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She just made a video to let everyone know she is okay and still hete

2021.12.01 23:49 nonyabizz01 She just made a video to let everyone know she is okay and still hete

Girl … NO ONE ASKED 😅 stop it lol
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2021.12.01 23:49 Magicyte Honest question. If I share a stock dd here will it violate rules? I don't want to promote here. Just need upvotes for visibility

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2021.12.01 23:49 chuff3r Against Interpretation - How do you watch a movie?

A couple nights ago I was rewatching Don Hertzfeldt's it's such a beautiful day. If you haven't seen it, it's a beautiful and sad movie about a stick figure named Bill with a degenerative mental illness. We follow his thoughts and memories through visceral and surreal imagery. Highly recommended! But that's not the point of this post.
In the middle of the first part of the film, there's a chunk of black and white shots of waves crashing on a beach. They do not figure into the story, and they come as a rest (maybe?) before moving on. Kind of like Ozu's famous pillow shots. I rewound a few times, trying to see if I could get more meaning out of the moment, more understanding. I didn't find it and gave up.
The moment brought up for me a question I first stared at when trying to read Susan Sontag's Against Interpretation many years ago. Does explicit interpretation of a piece of art add to its value? Or detract from it?
Speaking for myself, I often get lost trying to understand symbolism or allegory in the moment. Do any of yall have this same issue? Sometimes I really feel like it distracts from a purely emotional or aesthetic appreciation. I'll find myself starting a new movie, and -especially if it's supposed to be a Great Movie- immediately start scrabbling for bits of meaning or technique. I just wish I could shut that part off sometimes, and watch a movie for the first time totally green, totally from the gut.
Does TrueFilm have any thoughts on this? Would love to talk more :)
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2021.12.01 23:49 general1p Angels Sign Rasiel Iglesias to Four-Year Deal

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2021.12.01 23:49 TVBSD1 Sebastian looking like a panther

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2021.12.01 23:49 UnluckMiner Cineworld Imax or Odeon at Leicester Square for Spiderman NWH?

I'll be going down to London to watch spiderman with a friend on possibly the 16th. Was wondering which cinema is better, and whether its worth the extra £10, as picturehouse central tickets are only £10, while for Imax/dolby is almost double the price.
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2021.12.01 23:49 Userr98763 What can I do with my team? I have 1 mill (PS5) and play 4222. I’m opening to benching some players.

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2021.12.01 23:49 ShadowPlayssMC Finally

I am glad to say that 1.18 is finally working for me! :D
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2021.12.01 23:49 Gayn-word Reshiram 5756 0759 4501

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2021.12.01 23:49 ContentBug2 Watch out for the fucking sheep!

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2021.12.01 23:49 xclauwe Just in time for the snow 😍

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2021.12.01 23:49 birbadot Extra ticket for abq tonight

friend couldn’t make it! dm me if you want it for free
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2021.12.01 23:49 Accomplished_Alarm10 Are Liyue/Mondstadt dailies better than Inazuma?

Since the adding of inazuma i have set my dailies in inazuma but i remember that liyue/mondstadt dailies were better. Sometimes i get shitty go there go here then back again, i think that those type of dailies never happened in other regions
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2021.12.01 23:49 Slenderhack Is posible to extract the firmware of a VCI 6 from Mercedes-Benz?

Hey guys anyone knows if is posible to extract the firmware of a VCI 6 from Mercedes-Benz?
the idea is to get the firmware and install it on other "VCI 6"
My VCI 6 doesn't support Tracks or well it is what i thing so is the only idea i have to get my VCI 6 Works
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2021.12.01 23:49 OpenOpportunity Ethiopian government is reconquering its country from the Tigray advance

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2021.12.01 23:49 ArmchairGhazi AIDS in Australia hits new low during pandemic

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2021.12.01 23:49 valerie0929 I have no friends, so I’m going to rant on here.

I’m 14 weeks pregnant, with my first baby at 21. let’s just say this baby has already brought me pure true happiness, but my situation with the father of my baby has drained me so bad and puts me in very depressive moments. We were on and off for 4 years, I considered him to be my first real love so I thought. the minute I found out I was pregnant, he pressured me into getting an abortion but I stood my ground and knew I couldn’t go through with something like that. He was not happy with my decision, and he now says me and this baby have ruined his life. He says this baby is a mistake. it only took him a few weeks to find himself a girlfriend (she doesn’t know I’m pregnant) and dropped me like nothing. I want to apologize to my baby every single day for giving them a deadbeat dad. it took me getting pregnant to truly see him for him. I’m so embarrassed and disgusted, and I just want my baby to be happy :/
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2021.12.01 23:49 ClaraEclair Bluebird #21 — Calm Before The Storm

Bluebird #21 — Calm Before The Storm First | Previous | Next (Coming January 1st!)
Author: ClaraEclair
Book: Bluebird
Arc: Damage Control
Set: 67
Part One: Delivered Into Chaos
“Bluebird’s Journal, entry number 92. Going from one mess to another. It feels nice to see the city out of Quincy’s grip and TYGER not beating peoples’ faces in, but now that we’re in the middle of a snap election and our interim mayor was unprepared to even be an option for that position, everything in the city’s come to a standstill.
“Of course, ever since Quincy was arrested and TYGER went back to hide in Hunts Point, there’s been a power vacuum. Them suddenly being gone has been the perfect opportunity for whatever mafias were left in this city to tighten their fists, and now there’s interest coming from overseas. I already ran into some Triads who were looking to gain some ground.
“Trying to stop them is harder than I expected. If they see a business opportunity, they don’t stop at anything to take it.”
“Ever since Copperhead destroyed my mask a couple months ago, I’ve been trying to work on a new one with some new additions. If things work out, I should be able to see in the dark with it. It’d be nice if someone like Larissa wasn’t able to sneak up on me like she did.”
Part Two: Conflicting Views
Mia and Harper sat in the computer room, silence in the air, only interrupted by the whirring of computer fans and the use of tools. Mia was dividing her focus between keeping an eye on the known mafia hideouts within New York and gathering information for the newest case that she and Iman were involved in.
Harper was on the floor behind Mia’s chair, fiddling with a small box and the wires within it. The small device was what she had called a BirdBox, a modified Pwnbox that she had been repurposing to hack and disrupt more than computer systems. With the extra components and other programs added, the small box was now able to do much more than any other simple Pwnbox ever could.
In the past two months, she had constructed more than a dozen BirdBoxes and placed them around the city, waiting to be activated. There was always a hope that she would never have to use them, but it never hurt to be prepared. Ever since she had to save Iman from the TYGER warehouse[[See Bluebird #16!]()], Harper realized just how vital the power grid could be. If she could compromise that before jumping into an area that was heavily fortified? It would make everything much easier.
As the two women worked in silence, the ringing of Harper’s phone startled both. Looking at the caller ID, Harper saw Officer Ellis’s name pop into view. It had been weeks, if not a couple months since they last spoke. She wasn’t afraid to admit that it may have been intentional on Harper’s part.
Hesitant to pick up the phone, she picked up as it rang a final time.
“Kid!” Ellis said in a relieved tone, his uncertainty as to whether she would pick up having disappeared. “It’s been a while,”
“It has,” Harper said in a stiff voice. “What do you need?”
“It’s a couple things,” Ellis replied. “First, I know you’re trying to keep organized crime in check. I got a tip a couple o’ days ago that there’s some freaky stuff goin’ on in Harlem involving some o’ the Italians but nothin’ solid.”
“I’ll check it out,” she said quickly. “The other thing?”
“The other thing,” Ellis paused, taking a deep breath in, “is Alice, the girl Mad Hatter kidnapped and brainwashed. She went to prison after coverin’ his escape and now she’s askin’ to see you.” Harper took a moment to process what he had said.
Alice was severely damaged when Hatter used her to cover his escape[[See Bluebird #13!]()], there was no telling how deeply she had been affected by Mad Hatter’s mind control. Harper hadn’t received any updates since that night, but things didn’t seem like they were good for her. Why would she want to see Bluebird?
“I’ll look into it,” Harper replied, her brow furrowed. “Where is she?”
“She was transferred over to Rikers ‘bout a month back,” Ellis said. “I can let ‘em know you’re–”
Harper hung up.
“Who was that?” Mia asked, clicking after she spoke.
“Officer Richard Ellis,” Harper replied, looking over at her suit that was splayed over the ground next to her. “He says the Italian mafia is making moves in Harlem and that Alice, from when Mad Hatter attacked Broadway, is asking to see me.”
“What are you gonna do?” Mia asked, turning away from the computer screen.
“I want to go see Alice, I’m curious,” said Harper. “Can you keep an eye on Harlem?”
“Sure thing,” Mia said with a nod, turning back toward the computer as Harper moved to grab her armour. Placing her newest BirdBox inside a pouch on her belt, Harper quickly suited up and was out of the window within minutes.
Bluebird dropped down behind officer Richard Ellis with a thump, startling the man as he finished up a cigarette. With a hand over his heart, he shook his head and let out a sharp exhale.
“C’mon kid,” he said, exasperated. “Can’t be doin’ that to–”
“Need you to bring me to Rikers,” Bluebird said with a commanding tone.
“Jeez kid,” Ellis replied, shock infecting his voice. “First I wanna know what’s got your attitude so rotten.”
“If you haven’t seen what’s been happening these last couple of years,” Bluebird began, moving toward the passenger side of Ellis’ police cruiser. “Then you’re blind, Ellis. I don’t exactly trust authority figures right now, and considering the fact that you’re still with the force tells me all I need to know.”
“Kid, you know damned well that—“
“What?” Bluebird asked, a sharpness in her voice that made Ellis grit his teeth in frustration. “I know damned well that we both watched this city turn into a police state within five months. I know damned well that it took almost nothing to turn this whole city upside down. And it can be done again with just a little bit of money.”
“That’s bull,” Ellis replied, shifting his weight and avoiding the vigilante’s gaze. “Everyone important in this city was mind controlled by the Mad Hatter, and he ain’t been seen in months.”
“Ellis, my exposé outlined everything. Only half of the councillors were affected by the Hatter. Same goes with the compromised police captains. Not all of them were mind controlled.” She leaned onto the hood of the car and looked Ellis directly in the eyes. “They wanted this.
Ellis stood in front of his vehicle, clenching his fists and gritting his teeth even harder. He didn’t want to hear it, that the leaders of the department he gave fifteen years to were as corrupt as he was being told. There was no way they would actually want what TYGER was doing, right?
“Are we going or not?” Bluebird asked in a sharp tone. Ellis nodded after a brief pause, unhappy with the current situation.
Part Three: The Old Guard
Tony Rossi adjusted his suit, straightening the collar and redoing his cuff links, before walking into the crowded kitchen area. There were almost a dozen chairs set up around a long table, and in each seat was a name bigger than the last. Anton Esposito, Giovanni Marino, and Cesare Moretti were the other big names in New York. Unlike most meetings of the Dons of New York, the Russians and the Irish were also present, which made Rossi uneasy.
He didn’t like it when anyone not among the families got involved, and now that two other organizations were present, something had gone wrong.
“We got triads movin’ in,” Moretti began as the last of the invitees sat in their seats. “Next it’ll be the Japanese, soon enough the damned Australians’ll be involved somehow.” A few chuckles arose from around the table. Moretti wasn’t having it. He slammed his fist against the table, quickly silencing the room and gaining the attention of everyone in attendance. “We need to do something about—”
“May I point out to you all that you are focusing your efforts in the wrong place,” A deep voice boomed from somewhere in the room, yet none of the men at the table knew where it was coming from. “The Chinese moving in aren’t your biggest issue. Bluebird is your biggest issue.” Giovanni Marino scoffed.
“What, some stupid kid in a fancy costume is our problem?” Marino asked, leaning forward on the table, talking to the disembodied voice. “Like hell, she ain’t movin’ in on us, the Chinese are!”
“The Triads are simply acting on a power vacuum that Bluebird helped create. She almost single-handedly dismantled TYGER, exposed Quincy Sharp for his crimes, and disrupted plans that have been years in the making and have cost nearly one billion dollars.” As the echo that had spread across the room dissipated, three men walked into the room. Two of them were giant hunks of muscle, in childish attire. Both wore bright red overalls with yellow polka-dot button up shirts underneath. The man in the centre, leading the two meatheads stood tall and confident, his hands tented in front of his chest. His round glasses obscured his eyes as the light glinted off of them. He wore a pristine white lab coat, smooth as if it had been ironed just before walking in.
“Who the hell are you?” Asked Anton Esposito.
“Most simply refer to me as The Doctor,” the man said. “That will suffice.”
“Alright then, Doc,” Esposito continued with a grin on his face. “Why the hell are you here and why shouldn’t we kill you now and toss you into the ocean?”
“Because I have a business proposition for you all,” the Doctor said, looking over each and every man at the table. “I have a need for guns. You will give as many as you can to me. In return, I call off my forces and you won’t be targets anymore.”
“Like hell,” Tony Rossi called out, standing from his seat and slamming his palms against the surface of the table. “No way we’re just gonna give you all of our guns—”
“Dee,” the Doctor said, giving the Tweed brother to his right a short glance and a nod. Tweedledee advanced on Rossie.
“First we got the Russians and the Irish here, and now this motherf―”
Tweedledee delivered a single, powerful punch to Rossi’s chest, sending the man flying across the room, smashing into the wall. He died on impact.
“If any of you have any further objections, I believe we are done here. I will send the details of where the weapons need to be delivered soon.” With that, the Doctor turned and left, the Tweeds following closely behind and watching the room to ensure none of the men inside followed.
Part Four: Painful Experiences
Officer Ellis didn’t stay and wait after he dropped Bluebird off at the entrance to Rikers Island. Staring up at the correctional facility, Bluebird walked into the large building, meeting the warden head-on.
“Typically this isn’t allowed,” the Warden droned. “But I can make an exception this time. Follow me to the visitors area, I’m sure none of the inmates here want to see you here.”
Bluebird nodded as she followed behind the man. Most of the building was different shades of beige and grey, with the occasional dull blue or yellow. The visitors area, with glass panes, metal desks, and the wired phone receivers, was just as dull, if not more, with grey and black steel everywhere.
“We’ve cleared out the room for the rest of the day,” the Warden said, leading Bluebird to the seat in the very middle of the room. “As soon as we heard you were coming, we knew that things would get complicated with you in this room in front of guys you probably put away, let alone their loved ones. It’s easier if we empty it out.”
“Makes sense,” Bluebird nodded, trailing off as she looked over at the glass barrier. A loud alarm blared from the other side of the room as a guard led the woman only known as Alice toward the designated seat. Bluebird approached cautiously, watching the woman intensely, before sitting down and grabbing the receiver.
“Bluebird, right?” The girl asked in a timid voice. She seemed unsure of herself, anxious. Bluebird nodded. “Thank you for coming to see me, I… I know what I did back then. I want to say that I’m sorry. For shooting you.”
“It’s…” Harper paused. She hadn’t thought about that night since Anarky, since Kite Man, since the Tweeds attacked the apartment. She never really processed it. Two live rounds impacting directly against her chest, one right after the other. No amount of padding could prevent that from hurting. “It’s alright. You were under his control.”
Alice’s eyes glazed over for a second, almost as if something had captured her attention.
“Yes,” she said finally after a few moments of silence. “Yes, he was controlling me. It was… horrific. The things he said… the things he did.” Alice’s bottom lip began to twitch as tears welled up in her eyes.
“I’m sorry,” Bluebird said. “I wish there was more I could do.”
“I want you to… find him,” Alice said. “Please, just find him. I don’t care what you do once you have him, just find him and hurt him for me.”
There was a moment of silence between the two women. Alice’s shaky voice was filled with anger, and she found herself staring directly into Bluebird’s eyes. And Bluebird knew she had to honour the request, but she wasn’t sure she could. The Hatter hadn’t been seen since that night.
“I can’t promise anything,” Bluebird said. “But I’ll try as hard as I can.”
“That’s all I ask,” said Alice, nodding quickly as the emotions finally overcame her and she let the tears start flowing. “Thank you,” she muttered between deep breaths.
As Harper re-entered the apartment and sat down on the living room floor, she pondered Alice’s words. The girl seemed terrified. The damage that the Hatter had done to her…
She needed to find him.
Before she could get up and do anything else, however, a chime arose from her phone. She pulled it from her pocket and took a quick look at it. It was a message from Vic.
As she read the message, she felt a strong sense of disbelief, unsure if she was worthy of what he was telling her.
His message contained the details of a Gala that the Titans were putting on with the Justice League in Chicago. According to Vic, she had been invited. She quickly messaged him back to ensure that he was talking to the right person, and confirmation came soon after that she was indeed the intended recipient.
He offered to give her the physical invitation card when she made her way to Chicago for the Gala. With quick acceptance, and ensuring she could bring her team, Harper sat leaned back against the couch behind her and stared up at the ceiling, still in disbelief that she was actually invited to such an event.
Sure, she had worked with the League before, but that involved time shenanigans that she didn’t understand. This invitation was voluntary. Someone thought to invite her.
“Iman!” Harper shouted, excitement in her voice, hoping her partner was home.
Stayed tuned for the Titans Gala, starting December 15th!
First | Previous | Next (Coming January 1st!)
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2021.12.01 23:49 PhatPhuqq Help finding a clip

I have a memory of Adum saying "but hey, THAT'S JUST A THEORY!" in a really loud voice. I can't find it. Does anyone remember what video this is from?
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2021.12.01 23:49 LukaszMauro Just released an album, would love if you would listen to a track or two! Electronic/experimental/collage-ish jjj

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2021.12.01 23:49 evansreddit Anyone know a place that might give my wife and I our covid boosters literally a few days early?

My wife and I are in town for her job, on the 4th we plan to return to Mexico (we're remote working expats) and we also plan to visit the Ecuador in January for her job. Unfortunately, we booked appointments for our boosters at CVS tonight only to get told we can't actually get the boosters until Dec 5th. However, in Mexico there is about a 0% chance we'll be able to get boosters, and I otherwise don't know when we'll return to the US next. Any advice is welcome!! Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.01 23:49 amnesiac7 Cheney warns of consequences for Trump in dealings with Jan. 6 committee

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2021.12.01 23:49 stupendousjellyfish Crashing Problems?

I have been playing since the game came out mostly with out any issues. but all of a sudden today I keep crashing mid match.
Any recommendations?
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2021.12.01 23:49 rexbarbarorum So I finally got around to reading "Dare We Hope"

After hearing so much about the book (both negative and positive) I finally found the time to actually reading von Balthasar's Dare We Hope "That All Men Be Saved". I've got to say, for a book which has been so often accused of proposing universal salvation, I was surprised to find just how often it insists that each and every one of us needs to be confronted with the reality that we will be judged by Christ and that Hell is on the table. Balthasar repeats this point so many times, I don't think it's possible to misunderstand him.
I was also interested to see that the original German title for the book Was dürfen wir hoffen? is rather less provocative than the English title. I wonder just how many people have jumped to conclusions about Balthasar's thesis based on the English title?
Overall I found his thesis quite cogent and compelling. It turns out to have been more or less what I already thought, though expressed much more eloquently and argued far more thoroughly than I ever had done in the past. His argument is that we fundamentally cannot know, until the Final Judgement, whether any human is in Hell, and that, as Scripture offers us equal warnings about both the possibility of our damnation and God's will that all men be saved, we may reasonably have hope that the latter be accomplished. His analysis of Scripture, the writings of theologians from the Early Church into the 20th century, and the visions and beliefs of centuries of saints total up to what seems to me a pretty compelling view. At any rate, all of the objections that I could think of, and all the ones I have ever heard or read, are answered sufficiently for me.
That being said, I did find myself disagreeing or raising an eyebrow at certain of his conclusions. He takes the private revelation of saints very seriously, but I don't think he sufficiently accounts for how many saints have attested visions of what seem to be actual people actually suffering in Hell. I'm not convinced that these can be read simply as warnings. But I don't think this is a fatal chink in his thesis's armor; private revelation certainly doesn't need to be taken as infallible fact. But Balthasar certainly does open himself up for criticism there.
The other area where I noticed a glaring blind spot is in his treatment of demons. For Balthasar, it is inarguable that Satan and the demons are beyond redemption. This stated reality apparently does not trouble him. And yet it does trouble him (and he is in good company with many saints here) to think that any human soul might be lost.
At the very end of the book, he wonders rhetorically, "Can God really suffer the loss of even the least of the sheep in his fold? One of his own creation, one for whom the Lord has shed his blood and endured the agony of being abandoned by the Father?" He immediately dismisses this as an unanswerable question based on the hypothetical (and still unknowable) premise that there are indeed damned men, and calls it a theological dead-end that shouldn't interest anyone focused on their own salvation.
Obviously the glaring omission here is that, according to Balthasar, there are damned creatures - the demons. So the question seems less hypothetical than Balthasar believes, and would probably be a very interesting thing to explore further. But again, this line of thought is more of a tangent, and I don't think it undermines his overall argument.
I'll close my little review by acknowledging a common rebuttal I've heard to the "Dare We Hope" line of thinking. I've often heard people say that they cannot hope that all men might be saved because they "dare not hope that the words of Christ about Hell be taken as falsehoods." Balthasar explains in his book why this argument doesn't hold water, but I'll offer a condensed, pithier version as counter-rebuttal: "I dare not hope that God's stated will that all men be saved should be thwarted."
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2021.12.01 23:49 DemureAphrodite The Kibbe IDs as ASOIAF Characters

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