes Bang Dracula Cloak Hi everyone,
I'm interested in commissioning (or creating) a cloak like Claes Bang wears in Netflix's Dracula.
As far as I can tell, it's a 3/4 circle cloak with black wool exterior, and some sort of red crushed velvet lining (or maybe just trim). There's a loose black chain clasp and what looks like a curved collar and no hood. It's full body length as well. Am I correct in these assessments? Are there any details I'm missing?
And furthermore, does anyone know where I can commission a cloak like this? I just sent an email to Cloak & Dagger creations, but I'm curious about other possibilities. Is a cloak like this even realistic?
Claes Bang as Dracula in Netflix's TV Mini Series, Dracula
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2021.09.27 00:29 vvubs I use to have several tool cases that I would walk out to my truck, I try to limit my new box to just what I need and it's been going well.

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2021.09.27 00:29 TheLastOpus brand new player, is this a glitch?

I am a brand new player, extremely early on in my game a "corvette hijacked fleet" spawned and i killed it, or at least defeated it, it is now stuck near my sun with 15 health left doing absolutely nothing, but I permanently have the warning that says enemy ships in system, i can't attack it, and when i clicked f2 to bring up the journal thing, it sayed i had debris(time limit) i could get with "research" click it brought me to that 15 health left "corvette hijacked fleet" i made a second science vessel, but when i clicked the science vessel to go research it just went to the other side of my sun where space station is and did nothing, when i try to finish off with a corvette fleet of my own, they just go to the sun and do nothing just like the research.....
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