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This pause on a movie when my husband had to pee.

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I’ve had this PC for about two years, and with increasing frequency, it will shut down in the middle of gaming. All fans are running, it seems to be clean when I took a look…
I am not super tech savvy and not made of money to replace my computer every two years… can anyone help?
iBUYPOWER Pro Gaming PC Computer Desktop Intel i9-9900K 8-Core 3.6 GHz, GeForce RTX 2070 8GB, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD, 240GB SSD, Z370, Liquid Cooling, Wifi Ready, Win 10 Home 64-bit (TRACE 9240 Black)
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I need a build, for 1400-1600 usd. Used for streaming, tiny bit of editing and gaming of course. It would be nice to have a build that has a 3060 but not necessary. Ik rgb doesn't do anything but a bit would look cool in the build.
I'm gonna be using a 144 HZ monitor.I'm pretty flexible with the he budget. I play csgo, cod, valorant, siege (even with hackers).

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2021.10.27 13:14 JormaKrebs The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - The Shadow Temple/Spirit Temple Dungeon Order Debate: What I Am Pretty Sure Happened (A Historical Look at the Game's Development)

TL;DR at bottom.
Hello all. Today I would like to talk about the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and a hot topic of debate ever since the games initial release. I have played Ocarina of Time many times, and have just completed my first ever run of the game where I completed the Spirit Temple before completing the Shadow Temple. I have always felt that the Shadow Temple was the obvious dungeon right after the Water Temple, but for a long time I had been aware that it was possible to complete the Spirit Temple without ever having set foot into the Shadow Temple, and for that matter, there is even some evidence to indicate that the Spirit Temple may be the proper dungeon to complete after the Water Temple, even though the majority of people seem to do the Shadow Temple first. However, what is really intriguing is the amount of accounts people have made online that absolutely swear that on their very first play through, they completed the Spirit Temple first entirely on accident, never even having realized they may have gone in the "wrong" order. The question about which dungeon comes next is very interesting to me. In this post I want to present all of the evidence I have found pointing in either direction, what I think the proper order is in the final game, but much more importantly what I think happened in regards to how the confusion in the dungeon order started in the first place; how a late change in the game's development sparked this hot topic debate among players of the game. This is a long post, it presents a lot of evidence. This post is not speaking about how to beat the Spirit Temple before the Shadow Temple necessarily, it is a look at the evidence as I see it and me making a historical guess about the games development, as well as why the Shadow vs. Spirit debate is so prominent.
I want to get off the bat early that since we are talking about "proper" or "correct" dungeon order, we are also speaking for "normal players", completing the game perhaps for the first time. Therefore, I also want to stress that this post is also assuming you are completing the dungeons normally; we are not getting creative with the dungeon order up until right after the Water Temple. Technically, the dungeons can be completed in any of the combinations listed here in this GameFAQs post, explanations for the orders are provided in the post. For this post, we are assuming that when you start a dungeon, you are finishing it before moving on to the next one, as this is something I would consider part of a "normal" playthrough, and the order until our question begins is Forest, Fire, Water, all fully completed.
First, here are the facts. The question only begins after the completion of the Water Temple, up to that point, everything is completely normal. After you complete the Water Temple, the first time you go to Kakariko Village again, the cutscene with the city on fire and the shadow monster escaping from the Kakariko Well plays, and Sheik teaches you the Nocturne of Shadow (which is needed to enter the Shadow Temple). After this, Sheik instructs you to go to the Shadow Temple; to get into and through the Shadow Temple, along with the Nocturne of Shadow, you will also need the Lens of Truth, meaning you have to go back in time and complete the Bottom of the Well mini-dungeon, get the Lens from the Dead Hand, and go back to the future before entering the Shadow Temple. Sheik does not inform you in the cutscene that you have to go back in time, go in the Well, and get the Lens of Truth.
Lets assume that you did not go to Kakariko after completing the Water Temple, not learning the Nocturne of Shadow, and you head directly to Gerudo Valley. You will progress perfectly fine, and can in fact complete the entire Gerudo segment without any issues. However, things will fall apart when you reach the Haunted Wasteland, where the Lens of Truth is required to follow the Poe to the Desert Colossus and the Spirit Temple. As a matter of fact, when you save the last carpenter, he tells you that you will need the Lens of Truth to cross the Haunted Wasteland; the Gerudo guard who opens the gate to the Haunted Wasteland for you also reaffirms this once again. Roadblock. Even if you try to ignore the warnings, you have to go back to Kakariko Village, complete the Bottom of the Well, and get the Lens of Truth anyways to cross the Haunted Wasteland.
So either way, Shadow or Spirit directly after Water, you have to get the Lens of Truth to enter either of them. So really, everything is the same until you finish the Bottom of the Well. The Bottom of the Well can technically be completed at any time after you have learned the Song of Storms (so even before you finish the Forest Temple) but because the Lens of Truth has no use up until the Shadow or Spirit Temples, we are going to assume for the sake of our discussion that you earn the Lens of Truth when the game prompts you to do so, meaning when you go back to Kakariko and learn the Nocturne of Shadow. Once you have the Lens of Truth, you have everything you need to enter either the Shadow Temple or the Sprit Temple; the Hover Boots, the item received in the Shadow Temple, is helpful at times but not actually necessary to access or complete the Spirit Temple, so the Shadow Temple does not have to be completed first for that reason. Technically, you do not really need the Lens of Truth either, but this is much more difficult than the difficulties presented by not having the Hover Boots, as crossing the Haunted Wasteland with neither the Lens of Truth nor prior knowledge is extremely difficult, and since we are talking about the "proper" dungeon order, we have to assume the player does not have prior knowledge of the correct path through the Haunted Wasteland without using the Lens to follow the Poe. You can also enter the Shadow Temple without the Lens of Truth, but also without prior knowledge, several of the puzzles involving it will be near impassable without it. For all of these reasons, we are going to say that the Lens of Truth is required for both dungeons in the final game, and you likely will acquire it after the Water Temple, which will likely prompt the average player into learning the Nocturne of Shadow before doing either temple.
Before going further, here is some more evidence that exists in the game as an argument for either temple being first:
Shadow first: The game inclines you to get the Lens of Truth AND the Nocturne of Shadow before entering either the Shadow Temple OR the Spirit Temple, and the time in which you learn the Nocturne of Shadow compels the player to go directly to the Shadow Temple after getting the Lens of Truth rather than instead going to the desert; this is probably the most direct evidence that in the final version of the game, the Shadow Temple was intended to be first. Earlier in the game, when you first become adult Link, Sheik informs you of the trials you will have to overcome as a grown up and says, in this order, "A forest... A mountain... A lake... a graveyard... and a desert", given that forest, mountain, and lake come first and are in the correct dungeon order, it implies that Shadow comes next, then Spirit last. Even excluding the Lens of Truth from the discussion, The Bottom of the Well is considered the mini-dungeon to the Shadow Temple (like how the Ice Cavern is the mini-dungeon to the Water Temple, or the Gerudo Fortress/Training Ground to the Spirit Temple) due to the similarities in enemies, its relationship to the Nocturne of Shadow, its story relation to the monster that escapes the Well and runs to the Shadow Temple, and its general similar vibe. On my recent playthrough I noticed this one: even if you get the Lens of Truth and then go to the desert rather than the Shadow Temple, while you're in the Gerudo Fortress, before crossing the Wasteland, Navi's advice will be "Have you ever played the 'Nocturne of Shadow' that Sheik taught you?", which definitely implies that Navi is directing you to go to the Shadow Temple after the Water Temple and the Well.
Spirit first (last example is crucial): There is nothing in the Spirit Temple prohibiting you from completing it as long as you have the Lens of Truth, which you do not have to even enter the Shadow Temple to get. The Hover Boots from the Shadow Temple are at times helpful, but not actually necessary to complete the Spirit Temple. When you arrive at the Spirit Temple, Sheik appears to you in a cutscene to teach you the Requiem of Spirit and inform you that you will have to travel back in time to complete the Spirit Temple; the strange thing here is that you would have already been familiar with the concept of traveling back to the past to advance the future because you had to go through the Bottom of the Well already, even though Sheik did not explicitly tell you to go back in time when he taught you the Nocturne of Shadow, so why is Sheik explaining this concept to you now, outside the Spirit Temple, rather than before, outside the Shadow Temple? THIS LAST ONE IS THE MOST CRUCIAL, WILL COME INTO PLAY LATER: On the Quest Status Screen, there are two oddities, the list of Medallions goes around in a circle, in this order: light, forest, fire, water, SPIRIT, shadow. The warp songs (Minuet of Forest, Bolero of Fire, etc) are also arranged strangely, in this order: Forest, fire, water, Spirit, Shadow, Light. In the entire Quest Status Screen, Spirit is put before Shadow. For what its worth, the Chamber of Sages also has the elements in the exact same order as the Quest Status Screen.
Before continuing on to make my overall point, I want to explain this as well. There is also a fair theory that it is genuinely player choice which temple comes first, which in general explains the conflicting information presented in game (Sheiks dialogue vs. the Quest Status screen, for example). A piece of evidence that supports this is the world map after you have completed the Water Temple; both Kakariko Village and Gerudo Valley are highlighted and blinking at the same time, which seems to imply that the player may go in either direction. This is very strange, as it is the only evidence in the game that suggests that there is not a "proper order" as every other piece of evidence seems to incline the player one way or the other. What is important about this is that this shows that the developers knew that the Spirit Temple could be completed after the Water Temple, however it does not necessarily negate the other evidence that there was still a "suggested" or "intended" dungeon order.
Now, on to the actual point:
We are going to take a step back and look at some removed content. One of the famous pieces of removed content in Ocarina of Time is the functionality of the Sage Medallions. It is well known that the Sage Medallions were originally not just going to be markers of dungeon completion, but actual C-button items that Link could equip and use, originally planned to have several different functions according to official statements, including warping (rather than Ocarina songs), magic spells, and even working in tandem with the bow replacing fire, ice, and light arrows. During this same time, the Forest medallion was still the "wind medallion" and the water medallion was still the "ice medallion." Before entering the Shadow Temple, you may remember a huge amount of torches where you had to use Din's Fire to ignite them all and open the door. On the pedestal in the center of the room is the same symbol that is on the Fire Medallion, this is often cited as an example in the final game of the Medallions previous usage. The Fire Medallion would have also functioned as Din's Fire, the "Wind medallion" may have functioned as what Farore's wind became (which makes sense because the spell is still wind themed), and the "Ice Medallion" would have functioned as what Nayru's love became (which makes some sense as well, as the spell is a blue, crystal/ice-like shield).
I had heard this before, but my "ah-HA!" moment that inspired this whole thing was this source: where they mention that the Spirit Medallions original purpose, or one of the purposes they were toying with heavily during development, was the same function as the Lens of Truth. The Zelda Wiki article on the Lens of Truth also indicates this. I believe that everything got mixed up with the order of the Temples when the function of the Medallions was changed to be mere dungeon completion markers rather than usable items, and an item had to be created to have the function of the Lens of Truth; this sparks the chain of events that leads eventually to the confusion over the proper dungeon order. Originally, the Spirit Temple's main reward, the Medallion, would have given you the ability of the Lens of Truth, which would have helped you clear the Shadow Temple afterwards, clearly marking the Spirit Temple as coming before the Shadow Temple. The only point in the entire desert portion of the game, Spirit Temple included, that requires the Lens of Truth is when you follow the Poe through the Haunted Wasteland. Inside the Spirit Temple, there is only one point in the whole thing where the Lens of Truth is even useful, and it is when you fight against an invisible Floormaster in the Adult portion; because this enemy is still easily beatable without the Lens, it is much less significant than the Poe and calling it "required" would be generous even to a "normal" player. I believe this portion of the game where you follow the Poe (as well as the Floormaster) was added at the same time that the Medallions purpose was changed. If the Spirit Medallion was going to have the function of the Lens of Truth, and this change was not made until late in the game's development, it would account for the minimal requirement checks, probably added to make the new dungeon order clearer to the player. I believe that the cutscene with Sheik outside of the Spirit Temple is indeed evidence that the Spirit Temple was meant to be completed directly after the Water Temple, and I think that this cutscene makes the most sense in the context that you came directly from the Water Temple, if you were to subtract the Lens of Truth and Bottom of the Well completely. I think that the requirement of the Lens of Truth to get into the Spirit Temple was an after thought, intended to change the dungeon order, as there is only this one real requirement check when crossing the Haunted Wasteland. I believe the Quest Status Screen and Chamber of Sages was never updated to reflect the new "correct" order of the dungeons, probably being seen as unimportant.
If it is true that this change was very late in development, it would also mean that the Lens of Truth as an item would have had to be added much later, as its function was originally being covered by the Spirit Medallion. This could explain the ease in obtaining it; the Well is fairly big, but if you really think about it all you need to do is play the Song of Storms, go in, run to the other end of the room, play Zelda's Lullaby, run back to the front, crawl through a hole, and kill the Dead Hand. While it may be big and confusing to a new player, especially one without the Lens of Truth, it can be completed in less than a few minutes, never leaving the main floor. From a development perspective, this (specifically the Lens of Truth's position in the well) seems rushed. The Well itself as a matter of fact seems over-developed given how easy it is to get the Lens of Truth, which indicates that it may have had a different function during this late stage in development, and the Lens of Truth was added to fill its function when the Sage Medallions purpose was changed.
As I mentioned before, the Quest Status Screen is a crucial piece of the story. There is also evidence that not the Spirit nor Shadow Temple were going to be the last dungeon, and instead a Light Temple was going to be the last dungeon where you would have earned the light arrows, and the light medallion last rather than first. This is relevant to the Quest Status Screen as well, as the songs list is Forest, Fire, Water, Spirit, Shadow, and Light last, and since the medallion list is a circle, it can be interpreted that Forest was first rather than light, and thus the order would be Forest, Fire, Water, Spirit, Shadow, Light, matching the song list and this early concept for a different dungeon order with Spirit coming before Shadow. This is also supported by Ganon's Castle, which along with portions that resemble the Fire, Shadow, and Spirit temples, there are 3 strange ones: the Forest, Water, and Light rooms. In these rooms in Ganon's Castle, the Forest room more resembles a "wind" room, and the Water room more resembles an "Ice" room, the exact elements that their medallions originally represented before being changed to Forest and Water. Couple this with the light room, and Ganon's Castle seems to be clear evidence that the change in the use of the Medallions was rather late in the games development, and thus so was the dungeon order. This whole narrative supports Spirit coming before Shadow in an early version of the game where the Spirit Medallion functioned as the Lens of Truth, then helping you through the Shadow Temple last (or second to last, if you include Light).
I have also heard of the game files leak that gives explanations of what each Sage Medallion's powers were going to be in the very beginning, and in that source, the Spirit Medallions purpose was going to be to turn you into Navi, which seems to have nothing to do with the Lens of Truth's function. In these files, the Spirit Medallion is still called the "Soul" Medallion, which is a known early name for the Spirit portion of the game. This text also refers to the Forest and Water Medallions by their original names of "Wind" and "Ice" as well. It appears to me that these concepts were thought up even earlier than the stage in the game's development that I am talking about, and these were even older ideas for what the Medallions would do that never really got enacted upon in any major way. As a matter of fact, (some of) these specific functionalities seem to have been scrapped before the general functionality of the Medallions was. This idea for the use of the Spirit Medallion (turning you into Navi) seems to have been scrapped very early and replaced then with the Lens of Truth's function as the function of the Spirit Medallion. The "Soul" Medallion is not the only one that was changed completely, as the "Darkness" (Shadow) Medallion would have had the visual effect of Nayru's Love, which was eventually given to the "Ice" Medallion and finally the Nayru's Love spell we know. I do not think the info in this source applies to the stage in the game's development that I am talking about here, I believe this is much earlier, where I am speaking about a stage that was very close to the end but changed near the last minute, specifically when the functionality of Medallions was changed for a final time to being mere markers of dungeon completion.
Conclusion: In the final, released version of the game, the Shadow Temple is the intended dungeon directly after the Water Temple, for the reason that the Lens of Truth is required to entecomplete either dungeon, and the placement of when you learn the Nocturne of Shadow implies that the Shadow Temple is the next one; even if you try to enter the Spirit Temple first, the game still directs you, and especially normal players playing for the first time, more towards the Shadow Temple by making you get the Lens of Truth as well as very likely the Nocturne of Shadow first. In an earlier version of the game, the order was going to be Forest, Fire, Water, Spirit, Shadow (and possibly Light at the end), where the Spirit Temples reward, the Spirit Medallion, would have had the abilities of the Lens of Truth which would have then helped you through the Shadow Temple afterwards as the next dungeon. This massive change seems to have happened when the Sage Medallions purpose was changed. There are many remnants of this game build left in the final game. I believe this is related to the singular Lens of Truth check being included in the Haunted Wasteland; after the dungeon order was changed to Shadow Temple before Spirit Temple, this was an effort to make clear that the Shadow Temple had to be completed first by putting the player on the path to get the Lens of Truth, which will consequently get them the Nocturne of Shadow and put the Shadow Temple at the forefront of the players mind over the Spirit Temple. I believe that this change was made so late in the games development that the Quest Status Screen, as well as the Chamber of Sages for that matter, was not changed and the Quest Status Screen that we ended up with is indeed the Quest Status Screen that represents this earlier version of the game, unchanged completely. The strange Sheik conversation outside the Spirit Temple was perhaps not changed intentionally because it can still be considered relevant, and the Quest Status Screen and Chamber of Sages never being changed seems to be an oversight and leftover from this pre-release version. The fact that we are able to enter and complete the Spirit Temple before the Shadow Temple in the final game appears to me to be an oversight as well, where they were definitely hoping the Lens of Truth requirement in the Haunted Wasteland would incline you to do the Shadow Temple first; this, along with the dual-objective markers on the world map pointing to either Kakriko Village or Gerudo Valley, appears to be attempts to rectify this issue. It seems to me that not enough effort was put into making sure that the dungeon order was 100% clear to the players, which likely indicates that these changes were made late in the game's development. This all resulted in this confusion over which dungeon is the "proper" or "correct" dungeon to complete next, and explains why players were able to accidentally complete the dungeons in an unintended order, and where the confusion started in the game's development.
TL;DR: In the final version of the game the Shadow Temple is the intended dungeon directly after the Water Temple. However, in a late pre-release version of the game, the Spirit Temple was actually intended to be first. I believe this change happened and the confusion began when the purpose of the Sage Medallions was changed for a final time. The Spirit Temple was never updated enough to bar players from entering it before completing the Shadow Temple, which indicates that this was a late change. This was the beginning of the confusion over which Temple is "supposed" to go first. There is much evidence in support of this left in the final game.
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2021.10.27 13:14 tradgothmoth nostril piercing

gonna get my nostrils done on both sides Heard the piercer puts rings in them if you want them to. I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to do that. Should I be worried?
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2021.10.27 13:14 dremonearm Stacey Abrams group donates $1.34M to wipe out medical debts in Alabama, other states

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2021.10.27 13:14 superbright ”In Death: Unchained", the top VR archery game on Oculus Quest, will get a major free DLC upgrade on November 3rd, 2021

We are happy to announce the new ‘DESOLATION’ DLC coming with Season 4!It will be available to everyone FOR FREE! All you have to do is update the game!
This update is our gift to our amazing players & our incredible community! Many of you have been with us since launch and still amaze us today with your commitment to our game! Whether it be developing your skills further, or finding new strategies for everyone to try!
Starting on November 3rd, dive into a 4th new world to try and tackle 3 new enemies, take on new area’s and unlock even more achievements! Summary:

Highlights of the new world:
The new world is very atmospheric, with state-of-the-art Oculus Quest graphics - new visual effects, 3D models and shaders, making the world of In Death better than ever, and the new levels’ real-time lighting, volumetric fog and realistic reflections are a must-see on Oculus Quest.
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