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The left is making fun of people dying again... Even world athletes.

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2022.01.24 11:09 DustyShinigami Tifa Face Model

Apologies if this has been asked or discussed before, but I was wondering if anyone has any concrete links on who Tifa's face is based/modelled from? All I've managed to find is that Itou Ayumi does her voice, but I've not found anything to suggest she was also the face model. Can anyone confirm? I plan on modelling her in ZBrush, either as a personal project, or as part of a future university assignment. For the assignment though, we're free to model a realistic character providing the face is based on a real person. If I could find out who her face is based on, that would be awesome. ^^
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2022.01.24 11:09 Cheemingwan1234 Mortal Kombat Profile: Cure Honey

Mortal Kombat Profile: Cure Honey So, in light of Delicious Party Pretty Cure, here's one for Cure Honey, another food themed Cure in Mortal Kombat 11.

Yuko Oomori/ Cure Honey

Note, her face model is based on her seiyu, Rina Kitagawa, with a waist holster to hold her Triple Dance Honey Baton on her costumes.
One of the legendary warriors known as the PreCures, Yuko Oomori is a kind hearted girl known for being able to not hold a grudge against others . Due to her family being restaurateurs, Yuko also developed a love for food. Gaining the powers of a PreCure after she caught one of Fujin's (aka Blue) Love Crystals, she designated herself as Cure Honey after her liking for honey, eventually joining up with the Happiness Charge Cures (consisting of herself, Cure Lovely, Cure Princess and Cure Fortune) where they battled the Phantom Empire, and eventually Outworld's invasion into Earthrealm on the side of Earthrealm in Mortal Kombat.
After the invasion of Outworld was successfully repelled , Yuko met up and befriended Nagomi Yui (whose family runs a diner in Oishiina Town ) and the fairy Kome-Kome , who shared the same interests in food as Yuko and learned about CooKingdom (or Cookingrealm if you are an Outworlder or a member of the Elder Gods). Unfortunately, The Bundle Land Bandits had an interest in Nagomi Yui as she had the potential to become a PreCure and they hired the Black Dragon to wreck havoc while they stole the Recipe Bon, personally led by their leader Kano, killing Yui, Kome-Kome and her family in front of Yuko, with Kano taunting Yuko in the burning ruins of the Nagomi diner before leaving. This caused the usually sweet Yuko to do the one thing she never pictured herself doing; learning how to develop a grudge against the Black Dragon. Joining up with her PreCure team, Fujin and the Special Forces, Cure Honey has to fight in Outworld to bring the Black Dragon to justice, putting her in the crosshairs of Kronika's plan to rewrite time to her liking.
Select Screen Animation: Cure Honey checks her hair using her PreChanMirror, then pulls out her Triple Dance Honey Baton from it's holster and twirls it around.
Gear: Chest Ribbon (her ribbon on her costume) , PreChanMirror and Triple Honey Dance Baton.
Skins:: Default (based on her default form), Coconuts Samba (based on her Coconut Samba form), Popcorn Cheer (based on her Popcorn Cheer form), Innocent (based on her Innocent Form), Cyrax (based on Cyrax's MK 2011 appearance) and Civilian (based on her civilian costume)
Clover of Light: Focuses on her clover and light based attacks.
Let's Dance: Focuses on her attacks with her Triple Honey Dance Baton, gaining Ribbon Whip and Honey Teleport .
Mushroom Samba: Gains Mind Control (aka, Cure Honey uses the powers of Coconuts Samba to drag her opponent towards her for a free hit.) together with magical fields that augment self and cripple the opponent.
Light of Life: Cure Honey arrives on the stage on top of a clover construct, jumps off and does her end of transformation pose.
Funeral Offering: Cure Honey offers some food to a portrait of Yui before noticing the opponent.
Link and Twirl: Cure Honey shakes her Triple Honey Dance Baton in Maracas Mode before linking them up into Baton Mode.
Ruins: Cure Honey looks at a picture of the ruins of the Nagomi diner before noticing the opponent.
PreChan Mirror: Cure Honey uses the PreChan Mirror to check her face.
The Cure that Should Have Been: The spirit of Yui Nagomi as Cure Precious appears beside Cure Honey and they pose.
Feeding Debit: Cure Honey feeds Iona's dog, Debit.
Cure Link: Cure Honey responds to a call on her CureLine.
Clover Bone Breaker: Cure Honey catches a punch from her opponent, then breaks their arm. She then shoves her opponent to the ground.
Ribbon Trip: Cure Honey uses the Triple Honey Dance Baton's ribbon to trip the opponent from behind by using the ribbon to entangle one of the opponent's legs and shove the opponent to the ground.
Fatal Blow: Burnt by Life:
Cure Honey summons a light pillar that she then kicks the opponent into, burning her opponent. She then grabs the opponent with the ribbon part of the Triple Honey Dance Baton by their neck and uses it to pull her opponent towards her so she can kick her opponent with her heel in her abdomen, impaling her opponent in the process. She then pulls out her heels from her opponent's abdomen, then impales the opponent right through their skull and through their eyes via the Triple Honey Dance Baton.
Fatality 1: Sparkling Press Krusher:
Cure Honey shoves her opponent to the ground, face first. She then uses the Triple Honey Dance Baton in Maracas Mode to impale her opponent's hands and prevent them from escaping. She then summons a large clover construct to crush the opponent's body from the neck down, with the head of her opponent rolling near to her boots as the overcrank kicks in.
Fatality 2: Joss Sticks:
Cure Honey rips out one of the opponent's thigh bones and impales the opponent in the throat with it. She then rips out the opponent's lower ribs with her bare hands and impales the opponent in the eyes with the opponent's own ribs.

1: The Klassic: Cure Honey uppercut's her opponent's head off.
2: Clover Ascension: Cure Honey summons a giant light pillar to strip the opponent's skin off.
3: Neck Fix: Cure Honey uses Coconuts Samba's powers to make the opponent snap their own neck.
4: Baton Toss: Cure Honey throws her baton towards her opponent, causing her opponent to be impaled on her baton in the head.
5: Clover Slice: Cure Honey slices the opponent vertically from head to groin, then horizontally at the waist with a clover construct in her hands, causing the opponent to fall apart.
6: Honey. I'm Home!: Cure Honey teleports into her opponent, causing her opponent to explode, with her standing on the opponent's spattered remains.
7: Tenderizer: Cure Honey slams the opponent onto the ground face up with an uppercut after breaking her opponent's arm, then stomps onto her opponent's chest repeatedly until their chest is a bloody splatter.
8: Clover Splat: Cure Honey summons the giant clover construct used in her Sparkling Baton Attack to splatter the opponent as the opponent tries to resist being splattered by said giant clover construct
9: Samba Overdrive: Cure Honey causes a pair of maracas to appear in the opponent hands, causing the opponent to uncontrollably dance (with their limbs moving around in a blur) until the opponent falls over dead with their arms and limbs stripped to the bone.

Brutality Victory Poses:
PreChan Mirror Check: Cure Honey uses her PreHeart to check her hairstyle.
Baton Twirl: Cure Honey twirls her Honey Dance Baton in her hands.

Brutality/Round Win Lines:
"Be blinded by the Light of Life."
"Die, scumbag!"
"Yui will be avenged!"
"Scum like you should deserve death!"
"There are times when I can show no mercy to you!"
"You will pay for killing Yui!" (Against Kano)
"You are a threat to life itself!" (Against Noob Saibot)
"You disgust me, cannibal!" (Against Mileena)

Friendship: Happy Rice Song:
Cure Honey serves some rice to her family as the titular song belts out before serving herself. She then sits down with her family to tuck into their meal.

Sample Interaction Lines (With Kano and Mileena):
"Kano...of all the scum I've met..."
"Heh, that Yui Nagomi screamed like a bitch with her fairy!"
"....You're the one I'm going to enjoy killing the most!"

"I desire human flesh."
"Sorry, I don't serve cannibals."
"I will feast on you, PreCure!"

Tower Ending:
(Shot of Cure Honey approaching the Hourglass with the corpse of Kronika in the background before deciding to give it to Liu Kang, now the Fire God and returning to Pikarigoaka.)
"With the death of Kronika, I wanted to manipulate the sands of the Hourglass to prevent Yui's and Kome-Kome's deaths. However, I decided against it as I realized that I have to move on from the deaths of Yui, her fairy and her family. Liu Kang offered to take the guardianship of the Hourglass from me. I accepted his offer, feeling that Liu Kang would not repeat the mistakes of Kronika and carry out his duties with honor and determination."

(Shot of Cure Honey observing Cure Spicy and Cure Yumyum sparing with Johnny Cage and Jacqui Briggs)

"I've decided to take up the role of training Fuwa and Ran, who have partnered with the fairies Pampam and Memem, now Cure Spicy and Cure Yumyum respectively. They would need the training...."

(Shot of Cure Honey leading Cure Spicy and Cure Yumyum together with Sonya Blade and a Special Forces squad against the Black Dragon led by Kano and the Bandits)

".....As they would face off against the Black Dragon and the Bandits. The Bundle Land Bandits have decided to continue their mercenary contract with the Black Dragon, knowing that a deadly alliance will make it difficult for us to recover the Recipe-Bon. We teamed up with the Special Forces under General Sonya Blade to ensure that the Bandits and the Black Dragon will be defeated and the Recipe Bon recovered."
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I'll be picking Yoda up in a couple days to use in an upcoming league and I would like some advice. I've never used a force user or saber wielder in game. I've always preferred to just have soldiers shooting at soldiers for thematic reasons but I wanna get competitive in the coming months.
How do you use Yoda? What upgrades do you take, and what should I keep in mind while trying to play him?
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