chpter 76 korean

2021.10.27 13:16 lmaoman94 chpter 76 korean

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2021.10.27 13:16 Yeetmeon Very scared and questioning

I just realized I may be aromantic, and I am utterly devastated at this possibility. I want the loving relationship and pets with a house and being content in life, but I'm not sure I can have those feelings. Someone please help me figure this out.
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2021.10.27 13:16 sam052390 My favorite bridge

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2021.10.27 13:16 SushiWithKenshi Ready your souls, we're getting that epic piece

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2021.10.27 13:16 thelanatellama Hosting Darkrai adding 10: 8314 6057 0854

8314 6057 0854
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2021.10.27 13:16 davephoman Price Check sorc ammy

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2021.10.27 13:16 the_saas_guy Would you be in favour of banning political campaign signs in Edmonton?

These signs seem so useless. I don't think I have ever voted for someone because they littered the city with signs
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2021.10.27 13:16 Pandacakesz [14/F] uh hii.. kinda new here.. [chat] [friendship] idk

Name: Panda Age: 14 Gender Female she/her Country: USA Sexuality: Bi Height: 5ft0 Likes: playing games, listening to music, sitting in my room, night time Dislikes: mean people Dms: Open to All A little about yourself: I'm shy. I'm just looking for a place to chat and maybe make friends since I don't really have any.. uhh my favorite color is purple... I keep to myself a lot.. I don't know what else to put here.
I'm new to this, I'm gessing this is how to start a post. Discorddd is on my profile addmee before this acount gets taken down as usual. Don't ask just do Everyone can add me just do it! Girls and guys.
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2021.10.27 13:16 marsh-da-pro [Kanojo mo Kanojo]

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2021.10.27 13:16 tired_moon exercise after upping dose

i just upped my dose from 100mg to 150mg and ive had a really bad headache today, i normally have a spin workout class tomorrow, is it a good idea to still go to it ?
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2021.10.27 13:16 chrisdd Former tech, now associate

Hi one of the idiot managers said we could take a car in with a flat tire after closing. There was only one tech at the time. I was a tech before 2 years ago, but quit.
They told me since I’m not certified anymore I would get fired if I touched someone’s car. I know what I’m doing, but they ended up telling the guy to leave. Would I really of gotten fired?
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2021.10.27 13:16 Dmvlongleg join

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2021.10.27 13:16 tomspa10 Big boi oyster mushroom

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2021.10.27 13:16 percautio How many trick-or-treaters to expect in central/downtown Halifax?

This is my first Halloween living in a place that has a front door right on the street. I want to make sure I have enough supplies.
I'm on a residential street close to the Commons. How many kids might pass by on a typical year? And how did Covid affect things last year? I'm imagining there will be more than last year but not quite up to a normal year yet.
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2021.10.27 13:16 Caldel1992 Kaleb

I honestly really liked both Daniel Sherman’s and nathaniels portrayal of Kol, although I would have liked to get to know who Kaleb actually was, similarly to how we got to know Vincent after Finn no longer controlled his body. When Davina resurrected Kol in his original body, it would have been interesting if Kaleb had also been resurrected. I’m imagining a scene that somewhat mirrors the vampire diaries season 2 finale cliffhanger when Jeremy sees both Vicky and Anna. I love the actor and think he could have evolved into a regular character like Vincent did. Thoughts?
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2021.10.27 13:16 Short_circuit21 Why are bandages and wound dressings made out of a material that lets fluid through?

Wouldn‘t something synthetic like rubber or plastic be more effective at keeping the wound clean and sealed so the blood stays inside the body?
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2021.10.27 13:16 Juseppe_BSO In Memoriam.

In Memoriam. In Memoriam Mario Piccardi.
A star system and its two planets have been named after him in the far galaxy of Eissentam, the place u/beacher72 liked so much among all galaxies in the universe.
This to honour the memory of a man to whom I owe so much, even more than I thought: he's been the one who first introduced me to several communities, in which I have found many friends that I hold dear to my heart; he helped and gave me ideas for many projects; he made me feel angry and sad, but also happy and proud; he's been my teacher in many fields; he was a true man of honour.
We had our differences and fights. We had joy and fun. We have been both friends and enemies. I will forever regret being so stubborn to at least say "sorry" to Mario when I still had the possibility.
The star Mario P. and the planets Beacher72 and Tuxwizard72 now carry his name(s). I hope they will also carry his spirit in a never ending journey throughout that Sky he was so interested in. A little and insignificant action; my occasion to finally wave him goodbye.
Safe travels, Mario, and may the Black Star bless your soul.
The system Mario P. has a black hole; I like to think about it like the gateway between the world where we live in and the one where he lives now.
Planet Beacher72, a gentle paradise world where those star bulbs he used to love grow naturally.
Planet Tuxwizard72, mild at first glance, but fierce and alien in person; surely a place Mario would have loved to explore.
The Black Star Order and Qitanian Empire flags perpetually flying at half-staff in mourning at the BSO embassy on Simuscher XIX, capital of the Eissentam Qitanian Empire.
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2021.10.27 13:16 PrimalFear107 kyle with a perfectly timed block

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2021.10.27 13:16 fuckeduptoaster Does anyone know where I might be able to find Avery?

Avery is my biggest ISO, he’s a little rugby boy and I play rugby too so I need him! I live in Philly but I haven’t been able to find him anywhere and I thought he was getting a relaunch soon. There is no learning experience in Philadelphia to my knowledge. Any ideas guys ?
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2021.10.27 13:16 grapefruit1313 Foundations of CS/Comp Org Recitation/Lab

For Foundations of Computer Science and Computer Organization, are the blocks on Wednesdays recitations/lab? Are they mandatory to attend? Is it better to pick an earlier or later time for these blocks?
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2021.10.27 13:16 negfeedbackloop Why are you procrastinating right now? Is it laziness or is there an underlying cause?

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2021.10.27 13:16 bigdiesel1984 gLeaf Cherry Diesel my new favorite budget strain. $40 reg $28 with 30% off.

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2021.10.27 13:16 JB92103 TL;DR for Spoilers November 1-November 12

Peter makes a powerful demonstration; Austin begins to wonder about Gladys; Sonny meets with Ms. Wu, but the meeting has more to it than he realized; A surprise awaits Elizabeth at home (Jeff? Finn cooks her dinner? Camping trip?); Esme discusses a weekend getaway with Cameron (there's some rumors suggesting Esme gets pregnant...) and confronts Trina at the gallery; Maxie conspires with Brook Lynn, asks Sam about her relationship with Dante, and questions Chase's motivations; Josslyn expects a different reaction to her news from Trina and has an evening alone with Cameron; Britt worries about Obrecht; Phyllis gets an offer from Sonny; Curtis pivots when things abruptly change at the Savoy and gets an unexpected visitor (most likely "Marshall"); Scott seeks out Ava at the gallery; Austin brings Valentin information (is it the truth about Bailey/Louise?); Diane checks in on Carly; Sam receives reassuring news; Willow is surprised by an unexpected encounter (Harmony?); Robert puts Olivia on the spot; Spencer is counseled by Sonny; Sonny discusses a family matter.
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2021.10.27 13:16 AggressiveAddition48 Score 144- don’t know what to do next

I’m not one to write here, but I’ve taken the LSAT twice now. LSAT flex in Jan, 143 and now in October, 144.
I felt a lot better for the October test, because I had been studying more and felt like I understood the exam better.
I am having an existential crisis. Is it bad if I try to apply to law school this cycle? I didn’t apply last cycle because I felt I wasn’t ready.
What should I do? I plan to take the January LSAT, but should I still apply with the most recent score, as bad as it was?
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2021.10.27 13:16 TraditionalGoal422 👹DiabloNomics $DIABLO | Fair Launch ✅ | massive potential

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