How Brenon Plans to CRUSH Q4 SALES w/ The Etsy + Printful Integration

2021.10.27 14:27 hnayr How Brenon Plans to CRUSH Q4 SALES w/ The Etsy + Printful Integration

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2021.10.27 14:27 Sr_Mucel carrera de programadores en México

quisiera saber de sus experiencias siendo front end o back end en Mexico, les va bien? (economicamente) sienten que los explotan? que cosas podrian decir que son los idomas informaticos que mas solicitan en este pais? vale la pena intentar en mexico o ir a otro pais? (soy alguien empezando su carrera como programador front end) empezando con javascript y python
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2021.10.27 14:27 Wary_Height_ 25-minute Spicy Beef UDON NOODLES || Beef & Veggies STIR-FRY Udon Noodles. Recipe by Always Yummy!

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2021.10.27 14:27 LopsidedPlace2772 California Man Arrested in Alleged Gaetz Death Threat… threatened to kill Gaetz and his kids.

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2021.10.27 14:27 FollowingTheBeat [Thank You] bisxiit

Thank you for the sweet watercolor postcard from Seattle! Cute stickers too :) Have a great day!!
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2021.10.27 14:27 SensibleRex Quiet places to work for traveler?

I’m flying into Logan tomorrow morning and was wondering if there are any good locations, within a reasonable distance, to work while I wait to meet my friend? Doesn’t have to be right next to the airport or anything just looking for options, thanks!
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2021.10.27 14:27 Green_Cattle4114 🔥 CuteBabyShiba - Based and Experienced Dev Team 🔥 $SHIBA Rewards 🔥 Active Voice Chat 🔥 Next BSC Gem 🔥 Launching Now

No Whitelist, No Private Sale 🔥
Hypee is real, New Auto-Buyback token🔥
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We aim at building a long-term project with the help of a strong community and use cases that will bring our holders the most value!
⚡️ Short roadmap ⚡️

➡️ 1% Auto-Buyback
➡️ 7% Shiba Rewards
➡️ 1% Marketing
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🛡We already passed Audit
🛡Our Contract is Safe 100%
💰 Huge marketing experience with special partnerships in the crypto market!
Contract: 0x76d02aab23ff854de83343064905235fa61ef0ed
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.27 14:27 Wanderer-Of-Earth Beautiful San Pedro shrine🌵

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2021.10.27 14:27 aja_ramirez What the worst thing you ever said to another person?

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2021.10.27 14:27 Wary_Height_ 25-minute Spicy Beef UDON NOODLES || Beef & Veggies STIR-FRY Udon Noodles. Recipe by Always Yummy!

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2021.10.27 14:27 svanapps r/crypto - Multiple input MACs

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2021.10.27 14:27 General-Laugh-8879 Short Squeeze-ers, let's go apeshit.

Harambe would want you to join.
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2021.10.27 14:27 crazywarriorxx FGO JP - Halloween Rising!~ Challenge Quest: Melusine 3T Zenobia

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2021.10.27 14:27 minners03 Calm down Bethy, you’re only 3 years in.😂

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2021.10.27 14:27 BillygoBoom127 Fuck Bitlife

This company is very toxic, and I honestly hope they get replaced soon by another competitor. First of all, they pretty much scammed us with bitizen. They promised us all future content, but decided to charge us for god mode and the time machine, which costs a whole dollar for each use. Then they had the nerve to take out "all future content" like it didn't even exist. Then they came out with this dumbass DogLife game that nobody wanted. If they even payed attention to their players, they would've found out that people wanted a medieval update. They could have easily made this into a separate game if they needed money that bad. They are definitely gonna see the result of their bad business practices soon. You don't get your fans worked up and tell them,"we're working on the biggest thing to happen to BitLife ever," and then come out with a whole new game that no one wanted. How hard would it have been to be straightforward and ask,"Hey guys we need more money to keep the company running, so we have to make a new game. Any suggestions?" I'm sure people would have came up with something much better than a game where you just eat, sleep, and shit for 15 years.
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2021.10.27 14:27 KernalCheddar New dog owner and need... lots of help

Hi Guys, going a little insane. we just rescued a 2? year old pit 2 days ago (their best guess, he was just found wandering around with a leash) and frankly, I am a little overwhelmed and dont know where to start.
The main problem is his separation anxiety, he's bonded? with my fiance almost immediately and starts whining/pawing at the door as soon as she walks out of the room (doesn't care too much if she's there and I leave the room) and the one time we both walked out, we watched on our camera as he almost immediately began howling (so far that's the only time he's barked or howled at all.) he seem's to know sit, but will only actually do it about 60% of the time, and doesn't seem to know anything else, although he's very good on a leash.
I guess my issue is I dont know where to start. most of the separation anxiety tips I've read seem to assume he's already mostly trained. where should I start? teaching him come? stay? crate training?
we have the additional problem of we cant give him run of the apartment yet because we have 2 cats we're keeping separated from him for a few days while everyone gets used to smells.
we have a pen we set up around his crate and when we put him in for the night he whines and whines for hours and I'm going a little crazy from lack of sleep. C
an you guys offer any advice? I'm sure there are a ton of details I'm not mentioning that you need to know, please just ask. I'm just a bit lost and really want this guy to work out. Thanks for reading my meandering post.
edit: additionally we were planning on taking him to a trainer but don't know how long we should wait before doing so
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2021.10.27 14:27 PsychologicalAd5334 Is there anyway to use a card with a dynamic cvv (a cvv which changes every 15 minutes that I can see on my card app) on Apple Pay?

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2021.10.27 14:27 Objective-Ad9382 General thoughts on Mt. Bachelor?

For any Mt. Bachelor homies that have ridden there the last few years, I’m just trying to get a feel for what the mountain is like. I moved from California to Oregon for school, and bought a season pass to Bachelor. I’ve heard so many negative things, and between traffic, weather, and lift lines, it’s starting to get to me. I want to stay positive, but I also want to have realistic expectations so I know what the season will be like. For anyone that’s ridden Tahoe resorts, how does the weather compare? I know there will be fewer bluebird days, but I’d also like to know about how wet the snow typically is and how much wind can affect riding. My main concern is that the typical Pacific Northwest storm brings far more wind and rain than I’m used to, but how much more? I also typically ride smaller resorts, like sugar bowl, homewood, Sierra at Tahoe, and boreal. Anyone have any experience riding there and can tell me how bachelor lift lines will compare? I usually ride only on weekdays, so I’m hoping they won’t be too bad. I’ve heard that the summit chair is rarely open thanks to POWDR (as well as sketchy conditions during storms), so how often can I expect the summit chair to be open on weekdays? Any knowledge on parking, traffic, and overall vibe of the mountain would also be super helpful. Sorry for the long post, and thanks for any information you can give
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2021.10.27 14:27 Scooter_Gang_480 Hunts tomb overlooking Tempe and Phoenix.

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2021.10.27 14:27 Puzzleheaded-Try-997 Ma step mom think its edible but i prefer to be sûre before eating them

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2021.10.27 14:27 lssradm Nctrnm - Blonde

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2021.10.27 14:27 Diammandis Loving these parallels between Emma Frost in issues 1&2 of Inferno and Charles in HoxPox

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2021.10.27 14:27 blue-moon-motel my hand looks so fucking big omdf ?? yalll im gna piss myslef jsjsjsjsj 💀💀

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2021.10.27 14:27 makarov_skolsvi Any final suggestions on school list?

First off, the most important thing– Int'l student having an EFC of ~ $10k/year
Grades: 90%+ all three and a half years of HS (Indian CBSE curriculum) – Probably equivalent to a 4.0
Rank: 1st/81
Coursework: Not THE most challenging but the CBSE science stream is considered very rigorous IG.
Test Scores: 1490 SAT (770 Math; 720 English)
AWARDS: 1 national; 2 regional (one where my research paper was selected as one of the 3 best in the region, one where I represented my state in a STEM competition, 2 state (one where I was in the top 99.75 percentile out of 1 million participants, one where I was selected as one of the best 30 out of 300,000 students)
All awards are merit-based (through tests and activities).
ECs (probably my strongest part): I'm describing them vaguely in this post but I promise this is not how I've written the descriptions on the common app–

  1. Leadership position in an NGO (established in the 1980s by a very influential politician); impacted 5000+ people; Won State awards for the NGO (awarded by top-level politicians); Received tons of local media coverage.
  2. Volunteer Teacher and some leadership position at an international award-winning program. Basically taught low-income indigenous tribal students who subsequently won multiple national awards; I gathered around 20-30 volunteers for the same and also hosted a camp for around 200 students
  3. Executive Board Membership in an initiative that attracted more than a million impressions (i.e. social media "hits") with thousands of active users.
  4. Founder of an NGO that helped a few hundred animals and have a few dozen volunteers working every week (I'll admit, this is more of a cookie-cutter Instagram NGO kinda activity but it did get some traction)
  5. My business (like a sole trade) – earned enough money to live a comfortable single life for 2+ years in my country (i.e. pay rent, utilities, food, etc.) (although when converted to dollars, it doesn't seem like much I guess).
  6. First author in a research paper (interdisciplinary research)– it did not get published in a predator journal but I must admit that the journal is not impressive.
  7. Co-author in a research paper – Collaborated with 2 national labs/universities. This one is pretty big. Got published in an okay-ish to good journal (okay-ish for PhD students so I guess for me it's pretty good?)
  8. 2 times intern for a mid-sized company– First time I interned for free; the second time, they were willing to pay me money to intern (i.e. paid internship). Couldn't really help much except sort some data for them but I did spot a few errors in their system that saved them thousands of dollars so I guess that counts?
  9. Freelance visual artist with around 400,000+ social media hits (Behance, Dribbble, Youtube, etc.) and 5 years of commission experience (got paid in pennies though).
  10. Family Responsibility- Took care of a family member who suffered from a very serious and terminal disease.
A few additional activities– Writer in a blog with over 200k+ reads, Won a few MUNs and was the president of one; Been playing drums for more than 5 years, Piano for around 2 years, and a music producer (and DJ) for around 3-4 years now. My performances have been featured in local TV shows.
Skidmore College
Washington and Lee
Amherst College
Dartmouth College
I need some suggestions for my college list. Can you suggest some other colleges where I might have a good chance of getting a near-full ride?
Are there any colleges on my list that I should probably remove?
Do you know of any full-ride scholarships that I might have a chance of getting?
Should I aim a bit high and apply to T-10s?
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2021.10.27 14:27 kpabst42 Matpat cannot be trusted.

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