5 dicas para conquistar um emprego e aproveitar as vagas temporárias de final de ano

2021.10.27 14:04 portalrbn 5 dicas para conquistar um emprego e aproveitar as vagas temporárias de final de ano

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2021.10.27 14:04 chef-chef-chef Quick Question: I'm looking into getting a HD DVD player and i'm wondering if i can connect a xbox 360 HD DVD player to my laptop and watch it via that because i don't own a xbox 360 console. Many thanks if you can answer this.

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2021.10.27 14:04 nova_dream_art My New Collection of 30 Artworks is Available : Psychedelic Halloween (Human and AI Collaboration) (Link in Comment) (Special Halloween Collection)

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2021.10.27 14:04 amzukk1 In Death Unchained is releasing another huge free update 4th of November!!! New map, new enemies, new arrows, new graphics!!

We are happy to announce the new ‘DESOLATION’ DLC coming with Season 4! It will be available to everyone FOR FREE! All you have to do is update the game!
This update is our gift to our amazing players & our incredible community! Many of you have been with us since launch and still amaze us today with your commitment to our game! Whether it be developing your skills further, or finding new strategies for everyone to try!
Starting on November 3rd, dive into a 4th new world to try and tackle 3 new enemies, take on new area’s and unlock even more achievements!
Summary: A brand new, mysterious fourth world with two unique zones to explore Amulets - a new type of item players can unlock and adjust their risk/reward Back story shards - pieces of the game's lore players can find and collect, written by Peter V. Brett Updated enemy models and shaders Highlights of the new world: 4 new enemies 14 new achievements 3 new special arrows 1 new pickup item advanced procedural generation system new dynamic lighting and volumetric fog advanced shaders and reflections
The new world is very atmospheric, with state-of-the-art Oculus Quest graphics - new visual effects, 3D models and shaders, making the world of In Death better than ever, and the new levels’ real-time lighting, volumetric fog and realistic reflections are a must-see on Oculus Quest.
Time to get excited! We’ll be hosting a live Q&A on our Facebook page on the day of release to answer any questions! So make sure your following our page @ https://www.facebook.com/SuperbrightVR
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2021.10.27 14:04 throwawayfinalform56 What's the best solution for jawline enhancement? Can a sliding genio be split from far back to avoid the awful stair step look and give a natural looking jawline?

I'm torn between a sliding genio and jaw implants at this point, the genio is your own bone and there's no risk of massater damage, but almost every example I see online has an awful stair step where the bone was cut. They also don't seem to fix the entire jaw line and unfortunately I have some jowls going on because my jaw is too short overall
Implants add definition to the whole jaw line but there's the risk of bone absorption and masseter issues from the positioning,
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2021.10.27 14:04 Kind-Technician7239 Can someone explain the .5M part at the end??

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2021.10.27 14:04 armityle3014 My view got blocked by a cosplayer's hair

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2021.10.27 14:04 Zoefic A couple of green Troublemaker inks on 2 different papers

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2021.10.27 14:04 beppe1_real The front man's magic mask

When he took it off, you can clearly see there are straps and buckles holding it in place. Then you can see he had it laying on the dirt ground by his feet. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, right? When he was about to put it back on, we see the jump cut. He suddenly just had it on his hand. It is free of dirt, and the straps are gone. He was able to snap it on his face and it just magically stays on as if it is glued on there. Isn't that kind of weird lol?
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2021.10.27 14:04 Nethogen Unitatis Arcem is looking for more!

Unitatis Arcem currently hosts a 16 slot PC server for the original map, we are looking for more people to join in on the fun. we will raise the number of slots as needed so no need to worry!
We have a discord and try to be on and active during the American evening hours. We hope to attract all time zones to all players have a group to be with
We are only running to mods (Zomberry and CF) so that the admin can take care of server caused issues (IE server lag destroys vehicle).
WE follow a "consensual PVP" mind set, this means that only those wearing an armband are wanting to do active PVP, or in the case of base raiding, both parties must have prior agreement that it will happen.
We are mostly 30+ but we welcome any and all age groups and play styles as long as it leave toxicity and immaturity at the door
If this server sounds like something you would like to join in on than please join our discord (https://discord.gg/ehEgTer) or add me if you have further questions (Nethogen#9495)
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2021.10.27 14:04 ivvok I Put a Drill Beat over "Easy On Me" By Adele

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2021.10.27 14:04 Christmas-Ghost Lets be honest

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2021.10.27 14:04 johiraco Kibbe and essences? I think SD dramatic-romantic-gamine?

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2021.10.27 14:04 Ziiphyr I made a matchday vlog from the game on the weekend that I'm sure you'll all like to see, as a neutral it was an excellent game! I was at times a bit critical of the club, but overall I really enjoyed my experience watching the game!

I made a matchday vlog from the game on the weekend that I'm sure you'll all like to see, as a neutral it was an excellent game! I was at times a bit critical of the club, but overall I really enjoyed my experience watching the game! submitted by Ziiphyr to NYCFC [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 14:04 Zhaefari My beautiful, beautiful girl when she was at the shelter versus now

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2021.10.27 14:04 yungsygga O X Y G E N - prod. Sygga (I accept feedbacks)

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2021.10.27 14:04 MaxTheNewt Premium Russian Food Review

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2021.10.27 14:04 hanfinho123 NNN weebs

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2021.10.27 14:04 p0oundcake Calibrating Slog 3 and Slog 2 clips

Camera operators shot on different picture profiles on sony a7iii, one using slog3 and the other using slog2, what is the best way to colour correct my slog3 footages so that it looks similar to the slog 2 ones? thanks!!!
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2021.10.27 14:04 BlyatusMaximus forest entrance

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2021.10.27 14:04 Dugonginae [IC Cup - East Asia - MD4] Jennie Kim (KOR) vs Ming-Na Wen (MAC)

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2021.10.27 14:04 Nervous_Bakedwafer Is the United States close to a violent revolution? Why? When?

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2021.10.27 14:04 An_Enemy_Greenbean [True Crime Warning] The Story of Theresa Knorr; a horrifc Sacramento Area Case

I do have to warn; this case is incredibly graphic and truly disturbing.
I listen to a pretty popular podcast series called Casefile and their newest episode covered Theresa Knorr, and as soon as the host started naming cities around Sacramento my ears perked up. The true crimes begin in Sacramento and its super eerie and, in my opinion, pairs with October and the weather.
I understand not everyone is a fan of true crime, but for anyone out there who finds it morbidly interesting to hear cases revolving around the Sacramento area I do recommend checking it out. Heres the wiki for a quick read.
Stay spooky Sac.
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2021.10.27 14:04 Ravenguardian17 [EVENT] The Instruction at the Dockside

Late 1st Month, 133 AC
It was rare for the Red Priests to speak to the public, to sermon on the tenants of R'hllor. In many places, especially in the parts of the Free Cities where other gods were still kept, such public speaking risked angering some member of the public or another. In places where the Red God was more prominent, such as Volantis, however itinerant preachers could be found at every street corner. They either had the approval or the distrust of the Temple, and often the Firey Hand would shut down any preacher who did not conform to the rigid instructions of the High Priest.
Here in Westeros, however, there was no such High Priest. The lack of sermons was simply due to a lack of Red Priests, a situation which had begun to bother the non-insignificant emigre population of the city. Pentoshi, Volantene, Tyroshi and many more had made their way to King's Landing often as traders and sailors, craftsmen or other specialized roles. Despite their small number they were disproportionately wealthy, as only those who could afford it made the long journey away from home. That was except for small groups of ex slaves, sailors or the descendants of failed businessmen, they lounged in the squalor of flea bottom lacking the wealth of the Free Cities and the acceptance of the Westerosi.
It was to these men Mayeni spoke. The Merchants brought the odd Red Priest with them, but they rarely stayed. They had no interest in serving to the infidels of King's Landing and among the unwelcoming gazes of the Westerosi Septons. They sold the blessings of the Lord of the Light like one would sell trinkets, claiming to keep ships safe on the Wretched seas but doing little to save the souls of those onboard.
When word came that a Red Priest had taken up residence in the city among the emigre population, Mayeni received many requests for rites, baptisms and weddings, Mayeni was eager to fulfill these requests and to help the faithful, yet he found that in their time away from the East many of these men and women had strayed from the true tenants of the faith. This was hardly their fault, as they lacked any kind of theological instruction and were surrounded by foreigners who did not know the ways of the Red God.
Thus Mayeni decided to do something he rarely did, a public instruction, to reacquaint the faithful with the Lord of the Light. With the blessing of a generous merchant he took up residence in an empty warehouse, with a small brazier making the building a makeshift Red Temple. As the flocks entered Mayeni's followers blessed them, and anointed them with water. Though this was not a proper Temple it was for now a makeshift holy place and would be treated as such. When they were done his two followers stood next to him, and took responsibility for managing the crowd and the questions. In the corner stood Akous, a blade at his side, ready to defend the Red Priest from any overzealous men who might attack him.
Despite the strange procedures the warehouse was packed in short order. Many of the poor emigres of the city were eager for whatever instruction they could get, they were joined by particularity pious merchants and craftsmen, and a few traveling sailors. The confusion from some of these men about the rites practiced showed they likely were not familiar with the Red God, but with no temples to Trios or the Weeping Lady this was the only religion of home available to them. Finally in the back stood a few Westerosi, some interested, others simply waiting for an excuse to cause trouble, however with so many hardened sailors here these troublemakers left in short order, leaving only the interested behind.
As Mayeni spoke, a follower turned scribe wrote down his words, should they become important for instruction later. Many of the simpler questions were left out, but the most important were preserved.
The following is a fragment from a scroll known as "The Instruction of the Uninitiated"

And they asked him, “Oh righteous teacher, what is the nature of creation?”
The teacher responded, “There is only one force of creation. It is the force of Light, Knowledge, Truth and Morality. This force is known by many terms, names and titles but it's name has been revealed to us; R’hllor. Just as the sun nourishes the crops so does the light of R’hllor nourish the souls of man. R’hllor is opposed by the force of uncreation, of falsehood, of darkness, known to us as the Great Other for to speak its name would be to give it power. This force is the one that tempts men towards destruction, and just as the winter blankets the ground so that nothing may grow the Great Other blankets the souls of man so that we may not see the truth of R’hllor. In this way the Great Other is the antagonism of creation, constantly seeking to unravel and undo the perfect creation of R’hllor.”
And they replied, “Oh teacher, how wise you are! How true are the words you speak!”
Then another initiate asked, “Oh righteous teacher, if R’hllor nourishes our souls then why do men do evil?”
The teacher responded, “R’hllor in his wisdom has assigned each of us a spirit. The Spirit of Light and truth guides us on the path of life. When we look into the flames we see not just R’hllor, but our own spirit, who speaks for R’hllors greatness. To oppose R’hllor the Great Other created a Spirit of Darkness and Falsehood, which tugs on the heart and leads us towards misgivings. These two spirits exist within all men, no matter how great or small, from the highest king to the lowliest slave. Just as all men may receive the salvation of R’hllor, so may all men be cast into the lot of the Great Other.”
And the initiate replied, “Oh teacher, how wise you are! How true are the words you speak!”
Then a man versed in the law and scrolls said, “Oh righteous teacher, if the two spirits tug at our souls then how must men chose R’hllor? Would not some be cast for the Great Other and others for R’hllor from the start of time?”
And the teacher responded, “It is true that R’hllor has knowledge of what will come to pass, but these lots are unknown to us. Though salvation is possible for all men it is not our lot to know who will be saved. Therefore men cannot assume they have achieved salvation, and simply be content, they must constantly strive to build the fire of truth within their soul so that R’hllor may bless them.”
And the man versed in the law replied, “Oh teacher, how wise you are! How true are the words you speak!”
Then one unfamiliar with the law spoke, “Oh righteous teacher, what happens after death? If R’hllor is the source of life will all our souls be consumed by the Great Other?”
And the teacher responded, “The soul is the gift of R’hllor, it is the fire of life that burns within every man. However just as the Great Other corrupts creation so too can it corrupt the very souls of man. In death the soul of justice and truth will be deemed worthy, and cast in with the lot of the Sons of Light, while the soul of the wicked and perverse will be cast out of the domain of R’hllor and into the domain of the Sons of Darkness. This is a horrible lot! For at the end of days the Sons of Light will be lead by truth and strength, while the sons of Darkness will be lead by ignorance and weakness. Thus it will come to pass that the Sons of Light will triumph over the Sons of Darkness and those souls not worthy of salvation will be annihilated in the destructive fires of R’hllor, while those worthy will be raised to life within the perfect world and the Kingdom of Azor Ahai.”
And the one unfamiliar with the law spoke, “Oh teacher, how wise you are! How true are the words you speak!”
Then one, attempting to trick the teacher, spoke, “Oh, teacher, when is the end of days?”
And the teacher responded, “A vain question! Even the greatest servants of R’hllor do not know when the End of Days will come, for should such knowledge pass into the hands of the Great Other the sons of Darkness would be able to prepare for the onslaught of the Sons of Light. Therefore R’hllor in his wisdom has concealed this knowledge until the appointed time when the Great Priest will return and anoint Azor Ahai and his Holy Army to defeat the army of the Great Other.”
Then one got on his knees and said, “Oh teacher, may you forgive such a vain question?”
The teacher looked upon him kindly and said, “I shall, for it is the lot of those uninitiated in the law to seek to unravel the truth. They do not understand the mysteries of The Lord of the Light and the spirit of darkness weighs upon their soul to try and make them reject his will. Vanity is the lot of those uninitiated. This is why we must teach the law and spread it among man, so that the souls of man may be saved and all live within the Light of R’hllor.”
Then an initiate replied, “But my teacher, do not the Temples preserve many secrets of the law from us?”
The teacher replied, “It is true that some aspects of the law must be kept secret. The duties of the Priest is to be initiated in the highest mysteries of R’hllor, to understand the rites and practices so that he may keep purity and teach the law to the uninitiated. Yet the uninitiated are still able to be saved, it is the goal of the Priests to Shepherd the laity towards the Truth, and thus the laity must in turn grant deference and respect to those who give their entire souls to the Light for they are the guardians of humanity.”
And the initiate spoke, “Oh teacher, how wise you are! How true are the words you speak!”
Then the teacher said, “This is why I come before you today, as the uninitiated have been left to wallow in the miseries of falsehood. I have been sent by the Lord of the Light to preserve and spread the truth on this side of the world, to right the wrong teachings and to guide the faithful on the true path. This which has been revealed to me in the flames, this is my lot. Hear this, ye who do not know. The truth has come! The light of R’hllor has come westward to vanquish iniquities and falsehoods. Rejoice you who love the Lord of Light, and now can bask in the truth, repent you who have rejected his name, for it is only in this life that salvation can be achieved. May we thank the Lord of the Light for his benevolence, and for the grace he grants to our souls, for the truth shall set you free from the chains of iniquity!”
And the whole congregation responded, “May we rejoice! For the Lord of the Light has come to save our souls, to vanquish iniquities and to let us bask in the truth. We thank the Lord of Light for our salvation, for his benevolence saves us all!”
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2021.10.27 14:04 glyka04 How to get closer to a shy guy?

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