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2022 Dropper here. My physics and Organic are fuked up. Please suggest some channels, material and/or tips. I will take all suggestions into consideration without pre conceived notion. Please help me out.

2021.10.27 13:18 pvtsteverogers 2022 Dropper here. My physics and Organic are fuked up. Please suggest some channels, material and/or tips. I will take all suggestions into consideration without pre conceived notion. Please help me out.

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2021.10.27 13:18 Additional_Brief1711 Using eye color subliminal, any tips? Or any thoughts?

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2021.10.27 13:18 Aboutadog Woof Bark Dog

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2021.10.27 13:18 mypingukate Is the resistance measured across the two highlighted dots only resistors r2 and r6 in parallel?

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2021.10.27 13:18 teeserzay Mexican colonial space all to myself!

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2021.10.27 13:18 Budget-Song2618 How the Red Wall Has Been Levelled Down Since 2010 –From child poverty to social care, some of the most disadvantaged areas of the country have faced a decade of decline at the hands of successive Conservative governments

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2021.10.27 13:18 grapejuiceandcandy My rear view mirror alone irritates me and this lady has a whole ass Claire’s Boutique hanging from hers!

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2021.10.27 13:18 abhibajaj12 Adidas YEEZY BOOST 500 “Clay Brown” arriving soon!

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2021.10.27 13:18 Jmsaint Has anyone managed to link a Chase account to pay Amex?

Im having issues and not really getting anywhere with thier support.
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2021.10.27 13:18 drakfox123 (NA) Twitch main lf yuumi main low plat high gold

https://na.op.gg/summoneuserName=s0uleater1400 you need 60% wr on yuumi
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2021.10.27 13:18 -Tenshi98 Guardian tales freezes and crashes at the intro.

Hey! I am having problems to run Guardian Tales since 1 month aprox. In LDPlayer3 Guardian Tales keeps freezing at the intro part. I see this error currently in other people too. I think the problem is in Nvidia GPU users. I dont know what happens, but maybe Nvidia overlay is the problem. Thanks and i really want to solve this problem. Any question tell me. (And sorry for bad english xd)
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2021.10.27 13:18 Ghaztmaster [OC] I need help naming the rest of my DND Monsters. A few already have names

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2021.10.27 13:18 ilovesofia22 whats sedation like for dental work .........?

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2021.10.27 13:18 Nutellism Will we ever go back to the way we used to treat each other? (In America at least)

A few years ago, people never used to care whether you were Republican, democrat, green party, or whatever. Politics were more lighthearted and political debates were more interesting. It was intense at times, but it wasn't on everybody's mind every waking moment. Social media wasn't as one sided politically as well. Even Reddit was better.
We're never going back to treating each other like individuals, but as their political compass, are we?
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2021.10.27 13:18 PoprockEnema B o w w o w

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2021.10.27 13:18 ilivedownyourroad How do I get enough energy to finish the rift station pls

I can't for the life of me get enough energy (1.00m) to finish the station.
Can someone please specifically say how to do this exactly.
Thank you :)
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2021.10.27 13:18 hu3k2 【コラム】中国の労働文化の未来、労働者と経営者の間で揺れ動く労働規則 | TechCrunch Japan

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2021.10.27 13:18 CarpeDM-Maps Halloween Map: Witch's Cottage (2 floors) + animation

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2021.10.27 13:18 thejanitordan My new nether portal inspired by Legacy's SMP server's portal

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2021.10.27 13:18 Consistent_Hand_7144 Power Warning Cable? or Warning Power Cable??

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2021.10.27 13:18 frivolousbicephalous My wife cheated on me and won't give him up

I (m37) found out my wife (f40) cheated on me with her co-worker who lives in another state. Mostly emotional, they both love each other, but it did get a little physical from what I understand (they travel a lot together). I only found out a few days ago and my emotions are all over the place. I get terrible anxiety, can't sleep, can't eat, can't focus on anything. We are trying to work things out and honestly I feel like we are making good progress. We have an appointment with a therapist, but not for a few weeks.
The biggest issue, and what give me the most anxiety, is she is not willing to let him go. She loves him, she want's to remain friends with him. I told her that is not possible and they can no longer be friends. But they work together, a lot. I tried to give them boundaries to follow, basically any contact will be work related only and no 1 on 1 interaction, they both agreed to them, then immediately broke them. She says it's too hard, or she needed to talk to him about something, or they can't not have 1 on 1.
I don't know what to do and I have nobody to talk to about it.
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2021.10.27 13:18 SelenaScarlet33 Monkey's daily makeup routine

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2021.10.27 13:18 BenchRickyAguayo Boston 2021 - Overcoming a stress fracture to run a respectable time

Race Information

Goal Description Completed?
A 2:57:30 Yes
Distance Time
10k 40:low
Half 1:25
30k 2:02
Training I haven't ran a race since the end of 2019, so I built Boston up a lot into my head. In Spring 2020, I was training for a 1:10 HM before everything was cancelled and it was my first block when I was putting in 100+ mile weeks and it was exhausting, both physically and mentally. After things were cancelled, I got injured and had surgery. I started again in summer for a fall 2020 race, but as the impending cancellation got more real, I became more and more mentally exhausted. I ended up taking about an 8 week break from running and gained a some weight and lost a lot of fitness. So in January 2021 I started my slow build. I started at about 12 MPW and would build for 5 weeks, then take a down week. I did this up until April when I maintained around 65-70 MPW for a few weeks, did about a two week download, then began my proper training block. The goal for this training block was 2:29 and top 100 at Boston. I thought I had the capability and it would be a matter of getting the mileage and workouts in. Training was going well for the first couple weeks. My paces were decent and I was roughly 8-10 weeks ahead from where I was when I ran 2:35. That was until the end of June, when after a mid-week long run I felt a sharp pain in my shin. I took it easy the next few days, but more or less kept going. The following Tuesday I had a 25 minute threshold session planned and after I finished, the pain was significant. I knew then that I was facing a likely stress reaction or stress fracture and my ambitious goals were effectively damned. So I took off my running shoes, put on my cycling shoes and moved over to my trainer. For a while I was pretty consistently exchanging time 1:1 on my trainer, but it was tough. The nice thing about a bike trainer is you can maintain the exact intensity you want the whole workout. The downside is it's hot and boring. And I mean seriously boring. I kept with it for a while, but I wasn't quite as consistent, taking a week off to spend time with my wife mid-July and cutting a few workouts short here and there. I could definitely tell I was losing some fitness, but it was keeping me from getting abysmally out of shape. Eventually after a couple doctor's appointments, an x-ray, and an MRI referral (that I never executed because for some reason a local imaging office can't answer phones in less than half an hour), I was cleared to start running again. And to be honest, if it was the Boston Marathon I was training for, I probably shouldn't have. I felt fine walking around, but when running, I was never really better than 80%. I started about 7 weeks out from Boston at 20 MPW, and over 5 weeks I built up to 50 MPW, with a 21 mile run in each of my last two weeks. I decided to go with a two week taper, which was honestly unnecessary given my complete lack of fitness, but during the first week I did my only workout since July - 30 minutes at MP with 15 minutes WU/CD. It went surprisingly well and I was able to maintain my goal MP (6:45) staying below my threshold zone, even with some small hills included. A nice little confidence boosting workout for my 2:57 target.
Pre-race Coming from the west coast, I decided to fly over Thursday and landed shortly after 5 PM local time. We stayed in Cambridge, not far from the bike path along the Charles, so it gave me a nice place to run. I scheduled my vaccine check for about 10AM on Friday and proceeded over to the expo after, where I waited in the long queue stretching around the block to get in shortly after opening. That all went smoothly and there was only 1 other person in my line ahead of me. I bought $200 worth of Addidas Boston Marathon swag, which was probably a bit unnecessary, but I felt cool and now all the cool cats at my local 5K can see what a badass I am. /s. On Saturday, I went back to the vaccine check because I put my little COVID bracelet on too tight. I took the T up to Newton to gameplan where I would see my wife and I walked up Heartbreak Hill. It was about as I was expecting, but it was annoyingly long and consistent to walk. But I'm glad I got a good idea of the lay of the land. I did my last run on Saturday as well since my shin feels better after a rest day. Sunday was a lazy day where I slept in, watched the Chicago Marathon, some of that NFL game from London, then went to a museum for a few hours. I set out all my gear for race day and made sure my watch was charged up. I had some sushi and whole wheat bread for dinner (weird combination, I know) and tried to get to sleep early. On race, I got up around 5:30 and got dressed. I had a few small pieces of toast and linked up with another guy at my hotel to take a Lyft to Boston Commons for the bus ride to Hopkinton. It was drizzling lightly and it was about a half hour before they let us through the bib/band check to wait for the busses. After they let us through, I jumped on a bus toward the front of the line of busses and waited another twenty or thirty minutes. On the ride out, I started sipping my Gu Roctane bottle and talking with my seat neighbor. We arrived around 8:15 and after a brief walk to the porto-potties, I started my warm up. I went through my standard routine, dropped my old shoes, socks, and newly-purchased Amazon sweats at the donation bags and headed to the line.
Race The Early Miles I got to the start line about 10 minutes before the start and worked my way to a point I thought was appropriate. When the gun went off, the first wave of what honestly only seemed like a few hundred (but was actually probably a few thousand) competitors were off. The race starts going down a pretty steep hill and my watch was struggling to maintain a GPS lock, so I wasn't entirely sure on my pace, but I just settled in to easy nose-breathing. That is until I hit the 1KM mark at 3:30. I'm not an expert at min/km to min/mile translation, but I knew 3:30/km pace was way faster than the 6:40-6:45 I wanted to target for the first mile. I made a bit of a deliberate effort to slow down and was able to hit my 5km at right about 20 minutes. It was faster than I would have liked, but my heart rate was roughly where I would've expected it to be given the conditions and it felt about right, so I settled in around 6:30-6:40 pace. I slowed down enough to hit 10k at right under 6:30 pace. The Middle Miles As I made my way through Framingham, the crowds were starting to build and were consistent from here on out. Around mile 7 I saw a woman who had passed out and a runner or a spectator was helping her out and shortly after I saw an officer and a medical cart heading her way. The next 5 miles from Framingham to Wellesley just kind of flowed by and I was hitting 6:30-6:40 for every mile. As I knocked off mile 12, I could start to hear the Wellesley scream tunnel. But at the same time I could feel some squishy blisters forming on my left foot, one on the inside of my big toe and one on the outside of my little toe. Going back to my infantry days, I knew the best way to deal with blisters is just to pretend they didn't exist, so that's what I did and I made it a problem for future me to deal with. Going through Wellesley was a nice boost. The ladies there were packed in tight and cheering the whole way into town. I rolled through halfway at around 1:25:mid and felt pretty good. It was the first time I actually started thinking about going after a more ambitious goal. I was floating at around 6:31/32 pace and figured if you can hold about 6:28 I could go sub-2:50, which wasn't even a consideration 24 hours ago. From mile 12-17, I was able to make some movement toward this goal, running 6:21, 6:27, 6:23, 6:45, 6:17, 6:40. Around mile 15 my shin started to bother me slightly, so I took the few ibuprofen out of my pocket in my shorts and swallowed them with some Gatorade at the MM16 station. But it was around this time that I noticed my heart rate was creeping into my threshold zone. I knew I had a couple BPM buffer because of the heat, but I was certainly paying attention a bit more to my effort level. The Fight for the Finish As I took the right turn and headed toward Newton, I knew I would see my family around mile 19.5. I had been running behind a bearded man who was holding 6:30 pace pretty steadily, but I knew at the downhill into Newton I needed to push just a little faster to hit 2:50. So I left him behind (spoiler alert, that was a brief departure). Mile 19 is a steady uphill into Newton and I could feel myself struggling. I was creeping above threshold heart rate, but tried to keep things consistent and within my abilities. After I hit MM19, I moved toward the right side of the road and began looking at road signs to find our intersection point. Our agreed upon point was actually a lot closer to mile 19.9 than 19.5, so I ran a lot off the racing line (enough that it might have helped me get under 2:54). But after struggling through Mile 19 in 6:58, I grabbed a water with Mio Energy enhancer mixed in from my wife and carried on to Heartbreak Hill. (Evidently the rest of my family was right next to her, but I was so zoned in she was the only one I saw. I had to ask them where they were on the course afterward, only to be told they were right there.) Having studied the map profile, I knew if I dumped the tank at Mile 20, I would have a pretty significant downhill to recover some. So that's what I did. I put my head down and just gave it what I had for about 5 minutes to get from mile 20.4 to 21. I was hurting, my heart rate was at 183, which is the highest I've gotten to running since 2015, but I knew it was 5 miles downhill after this. Mile 21 was a bit of a struggle to get back to a manageable effort, but then at Mile 22 I hit the Boston College crowd. I really fed off their energy and moved toward the barricades and stuck my hand out and picked up a lot of high-5s. This gave me a huge boost and I managed to run mile 22 at 6:30 and felt a lot better, if only briefly. Soon I was running next to the T-line in Brookline and I realized I was almost done. Around mile 23, I could feel my left ankle starting to collapse in because I didn't maintain my PT during my injury period. I continued to keep my mind on the finish line. I peaked down to my feet around Brookline and realized there was blood coming through both my shoes. I knew future me was going to have some ugly toes. The little bumps heading into downtown Boston were painful and I really went into the red at every hill. Mile 25 ends on the top of an overpass and that really hurt, but I knew it was just 2KM to go. By this time my body had a rev limiter at about 6:50 pace and I simply couldn't go much faster. I hadn't completely fallen off the cliff, but the last few miles were a struggle fest. I made the right onto Hereford and left onto Boylston and I could finally see the finish line. I just tried to maintain my roughly 7 minute pace and ran through the finish line just over 2:54.
Post-race I hobbled like the broke old man I am (or at least the one I feel like) through the drink, medal, and snack tables. I stopped by the medical tent to get a quick tape job on my toes, which helped a little bit. I finally linked up with my family at the meet up area. I was honestly pretty happy with my result. I effectively had 5 weeks of training and hadn't gone above 50 miles. I set what I thought was an ambitious, but manageable goal and I beat it by about 3 minutes. It was the first time most of my family saw me race since I was a high school miler a decade back, so it was really nice to have their support. Eventually I made my way back to the hotel and cleaned up. My wife's a CNA and bless her heart for being more concerned about my blistered and bleeding toes than I was. She picked up some bandages and neosporin from a nearby CVS and fixed me up. I had myself a burger and beer for dinner and got to sleep pretty early. The next few days I was incredibly sore and I struggled to walk down stairs (although walking up felt fine). My wife helped keep my toes protected and healing as we took a few extra days to travel to New York and hang out with some of her family. Boston definitely kicked my ass more than another other run or race I've done.
What's Next I'll be taking a few more weeks off running, but getting back on the bike this weekend. I need to let my shin fully heal before I start my winter training block or else I'll have a lot more issues. Hopefully another 4-5 weeks will suffice. I'd like to run at my local 10km/HM weekend in February to defend my title (and take home that sweet, sweet prize package). But the spring plan is to go back to Boston in April and try again at my goal. I know this fall was a bit off, but my goal time would have been 85th OA and finishing in the top 100 at a world major is a big goal of mine. So this winter, I want to get the mileage back up and get in the gym. I hate the gym and basically never got, so I think there's a lot to be gained if I started being more holistic in my training. So for now I've got 25 and a half weeks to recover and get back in shape to try again at Boston 2022.
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2021.10.27 13:18 TheLads66 Kill La Kill #25 REACTION!! "Goodbye Once Again"

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2021.10.27 13:18 Chawk121 Pass/Fail or graded?

I’ve heard many people in my class (DO) talk about how “most med schools” are pass fail during pre-clinical when justifying why our grades don’t matter that much. So I’m curious, how does your school grade the pre-clinical curriculum?
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