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Bunny Girl 🐰

2021.12.02 01:40 Jeee6222 Bunny Girl 🐰

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2021.12.02 01:40 22Hz Patch 1.03 is very good, but it's not enough.

I'm speaking specifically about San Andreas here.. Rain is fixed? Awesome! Fog has been added when flying? Sweet! Targeting outlines have been made optional? Niiice. HOWEVER There's still several big issues that need fixing in 1.04: The main 2 i can think of are that we need Health Indicators for enemies when targeting them, and we need fog to be visible WHEN ON THE GROUND TOO (we shouldnt still be able to see the whole map from a tall tower).
Great job on 1.03 GSG, I'm not being sarcastic, I genuinely didn't think this much would be fixed this quickly, but there's still work to be done. Please work on it. We appreciate you guys and girls.
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2021.12.02 01:40 red_babyx I want to ruin my life

i genuinely don’t know what’s wrong with me. Im so self destructive and i don’t even want to get better, i just want to ruin myself until I’m dead.
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2021.12.02 01:40 The_Viking_Warrior Opening statement for Autism Warriors!

Hello people,
Welcome to Autism Warriors; this is my 'opening statement' for launching this community...
I have autism, and I am here to help people with autism fight for their rights, and to be able to hand down their knowledge, wisdom and experience. We will do this through discussion, and by using what ever other methods are possible.
I know that if you have autism or another disability that you have much more experience with it than all other people will ever hope to have; and by being someone with autism etc, you will be the only people that can truly teach other people about what it is like for you to suffer from it.
With this knowledge, you can help other people with autism and can also help yourself; and you can do this by helping to collect knowledge which can be used to teach, scientists, doctors, social workers, psychologists, nurses and care workers like never before! But we have to fight for that right to do this, as it doesn’t come easy.
I also help those people in the care-industry who need care, to be able to teach and hand down their knowledge and wisdom of being in care.
To be affected by an illness like autism or any other mental disability; people will automatically judge us as being incapable of being able to reason what we know about our own conditions, and they will think that their knowledge of us is superior to our own knowledge, which is very arrogant. But if they never had autism etc, then how can they know how it affects us and what we experience? …for they are outsiders that look inwards at what we do, and how we behave, and they have not lived with these conditions themselves, to find out how it would affect them otherwise. They have also not lived in the care-industry with experience from our 'side of the fence', and have not been working in care for anywhere near the ‘total amount of hours’ that we have been in care!
I also am a gifted autistic individual, which means that I am a perfect person for being able to help professionals learn from me; only if they are willing to listen. This means that I have special academic abilities, which makes teaching people easier.
I want to teach, and I cannot do that if the people that I teach; keep on imposing their ways upon me. They think that they are there to guide me, when I am trying to guide them; and then they indicate that I have lost my way, when the problem that I have is the fact that they have lost their way; and fighting then results in turn. I have to learn how to overcome this problem, and I am struggling to do this; and if I can even teach people about this struggling, it makes it easier for me to teach about what ever else I want to teach thereafter!
I do also help people with other disabilities as well as autism, and will fight for their rights also; but my main focus is on autism and the care-industry. This website is a human rights movement in general after all, and so fighting for human rights in these ways goes without saying. I cannot teach people about other disabilities, but I may be able to fight for the rights of people with them disabilities to be listened to as well.
I am here to counter the un-scientific and pseudo-scientific claims made by people about how to treat autism etc; for many of the treatment options are not worth anything, can be extremely abusive, or are cons. The treatment options are often listed without any proper certification, and this should be a crime and should be severely punished. It is a way to con parents into getting their autistic children cured of autism for instance; but autism cannot be cured. My intention is to fight this problem.
I am opposing the way that the mental health industry operates; which is largely based on unreliable information, theories and outdated ideas, kind of like science back in the medieval times. We need to bring mental health science into the 21st century, which means more of an effort to try and verify that there is a real mental illness, and what it is, and to try and verify what the illnesses are caused by. Although these problems are in the brain, it is possible to more rigorously investigate a person's behavior, intentions, personality, as well as the environment and the brain functions that lead to mental illness etc; rather than using outdated systems like 'ink blot tests' and 'Sigmund Freud's' analysis techniques.
Although a person may not realize that they are mentally ill; at the same time, the mental health industry staff members will automatically write off what evidence the patients are capable of giving that they have not got a certain mental illness or related symptom, without looking into what such a patient is saying. This is therefore not a proper examination, and is thus not proper science. It is also worth considering that the stress caused by problems in the mental health medical system, can lead to actual mental health problems as a result; which complicates things even more.
Abuse occurs in the care profession, as well as in the home and elsewhere against autistic people etc... The places where it is known to be the worst (based on my experience) is in the care profession. And although I am proud to know that the conditions in the care profession are improving with the passing of time, the situation in many cases can still be diabolical. My experience with abuse was ignored on the grounds that I was misinterpreting it due to autism, and that it was due to an anxiety problem; and no one would come to my help when I called out for it. I did prove people wrong in the end, but this has not changed their cocky and arrogant attitude.
People were illegally restrained, bullied by the staff, controlled constantly with threats of violence in a regime of fear, like with how criminals used to be treated in a prison; one staff said to a resident in care who refused to have a shave, that he would consider shaving them while they are still moving; and another staff member threatened me with pain worse than I can imagine. I was also held outside of an upstairs window and threatened with my life.
Efforts to contact social services and the police were ineffective, and I was told that I was making unfounded allegations, people made a botch of the investigations; I was told that I shouldn't talk about it, and I was not given support to deal with it.
I did defend myself against these people in any way that I could, and I received no medals or tributes for my bravery what's so ever; which I find very deeply offends me.
I want to teach people about how I worked out how to fight such abuse, and what systems I have put into place to stop it happening; and you can learn how to protect yourselves better too; and I can teach people how to be aware of this problem, and I can demonstrate that this problem is not in my imagination.
There are other problems that I have been subjected to; such as claims that autism is just bad behavior, I have had my care hours cut by social services, I have been told that if I cannot fit in with society that I cannot live in my own home, I have been denied the right to medical treatment with a massive heart problem, and this has had knock-on affects in many other ways as a result.
My heart problem was misdiagnosed as an anxiety disorder, and the staff at the hospital will not investigate my symptoms properly. They threatened to get guards to throw me out of the hospital, when I was in the middle of a massive heart problem episode in the emergency department! People keep telling me that because I am not dead yet, that this shows that I will be OK; even though this problem is getting worse the longer I am forced to leave it.
This problem has lasted many years, and countless attempts to get it investigated properly have failed; on the grounds that the staffs think that it is PROBABLY an anxiety problem, even though you can have an anxiety problem and a heart problem at the same time.
The hospital staffs were rude to me, and they talked to me like I was a criminal. When I was being given a heart monitor for a 24 hour period, I was grabbed by the cardiologist and roughly handled; and the investigations probably were not done properly because of the attitude that they have, of believing that I was a nuisance and that there was no heart problem at all.
This problem has destroyed my life.
Due to this heart problem; it has caused other downstream problems. I now have an allergy to dust that makes me sneeze; and I cannot take the medication that I am given for it, due to the side affects causing heart problems; so I am forced to eat things like mints to help me breathe; which in turn is damaging my teeth due to the sugar. My teeth have been destroyed and they are all falling out, and I have constant problems with tooth pain.
I have many other problems which complicates this even further. This is like a chain reaction.
Despite the way that we are stereotyped; we are also not weak, feeble, or incapable of things like so many people often think; and we have a huge amount of untapped capabilities that people have been ignoring, because we are stereotyped as such incapable people. Despite us having mental and physical difficulties, I believe that we can be brave and we can be great and strong; and we can be admired and be leaders, and we can stand tall with glory and be great! But we have to show the world that this is the case, by fighting against the stereotyping that people do to us. People that are abused for instance are portrayed as feeble and weak for instance, but this is all wrong; words such as ‘cruelty’, ‘helpless’ or ‘poor’ in news reports of care home abuse etc also do not help the matter either. Anyone could end up in such a situation, even heavy-weight boxers and wrestlers could go into care and be abused. We should not be looked at in this distorted way; it is stopping people from taking our capabilities and strengths seriously. People only focus on our weaknesses and not on our strengths; and by looking at what we can do, we can seek out what our potential really is, and push the limits of what we are capable of doing; we may be able to do incredible things in other ways where we are not incapacitated. There is a potentially great person in all of us. We should not be locked up inside institutions, or left in 'drop-out centers' or left to decay in care-homes so that we waste our lives just existing, with only basic things provided just to 'tide us over'; when there is great potential that is being ignored. The reason that the 'Special Olympics' was created was because of this problem happening in the past to disabled people.
I also have found that where I have tried so hard, and with what I have achieved, and with the knowledge that I have gained; that people do not look up to me or admire what I have done, which gives me the over-all impression, that people do not care about what I am worth or what I have had to deal with. When you are not admired for your best efforts, when you have fought against hell; people’s dismissive attitude in this sense makes you feel worthless. I want to combat this kind of problem as well. It is important to be appreciated for what we do and appreciated for how hard we try, not constantly told only to appreciate everyone else instead for the help that they give us.
I have received no medals, no honors, and no special respect, for my efforts to fight against abuse against me from the care staff in the past; no recognition for my bravery for fighting against the problems that I have had in my life, which have been extreme problems. No recognition is given to me, for my intelligence either (and I am an autistic savant); and no one seems to be proud of what I have done etc. All of this adds to this feeling of worthlessness ever more; and even makes me consider if there is any point in wanting to stay alive anymore if I have amounted to just this so far, as a result of all that I have done and been through; and yet I fight on and on and on, like a warrior that I have to be.
I am sick of people’s lack of respect for all of my efforts and this must stop!
It is for this reason, that I named this community ‘Autism Warriors’; for I am a fighter and I wish to challenge people's miss-perceptions of us, and change the way things are done from now on, and I want your help to do this in any way that you can!
Thank you very much.
Welcome to Autism_Warriors!
Faith, hope and glory!
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2021.12.02 01:40 Weak_Lavishness_6271 Meri ex, kya karoge aisi rand ka? NL comment karo I'll drop maybe some of her nudes and IG too 👅

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2021.12.02 01:40 ccccc55555x Puffy face/ fluid retention under chin. Possible perimenopause

I’m 37 and my mum and nan both went through early menopause in their 40s, but I don’t know specific ages. I have recently developed a puffy face, mostly under my chin. It is persistent and looks like I have a double chin. I don’t drink much and it feels more fluid than fat. I have underactive thyroid but thats managed with medication. My periods are still regular. I’m trying to pinpoint what changes could have caused this and I wondered if it could be hormonal. Has anyone experience this at all? I may go to the dr but I would have to gear myself up to say thanks for seeing me, I have a double chin.
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2021.12.02 01:40 EuphoricTrilby Holy moly, the mental gymnastics of Biden's publicist. "Ackshually, it's the GOP's fault because they like seeing me fail miserably at everything."

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2021.12.02 01:40 YourDevOpsGuy Objective C was invented by Brad Cox and Tom love in 1983 It was the main language for Mac OS and iOS until the Swift appeared in 2014 It's possible to compile C programs with an Objective-C compiler and to include C code in an Objective-C class NSLog(@"Hello, World!");

Objective C was invented by Brad Cox and Tom love in 1983 It was the main language for Mac OS and iOS until the Swift appeared in 2014 It's possible to compile C programs with an Objective-C compiler and to include C code in an Objective-C class NSLog(@"Hello, World!");
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2021.12.02 01:40 Thatoneguydowntown1 Is it ok to use APPLE devices in accordance with moral cooperation with evil

Recently I got a new apple iphone and I've been wondering about the morality of my decision. When it come to morality, apple is an unethical company. Am I obligated to avoid them? I feel torn about this. Should I refund the phone and get some android???
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2021.12.02 01:40 xxsurvivor85xx Get 1 hi dollar a day atm at 1.40 usd each day easy claim

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2021.12.02 01:40 sourlemom What were Gpu prices before they got to this point?

Ive just started building my pc recently and have heard about graphics cards being too expensive for a lomg time and was wondering if grahpics cards really were cheaper than today. What were prices before and at what point did everything become super expensive?
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2021.12.02 01:40 GoodDynamite Not this time China 🌝

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2021.12.02 01:40 FrancisHunt52 Rage mode

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2021.12.02 01:40 IronWolve Monoclonal antibody 35B5?

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2021.12.02 01:40 fpavon0428 Gave you back your key / Now who keeps me company / Goodnight Alexa

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2021.12.02 01:40 gamerguymatt Say his name

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2021.12.02 01:40 jobsinanywhere Shannon Beder says Nicole James sued Heather Dubrow’s husband – Hollywood Life

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2021.12.02 01:40 SnooCalculations1913 Petition for mods to make a subreddit called r/catmemorials.

Maybe it's just me but I think there should be a sub made for the people who are mourning their losses to memorialize their cats and commiserate with others going through the same thing. I think it would be healthy for them, and it would keep me from having to deal with fresh chopped onions when I'm trying to lighten my day with cute cats posts. To anyone mourning: Im not trying to invalidate your feelings, and I'm sorry for your loss.
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2021.12.02 01:40 kittyeb2 Howl caught cat nappin

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2021.12.02 01:40 awayithrowthis0022 Is c-section functional on xbox?

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2021.12.02 01:40 DamnJive cucumber ray

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2021.12.02 01:40 MintFlavoredAnxiety Roommate isn't paying rent

I have been incredibly stressed lately. Roommate lost their job 4 months ago and supposedly has been looking but by the sounds of it only applied to 30 places in all this time. He paid September late and is now 2 months behind (3 months technically as rent is due 1st of each month)
I had already told them prior that they had until end of November. So what happens last 3 days of November? They actually start trying, finally apply to SNAP, DSS, following up on applications they sent in. Etc. Thing is, it's now Dec 1st. I feel they were literally sitting around mooching and waiting until the last minute. They're trying now to say they're working on it but....what about those FOUR months?!
They are also extremely lazy and messy. I have had numerous talks to them about cleaning up, chores, and also that I should not have to mother them constantly to do said chores. (If I don't mention chores and remind them over and over, they'll go weeks without doing them) He then says something like "You're totally right." But then continues to do it.
I can't sleep now, I'm so stressed. I feel I tried to be kind and just had my boundaries stepped on over and over again. I work up to 70 hours a week and I can still come home and do all my chores, meanwhile having to mother what feels like a man child roommate.
Now they're saying their parents might cough up the rent, but I feel it's too late and they'll just keep taking advantage of me. I'm debating telling them they HAVE to move out this weekend. Although I am worried it will cause drama.
Especially as this roommate victimized himself. (Parents give them money and then they'll complain its not come on, they don't have to give you anything.)
Am I being dramatic or reasonable to he angry about this scenario?
Tl:dr: Roomie hasn't paid rent in 2 months, and only just started trying to work things out AFTER the move out date I gave them. Now they're saying their parents MIGHT be able to give them money but I feel it is too late and they continued to take advantage of me.
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2021.12.02 01:40 pinkgobi Weird question- gnat control that won't kill my ranchos

We have a gnat outbreak on our street every early winter, a weird side effect of the rain and our warm apartments. I'm going crazy trying to kill them all by hand and by cats. What product can I use that won't kill my ranchos? I ordered diamataceous earth to use in my houseplants. They're in their enclosures but I don't plan on treating inside of it.
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2021.12.02 01:40 ILivetoEat_ Friend asked me to delete COMPLETELY innocent messages so that bf wouldn’t see, was my reaction right?

For context, he just came to this country (from El Salvador) and is the “cousin” of my boyfriend so we met through him. They’re not friends per say but also more than acquaintances, we’ve hung out with him a few times to show him some fun stuff to do around town. Anyways, my boyfriend fines him mildly annoying but I actually liked the guy and got closer to him as friends.
Anyways, he asked me to delete the messages because he didn’t want my boyfriend to get mad at him, but I said I would feel weird hiding messages from my boyfriend so don’t worry about it. He continues to insist and I got fed up at him telling me to hide stuff from my bf so I said stop talking to me. (Vague details there was a lot more dialogue)
Was my reaction justified? Would you be okay with you Gf delete messages even if they were innocent but with the purpose of you not seeing them?
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2021.12.02 01:40 thebigbadwolf473 Am new to collecting records ( about 3 years and I’m 19 ) and I just got all 4 of the self titled albums. Took me forever to find 4

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