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Unresolved Gum Issue (ANUG? Gingival Overgrowth?)

2021.12.02 01:24 OranjeBovens Unresolved Gum Issue (ANUG? Gingival Overgrowth?)

Hi there,

About four months ago I began noticing some redness, irritation, and slight recession along my gum line around my two lower center incisors. Since I was about due for a regular cleaning at the time I scheduled an appointment with my dentist and brought it up to him then. After pointing it out myself he simply called it "inflammation" (nothing more specific than that) and told me it should go away if I continued with my regular brushing and flossing. A couple weeks went by and nothing had changed at all, so I decided to try using a water pick. Almost immediately I noticed an improvement in the level of irritation, and after another two to three weeks of daily use my gums had returned to normal.

About another week after that issue seemed to have resolved I began having the same issue on my right lower canine and adjacent premolar (redness, irritation, bleeding), this time much more aggressively, both crown areas rapidly receding. I immediately scheduled another appointment with my dentist at which point he diagnosed me with "acute gingivitis" (ANUG), prescribed me chlorhexidine mouthwash, and told me to come back in a week. A week later it had not improved and had spread to my upper molars on either side of my mouth, my dentist then telling me to continue the mouthwash until I ran out of it. Still the issue continued to worsen, spreading forward along my upper gum line to my canines and developing what looked like ulcers in certain areas.

At this point I became frightened by how bad things were getting and decided to take myself to urgent care ahead of my next dentist appointment. There I was given Clindamycin and a Lidocaine cocktail mouthwash, neither of which had any effect. From this point on it was just a revolving door of visits with my dentist and primary care doctor, two more rounds of antibiotics (both Doxycycline, graduated in dose) and a topical steroid—all the while the condition continuing to progress/spread. Every test that was done to screen for some underlying systemic issue or infectious agent (blood panels, urinalysis, swab/culture) came up with nothing. I have had no other physical symptoms the whole time this has been going on.

Finally this week I was able to see a periodontist (who I had to go to a second dentist to get a referral for), and after a quick examination he told me what I have is not an infection at all but something called gingival overgrowth (hyperplasia/hypertrophy), and the recession and sores I'm seeing are simply from over-brushing the inflamed tissue. He also told me that since it was not the medically-induced variety (I take no medication that would cause this) that there was nothing to be done other than switch to a softer tooth brush, and that it may or may not resolve on its own over time.

Does this diagnosis make sense? There are certain areas that do look a little "swollen" now (around my upper molars mostly) but this seemed to occur secondarily to the recession/inflammation, and isn't really present in other areas, even my lower canine where the problem first began. From what I've read there is a form of of gingival overgrowth that is caused by bacteria/plaque build up below the gum line and is typically treated with a planar scaling. Could this explain my issue, the bacteria possibly pushed beneath the gum by using the water pick? Also to note, an x-ray was taken at the very first dentist appointment which showed no bone/periodontal issues, and another by my primary care doctor last week which apparently showed the same thing. I've had no history of gum disease prior to this. I'm really at a loss at this point, any suggestions or advice is very much appreciated.
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2021.12.02 01:24 Laine37 ITAW for Describing Something as Too Cool?

Greetings there.
As the title may imply, I'm trying to find a word for 'too cool' though particularly where it may apply to creative writing. I've listed some (part real, part fun) examples below, though the examples are only related to characters. If you could find a term which relates to characters, that would be appreciated very much, though I'm after after a term which may be applied to characters as well as empires, weapons, any entity or concept, really.
-'my character's IQ is over 200 points and he controls shadows and hes real stealthy and sneaky and he has an australian knife'
-'my character can fly she can fire energy beams shes so cool because she can clone herself and conjure cool crown'
-'my character is so strong hes the only one who can use black flame and who can use pure magic but hes really polite and smart and he can forge artifacts but the black flame also makes him angry'
I would use edgy, but edgy has connotations of being grim.
Mary Sue, similarly, has a lot of undesired baggage.
Chuunibyou is close, I think(?) though I'm not very familiar with that word and it seems much too broad. It also sounds like the name of some weird pet bunny.
7th grader syndrome is decent, but again, too broad for my liking.
So I was hoping I could find a better word here.
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2021.12.02 01:24 SpottedDog91 TIL if you interact with villager photos it tells you their bday and favorite quote

TIL if you interact with villager photos it tells you their bday and favorite quote submitted by SpottedDog91 to AnimalCrossing [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 01:24 wubLuxury My bass guitar (or amp?) sounds muddy. Please help me

Both the guitar and the amp were purchased three months ago brand new. So basically what’s happening is it will sound great and completely fine then in the next second as I’m playing the riff it will sound extremely muddy and quiet. If I don’t play it until tomorrow it’ll probably be fine but the issue keeps coming back.
I’ve tried re-plugging all cables and I’ve tried an outlet too.
this is my bass
this is my amp
Please help. I’ve only been playing bass since I got it I’m a beginner.
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2021.12.02 01:24 noteddiversity31 🔥 ElfCheems - Stealth launched! 🔥 | Only 10% Taxes | Liquidity pool locked by Mudra | Experienced Dev + Marketing Team on board | Huge Marketing Plans | Crypto influencers 🔥

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2021.12.02 01:24 Vast_Distribution_24 Check this!!

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2021.12.02 01:24 RinkuLOZ Struggling to lose. SW; 254. CW; 157. Got off Keto and regained 20lbs. Tried macros but didn’t lose in 3 months. Try to keep my cals around 1400. Want to get around 140/145 - anything less I lose any curves (got down to 137 and didn’t like looking so thin) Any suggestions?

Struggling to lose. SW; 254. CW; 157. Got off Keto and regained 20lbs. Tried macros but didn’t lose in 3 months. Try to keep my cals around 1400. Want to get around 140/145 - anything less I lose any curves (got down to 137 and didn’t like looking so thin) Any suggestions? submitted by RinkuLOZ to CICO [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 01:24 Otto_04 Could someone explain to me the situation with trash of the count's family?

So, I was thinking of reading this one, but then I looked up and found that's its translations was stopped sometime ago, around chapter 600 or something? and it is on haitus...but then I saw on few websites that it was still updating. Are those mtl? And is the acutally novel going on are is in haitus?
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2021.12.02 01:24 batzkaks THE SHIBOSHIS No. 2615 Vent. 0.06 ETH.

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2021.12.02 01:24 Sadblondeguy I (19yo bf) kissed a girl in a party and already told my 18yo gf and she wanted to continue the relationship but i still feel horrible and ashamed

Hi everyone so last friday I went to a party and passed out with alcohol and other things, the point is that I said to a girl that if i didn’t had a gf and asked her to make out will she say yes or no, i swear i didn’t wanna do it just wanna know how ugly does the girls actually see me, she say yes and i said like “ok” and went to a different place, the point is that she actually kissed me and then i left the party, i told my gf that some girl kissed me and she was sad but still decided to continue the relationship and i am so so happy for that because she is the only girl that i’ve actually feel attracted to but i still feel horrible with myself at the point of being so ashamed that haven’t left my room in days, what can i do?
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2021.12.02 01:24 Ruggidraddish200 What book do you use to get diamonds but don’t actually bother reading?

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2021.12.02 01:24 noisha1 is teacher transitive or intransitive verb?

My understanding: Teacher is teaching. Intransitive Teacher is teaching on the computer. Transitive. Please correct me, I am confused with this one.
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2021.12.02 01:24 zaddar1 america

adverse circumstances
the rage passes
just roll with it
obsessed with the ghislaine maxwell trial
another school shooting 4 killed and seven injured
ho hum
the story of "noah’s ark" is babylonian mythology picked up by jewish scribes in the captivity and stems from the many disastrous floods of the euphrates
judaism , like christianity is a patchwork of "the borrowed" fashioned into the supposedly "incontrovertible"
belief = an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof
this inevitably must be confused information since everything is partial, belief is a necessarily failed and often badly failed attempt at a philosophically impossible completeness
another way of looking at belief is it a projection about a future state and once we step away from the grandiose we can see how it is constantly used in everyday life to great practical effect, it is the preservation of continuities necessary to survival of course, until the discontinuous happens, one morning we may not wake up like every other
the epidemic of "total relativism"
“ all opinions are equally valid ”
which of course is an opinion, so internally inconsistent it is easily destroyed by another opinion
"hardly any opinions are equally valid "
try the paper bag koan
“ look at a paperbag for an hour
then ask yourself
how come i can’t think my way out of that ”
how far do i need to look ?
further than my nose or toes ?
my life
the world
other’s lives ?
how far ? .
further than you can look
the echoes of nothing
that’s how far
being solitary
even in the presence of people
one is alienated
hence solitary
what mental track are you on that is not obvious ?
explore, the world is not what you think it is
nostalgia is a construct to a large extent, often not well founded in reality, like some other things, the manufacture of a fantasy world to escape to
the problem is the way it detracts from other necessary activity
opening the door
what is seen is surprisingly bare
but loaded
the middle class "underbelly"
exposed to
but oblivious of
female news readers
one voice
half a brain
amongst many
ed. soon after i wrote this, sick of these stupid cloned voices, blond hair, pale white faces and insipid intellects one sees incessantly on australian TV, i watched yet another on some news site and blow me down she asked some very intelligent questions of the person being interviewed who was a bit startled actually, just goes to show not to judge by appearances because she looked just like the usual "barbie" clone
you can’t lose serious weight without intermittent fasting, all these people who get gastric bypass operations rather than do this discipline want their heads examined
an interesting study on ketosis , basically it takes 17 to 24 hours to enter it depending
i don’t fast to lose weight because i am on the light side, but will fast as i find it helpful for mitigating bad migraine, at the most for two or three days
i have found it necessary to say have a teaspoon of jam a day mixed in hot water to keep a bit of sugar in the stomach to help maintain the stomach biofilm and maybe a touch of a vitamin C supplement
some things are not train wrecks but more like all the trains have left the station
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2021.12.02 01:24 yuuzuuu Common App Glitching Help Me

my CommonApp is glitching and is now saying i haven't filled in all the required info for USC even though i did :)))) anyone else?
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2021.12.02 01:24 capt-chris Need a guide for servicing/repairing a VCR that eats tapes

I'd like to at least try to fix it before I throw it out, so I'd appreciate some sort of step-by-step guide to sorting this out.
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2021.12.02 01:24 retweethis How to get in discord server?

They made a new discord server I think, and when I got the popup I hit ignore or something.... how to I get the invite again to join?
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2021.12.02 01:24 DorkyWaddles Gonna be using DXM for the first time to get hallucinogens. Need Advice from others for taking it safely!

Do you recommen I take right away the minimal amount for my bodyweight?
Or should I do less lke say take 75% of the recommended dosage for my weight? Or work slowly over a few weeks gradually incresing from say 10% to the minimal for weght to the max safe dosage for estimated bodyweight?
What do you recommend for a complete noob? ALso should I take tablet syrup or some other forms? What do you recommend for safety?
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2021.12.02 01:24 brian45678910 Giveaway in 12 HOURS!!! DROP your address and check the comments ... Influencers - Promotors - Sellers - Let us know we got you covered ... Come kick it with the Sad Panda Crew!!!!!

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2021.12.02 01:24 dizzlethekid I start having wild thoughts about the future and dying and scare myself

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2021.12.02 01:24 hvmvn Powerplay substitution?

With powerplays being sold out everywhere I’ve been looking for solutions to record tapeless. Anyone know if this thing would work? It would need a 3.5mm av to rca cable to connect to the Clearclick but it seems like similar technology. Link is below
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2021.12.02 01:24 Sarraceniapurpurea What are your thoughts on princess movies, princess clothing, and/or princess room decorations for children?

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2021.12.02 01:24 yuannchan I don't know if this is a stupid question but why in this story they don't create some viruses thing to deal with Legion? Or, like, hack their system/network?

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2021.12.02 01:24 rando-0101 Say budgieee!!

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2021.12.02 01:24 Nennethedralin Lag in receiving messages

Is anyone receiving their messages late or getting double notifications? The last 2 days I’ve been getting notifications of messages and I check the time stamp and it’s like an hour or 2 off. Sometimes I’ll have read a message and then receive a notification for that same message hours later for the second time. Not accurate at all.
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