Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Featured Among Top 3 Altcoins To Watch In 2021

2021.10.27 13:06 onceuponatime863 Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Featured Among Top 3 Altcoins To Watch In 2021

via Tech Magazine:
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2021.10.27 13:06 dariamorgandorfferr YSK the differences between cooking and baking

Why YSK: with cooking, there's infinite room to experiment with different ingredients and ratios in your recipes. However, when you're baking bread/cake/etc. the recipe functions as a chemical reaction between the yeast, flour, sugar, and heat. The ratios need to be followed accurate to create a good final product.
You cook with your heart, you bake with a recipe.
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2021.10.27 13:06 Remarkable_Serve_199 Combining contingency tables with shared headings

I'm trying to combine two tables using cbind(), but I can't then add some column names overall to show that they are overall. Is there anyway of forming a table like this, or another method, to make something like the example I've done in excel??
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2021.10.27 13:06 sweatycouch What a joke

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2021.10.27 13:06 iamr0bi How can I activate the transcription or audio option to send audios using the messages app in watchOS 8.1?

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2021.10.27 13:06 WickerMan111 .

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2021.10.27 13:06 Bright_March8802 Switching Primary Care

Forgive me if I miss certain post/formatting guidelines, first time Reddit poster here.
I’m (29f) 16-weeks pregnant and in search of a new primary care doctor. I’ve been with my current doctor for 10 years and he seems dismissive and unengaged. I’m searching for better care. I have Ambetter by Home State Health insurance.
Question is: can I shop around for new primary care doctors without technically leaving my current one? If I schedule a visit with a new primary will I have any issues with my health insurance? I want to keep my current doctor available while “shopping” as I’m pregnant and don’t want a lapse in care.
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2021.10.27 13:06 quarantineolympics How much longer?

So, what's left in the tank?
How much longer can you stay here?
It's going on two years that most of us have seen family and friends abroad, with no real prospects of the situation changing in 2022. Are you sticking around or throwing in the towel? If you're planning to ride it out, what's the motivation?
From my end, I can't see the authorities moving away from the zero-covid policy, and I don't think the pandemic will burn out anytime soon. It's a dead end for those of us who were used to taking sanity breaks from the Middle Kingdom every year (or, for those lucky enough, twice a year). Money's pretty good, but for those in education the recent reforms are a confounding factor; for those in other fields, the upcoming changes to the taxation of benefits may make it less worthwhile to stick around. Especially with the dwindling number of foreigners and associated creature comforts.
Judging form my workplace alone (education sector), quite a few people are leaving at the end of the school year. Old hands who have been around for years. Some of the more ambitious youngsters (including me) are jumping ship for a higher salary. Personally, I am giving it one more year - if the country shows no signs of opening up by this time next year then it is on to the next one. Life's too short to be locked up in a gilded cage.
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2021.10.27 13:06 Shafy97 Some of my favourite albums of 2004, what would you have on your list?

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2021.10.27 13:06 Hokage_yoshi I thought this was pretty cool

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2021.10.27 13:06 PinkLemon_7 WOOOOO

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2021.10.27 13:06 sebas2gamer Do it or else

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2021.10.27 13:06 Vegeta6661 base de trap club banger 2022 💀 | club trap beat | base de trap club uso libre 2022 | *VENOM*

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2021.10.27 13:06 Ill_Rhubarb3109 For sale by owner. Owner featured in most of the pictures.

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2021.10.27 13:06 dumamadoa Import current crypto currency value into google sheets

I'm currently struggling to import the current value of crypto currencies in my google sheets document.
I tried it like that, but it is not working.

How to import e.g. the ETH value into my sheet? Best would be in Euro.
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2021.10.27 13:06 TheMapStack [OC] The average age of Portland, OR's buildings

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2021.10.27 13:06 IMadeAMixtape I heard the paper prices in Denmark are crazy right now

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2021.10.27 13:06 Individual-Ad6608 Puppy approved battlestation

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2021.10.27 13:06 Rancilioran ETS2 1.42 - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - DAF XF Euro 6 - Hamburg (D) to Amst...

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2021.10.27 13:06 Pitiful_Kick3919 KEPLERSWAP: THE REWARDING EXPERIENCE

With the growing worries apropos of DeFi 1.0, Keplerswap has stepped up to be the sole pioneer as it works on aggregation of multi-chain and cross-chain networks. As a project with intent of ensuring governance all over the DeFi ecosystem, on the 27th of October 2021, keplerswap would be launching its beta app/ testnet with respect to roadmap activities just after its presale completion. Wondering what’s in it for you if you venture into this launch? Well sit tight with your belts fastened, while I take you on a Rolla coaster ride on rewards you’ll earn as a KeplerSwap launch participant. There’ll be a pool or like we call it, “lucky pool” to encourage liquidity providers to keep on with they job. There’ll be rewards for them as the top 30% liquidity providers and referrers will be randomly selected for the pool weekly. In this pool one winner will receive 50% bonus while the remaining 50% will be shared amongst the remaining users that got selected. The winners get randomly selected by an algorithm using combination of “miner information + transaction information + user information”. Also owing to the launch of KeplerSwap, SDS would be native token and 80% mining output will be reallocated to Kepler members as a BUSD<>SDS. How it works? Simple, when you purchase SDS via BUSD, 2% of the BUSD is charged as transaction fee. Now this 2% BUSD would be reallocated under the certain terms ; -Liquidity market making 65% -Lucky pool 20% -Referral reward 10% -Kepler foundation 5%
But if you purchase BUSD via SDS, 6%OF THE SDS is charged for transaction fee but it will be reallocated as follows -Space voting reward pool 15% -Lucky pool 20% -Referral reward 5% -Liquid market making revenue 35% -Kepler foundation 5%
Here’s the sweet part, as a referrer, you can claim 10% of liquidity market making from your invited After reaching a certain amount of referrals, a user can go ahead to create a SPACE and become the owner under KeplerSwap, you must be a SDS holder though and also a liquidity provider (with value locked for 12months). By contributing to the space created, SPACE owner and space member receive rewards. Even when u refer or invite a new member into KeplerSwap, the relationship is permanently linked such that revenues created by invitee are associated with you the inviter.
With such great rewards, I doubt if you’d want to miss out on such great opportunity. To enroll on this launch. Visit the website and follow instructions.
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2021.10.27 13:06 Zabisfarms Keep Calm and HODL On

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2021.10.27 13:06 Hometa1881 First time homeowner winterizing exterior faucet. Having trouble opening indoor drainage port

I'm in a real pickle here. I bought this 1950s house this year and all the plumbing valves are really difficult to move. I had to spray down the main water shutoff 7-8 different times, and pull on it like a crazed goblin to get it to loosen up enough to open/close again.
So now I'm dealing with the same plumbing line, but the portion leading the the exterior hose bib. The drainage port is in a terrible area (thanks plumbers from god knows when) and I can't get a good angle on it. I've tried spraying it 7-8 times and right now my plan is to just keep doing that and praying it will work. I can fit a small pair of pliers back there but I can't seem to get any grip.
Here's a picture, the drainage port is on the left of the function:
Wanted to reach out here in case anyone has advice for something like this, otherwise i'll just keep plugging away with penetrating oil.
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2021.10.27 13:06 Post-YouTube Video: The Unvaxxed Second Class | Ep. 873

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2021.10.27 13:06 dimlittleizzy i hope your week's been good so far 😊

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2021.10.27 13:06 CheesecakeOk9239 Tips for running with a border collie?

I just adopted a border collie and have been on one run with him. It went really well!! For the most part he stayed on my left and kept pace with me. Didn’t zig zag much or stop to mark and sniff.
He is about 18 months old. Very smart, very curious, and of course very energetic so he LIVES for running.
But I’m curious if any other border collie parents have any advice on perfecting the runs with a border collie? My biggest fear is to have him cross over in front of me unexpectedly and cause me to trip and hurt him or cause him to go off leash and run off and get hit by a car or something…
Also any suggestions on a harness or running collaleash that would be ideal for me to get for him?
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