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HololiveEN x Omocat merch collab

2021.12.02 00:36 WeeabooStudio HololiveEN x Omocat merch collab

I generally didn’t know what to put this on but does anyone know the exact time the hololiveEN X omocat stuff is gonna drop on Friday?
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2021.12.02 00:36 betajosh711 Got my first E-Skate - Backfire Zealot S during black friday! Spent about 4-5 years watching the industry grow. Keen to bomb hills once again!

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2021.12.02 00:36 imextrasweet LOOPING KILLERS #9 | Dead By Daylight Moments - DarkGh0uL

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2021.12.02 00:36 Sky_Samurai28 Battlefield 2042 - Angry Review from the YouTube channel AngryJoeShow

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2021.12.02 00:36 lostinmuc Recommendations for a Couple's therapist using CBT / fluent in English?

Maybe send me a DM if you're more comfortable with that. Looking for recommendations for a couple's therapist who's fluent in English and preferably experienced with cognitive behavior therapy (my partner struggles with anxiety). Public insurance only please.
We're both really struggling with a few different things in our lives, while in a relatively new relationship... It would be so helpful to see a couple's therapist/psychiatrist sooner rather than later.
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2021.12.02 00:36 3astava genai joining our conversations

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2021.12.02 00:36 Sentimental_trash University of Washington

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2021.12.02 00:36 Nicky_1004 Australia is an Island

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2021.12.02 00:36 GeonicTREE 13 is now my limit of chunk loading distance. last time the limit was 20+ chunks. I use Iphone 11, I assume the update now requires stronger performance.

13 is now my limit of chunk loading distance. last time the limit was 20+ chunks. I use Iphone 11, I assume the update now requires stronger performance. submitted by GeonicTREE to MCPE [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 00:36 oscarpleco Would you give up a permanent job for a APS contract?

So I've been offered a 6 month contract with a recruiter for an ongoing role. I currently have a permanent pos in my industry. APS pays more and gives me an opportunity to develop new skills. However, I was unsuccessful in getting leave without pay or secondment from my current employer. Of I take the APS job I will have to quit a permanent role.
Considerations for the aps Better wages New skills development Looks good on cv? Don't want to stay in my current industry Potential to get into a permanent role with aps? Love a career in aps
Considerations against aps More risky as the role is a contract
What are your thoughts? Is it too risky to trade security for experience?
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2021.12.02 00:36 Ok_Finger_4553 Reddit! Let’s play 2 truths and a Lie! I’ll go first in comments 🖤(18+)

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2021.12.02 00:36 nkr678 Shinonome Umi

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2021.12.02 00:35 Square_Shop_781 Beach Tanning

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2021.12.02 00:35 king_adrianos I (22m) am having residual anger at how my (21 non-binary) autistic partner is treating me. Am I being an ableist asshole or is it justified?

Hello all. Me and my partner have been together for 5 years now. All through our relationship, we’ve had communication issues because a) I’m flat-out just not very good at expressing my feelings or identifying them in other people, and b) I’m neurotypical and my partner is autistic, leading us to have very different thought processes and opinions. My partner has also had a lot of trauma in their life, but they do go to therapy regularly and have really come far over the years in terms of mental health. As they are also mobility limited, I am the primary caretaker in our relationship (cooking, groceries, errands, etc.)
I don’t think I’m sugarcoating it when I say that I am the bad guy in like 85% of our fights. It’s usually me brushing off something that was a big deal to them, getting frustrated at them when they go nonverbal in a fight, etc. I have really tried to work on recognizing when they’re feeling overwhelmed and stepping back. Lately however, it feels like they get frustrated at something else that is entirely unrelated to me (I.e. schoolwork) they ask for my help and I try, but when I can’t find any way to help or fix it, and they explode at me because I am “not being helpful and treating them like they are an idiot”. I am genuinely not upset at them at all, but then they call me names and tell me I’m being an asshole. Then I get the silent treatment, locked out of our room, dinner I made uneaten as they angrily go to bed at 6 pm (not our usual bed time).
This is where I get so frustrated, I feel like screaming and punching a pillow in anger. I have pulled muscles in my back from clenching up. Then when we talk about it I have to apologize for not understanding their autistic responses. From my perspective, it seems like they are getting angry at something else and taking it out on me. I find this topic hard to bring up because its hard to talk about how it hurts me without feeling like I’m being an dickwad. So now I just feel this nasty resentment all the time, because I don’t feel like I deserve to get treated like this and called an asshole when I feel like I’m genuinely trying so hard to be supportive. Is this an autistic response I am not understanding? Am I being supportive or is my view skewed? And I actually being a horribly ableist boyfriend? I cannot tell anymore.
TL:DR feeling angry about how my autistic partner is treating me, but I can’t tell if it’s just an autistic response I am not understanding or if I’m justified in being angry.
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2021.12.02 00:35 whitepumah Gasless opening explanation and showcasing on stream

Hey all, Just wanting to showcase and explain the idea behind gasless opening play and the actual understanding of what gas is actually for.
I will be playing plenty more games over the next few weeks trying to showcase the potential of the gasless opener with in depth explanation surrounding everything. Right now as I have only been a zerg main for the last 11 years.
First of all I am averaging around diamond 1 peaking at masters 3 but I don't use my opponents gameplay as any form of justification for the strategy and I know I make plenty of mistakes in each game trying to execute the play. This is purely optimal play due to the limitations of the game and I do my own thorough testing making sure to cover all aspects of the play.
The way I worked this out was purely conceptually and then I worked from there logically refining every bit of detail about the game and learning quite a lot myself.
I had tried out gasless openings previously for years but never really understood exactly why it was so good.
It is a really basic idea that I think gets forgotten once you go down the path of meta. Workers only cost minerals, so the more minerals you have, the quicker you can get workers. It is an exponential effect. So how can we actually use this effectively to apply to any kind of strategic gameplay?
The first thing I found out is that all races are not only asymmetrically balanced, but way more closely in line with each other than the understanding of the meta had me believe.
After testing for myself to see just how quickly the workers can be built, and then harvest enough minerals to make even more workers for each race. They all end up in almost the same spot throughout the entire time of which I timed up until 5 minutes. With nothing but gasless economic expansion I tried to figure out exactly just how much economy each race can manage with 5 minutes.
In 5 minutes: With zerg I thoroughly tested with rewind optimization and managed to reach 96 workers With protoss I only tried a couple of times and managed to reach 88 workers With terran I only tried once and managed to get around 67 workers
Overlords being a bit more tricky to time as hatcheries don't provide the same supply was the main reason I had to do so much optimization.
I will do more testing to see if I can get higher numbers for protoss and terran and update this, feel free to do your own testing.
Naturally zerg has a higher production of economy, not because they are designed to have better economy or production, but because all of their buildings consume a worker to complete. I reach 96 workers with 5 bases fully saturated, but If I were to make 2 extractors (gas) on 4 out of 5 of the bases, I would have dropped down to 88 workers which equals the peak result I got for protoss.
Protoss wouldn't lose any workers for making the same amount of assimilators (gas). As such, in terms of economic production I think it is safe to say that zerg and protoss are actually on equal footing here.
Terran has a lower worker count because of their reliance of mules for mineral income. but I believe that it will make up for the worker count. Again terran wouldn't lose workers for making the refineries (gas). Also the lower worker count also means less supply requirement which allows for less supply depots to be created meaning that it would easily make up for the fewer workers.
Overall, each race has the same worker production. This was very important for me to know, because it not only showed that each race is asymmetrically balanced, but that they are not as asymmetric as I originally thought.
Protoss meta seems to head straight towards tech and even the highest tech (carriers) with some builds off 2 base.
Terran meta seems to be a variation of high tech mixed with low tech and even sometimes highest tech rushes such as battlecruiser off 2 base.
Zerg meta seems to be about building reactively to the meta of each race. In mirror though we seem to find them slowly climbing the tech tree with more economic focus than other races.
So even though all these builds for protoss and terran seem to have some expectation of needing higher tech than zerg. They are all balanced in terms of tech play.
Queens = orbital commands = chrono boost.
Lings = marines = zealots
Ling speed = stim = charge
Roach = marauder = stalker
Lurker = tank = disruptor
They are all balanced in gameplay asymmetrically but with almost the same unit/research value based on cost etc
The minor differences of which race is actually overpowered are not even known yet as the defenders advantage of time between attacker and defenders base allows for compensation of any miniscule disadvantage in race. I don't think we will know this until we watch 2 AI play a perfect game with all races vs all races yet.
The resource of gas is purely to start building our way up the tech tree to gain advantages by catching our opponent off guard whether that be by their lack of scouting, knowledge or skill.
So if minerals really are the main resource that should be focused on before gas comes into play. When should gas even be built?
That answer would be reactively. Scouting your opponents base is easily the most efficient way to optimise your build against them. Once you know their gas timings and even their gas count, you can time your own play to just counter them defensively or offensively and still maintain a higher economy.
Each race has its own options for scouting. Once again they are asymmetrically balanced.
Drone = scv = probe - Early game 1:30 +
Overlord = scan = hallucination - Mid game 3:30 +
Overseer = scan = observer - Late game 5:00 +
These timings are approximate but mostly ideal based on tech timings or all in timings
One thing to note is that protoss don't seem to have a mineral based scout after the probe scout other than trying to run a zealot in which wouldn't work vs terran wall. They would require a sentry to send in a hallucination by 3:30. The main reason for this timing however would be if you scouted an expansion + gas with your first worker which is normally what you see. If the opponent has opened gasless expand. Then you could get away with a 4:00-4:30 hallucination scout and just use a worker to run around the map to spot for 3rd/4th/5th bases to confirm the opponents gasless economic expansion. If no expansions are found around expected times then you can safely assume aggression is coming and scout + defensive preparations should be started.
All races have the capability to scout and react to the opponent while focusing on a gasless economic opener and only reacting with gas when gas is scouted.
Protoss and terran CAN defend a 12 pool if they correctly scout with a worker while doing expo first by building walls to keep the initial wave of units out until defenses are complete.

In conclusion the two concepts that brought all of this to light for me are:
Minerals means more workers, more workers means more income in whatever I choose.
Gas is primarily an offensive tech timing. Almost everything that gas has to offer takes quite a bit of time before it comes into play on the battlefield. If one player builds their gas slightly later than the other, the defenders tech can arrive at the same time defensively as the attackers can from the time they move out.
Gas should be built reactively just like units!
Check out my stream!
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2021.12.02 00:35 Raz3n Good Company trophy not counting?

Got my 8 wins on 8 different characters, it says I am only 75% of the way complete. I finished the default 6, plus Glitch and Fixer. Are those characters bugged or am I bugged?
I am on ps4
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2021.12.02 00:35 TopSpeedTony I mean, it’s gotta be a joke right? Trying to be ironic… right?

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2021.12.02 00:35 iThinkImARacist Need advice please!

I have my Iphone11 Pro Max fully paid off at AT&T and plan to trade it in for a Galaxy Flip3 5z tomorrow morning at the Verizon retail outlet near me. Is it worth it? Over the phone they said the trade in cover the cost of the Flip3 5Gz. Is it worth it? Is another phone better? I mostly only use my phone for texting, the web, pictures, & an all of two.
If so what plan should I get as someone on a low income assume no matter I am definitely getting the phone and a plan with Verizon with the Galaxy Flip3 5Gz
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2021.12.02 00:35 emasixx666 egg_irl

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2021.12.02 00:35 Impregn8r How the covid vaccine affects your fertility

I see a lot of people worried about how covid could impact their fertility.
Here’s how the covid vaccine can affect your fertility:

Thank you for listening. Get vaccinated.
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2021.12.02 00:35 Downtown_Owl_2420 OPPO Find X4 Pro w/ Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 to launch in Q1 2022

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2021.12.02 00:35 nibdoe "Create new" option grayed out in Dolphin

Yeah the title is pretty self-explanatory, just whenever I'm trying to make something in Dolphin, the create new button is grayed out and I can't click it or do anything. Anyone know why?
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2021.12.02 00:35 No-System-3457 The Struggle Bus. Completely Vanilla(1st person)(BuildAnywhere) Active admins(PC)

Come check us out over at "The Struggle Bus" on Chernarusplus.
We are a pretty new server trying to build up a community of others who enjoy strictly vanilla servers but are tired of playing official servers, and with the latest Dayz update, you can now build anywhere(A new vanilla option).
Right now we are seeing 15-20 people(60pop), Come give us a chance and help build the community!
ONLY WIPE IF NEEDED!!!! (update requires it)
Server IP:
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2021.12.02 00:35 meow8480 Venmo dilemma

I have a good amount of $ in my venmo I have been saving in there and now want it in my bank account. What is the best way to get all my $ out of my venmo balance and into my account without getting any sort of flag or investigation?
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2021.12.02 00:35 RegiisDolore Wierd holes all over my yard

Sorry accidentally deleted so this is a repost. I've lived in this area my whole life and I've never seen anything like these. The holes were made within 12 hours of the video and I haven't the faintest idea what they're from. The inner walls of the holes are perfectly flat like they're manmade, and nobody but me has been on the property since it last rained. There was a heavy rain last night so the edges wouldn't be so defined if they were old. Probably not aliens, but I'm super confused. Any ideas would be helpful. And no they're not from cicadas so pls don't suggest that lol
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