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How To Assemble: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ranga Figure

Meccha Japan est une boutique spécialisée dans l'import de produits japonais authentiques, Pokémon et autres licences fortes du Japon. Peluches, Jouets, Mugs, Portés-clés etc... Köp actionfigurer & figuriner i Sverige från manga, anime & spel. Vi har bl.a. Banpresto, MegaHouse, Figma, med titlar som One Piece, Dragon Ball & Naruto. Penang and Malaysia online shop for hobbies, toys, figures, collectibles & PS4 games That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Vol.2; Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel Vol.2; The Seven Deadly Sins; Kaguya-Sama - Love Is War; Bofuri - I Don't Want to Get Hurt, so I'll Max Out My Defense; Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World - The Frozen Bond; Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front - Babylonia; Mob Psycho 100; Nazarick - Tomb of ...

2022.01.24 11:12 CarverSindile10 How To Assemble: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Ranga Figure

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Hiya, as the title says, I've made a table of where and when you can get all the fish in the game. The Stardew Wiki is great and it's where I got all the data from, but I felt I needed a document with all the information in one place organised by seasons. So I made it. Honestly it took me way longer than it should have... :'D Anyway, thought others might find it useful as well, so here goes:

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2022.01.24 11:12 snarkytrashpanda An introductory macro view to EV battery recycling, and a breakdown of the next big battery recycler, Saint Georges Eco Mining, $SXOOF

Good morning, pennystocks, long time browser, first time contributor here. I initially wrote this DD when the market wasn't quite selling off this much, and I'm quite surprised to see this much downside, this quickly, so it's hard for me to really recommend a long at this time; so let this be a way to start a conversation and just maybe provide something for your watchlist. I've only nibbled on some pennystocks before, so I can't say if these smaller companies are safe during a major index sell-off.
This write-up focuses on lithium battery recycling as a whole, and one in particular that I believe is strongly underpriced. Of all the companies that I've found so far, I'm personally most bullish on St Georges Eco Mining, ticker $SXOOF. It's only available on real brokers, so if you're only on Robinhood: 1, get a real broker as a backup, you moron, and 2, yes, it's an OTC stock. This is a microcap company from Canada, which, if this doesn't at least make you a little wary, you should wake the fuck up. However, I'm pretty comfortable with holding this long term, so I'm less concerned about liquidity and more about potential future dividends. That being said, there's a lot of potential reward with this company, and I'm personally convinced it's valuation should be at least 10 times within a year, if not more.
Anyhow, here's my writeup.
Legendary stock trader and part-time Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has a kid, Paul Jr. Now, young Paulie J graduated from Georgetown and spent some time on a San Fran Environmental Board that he totally earned on his own merits, got a little more experience around ‘01 with a little startup called CISCO, and apparently spent some time doing sales at JP Morgan and investment banking at BOFA, so you know he’s well-associated with perfectly honest businessmen. Well, wouldn’t you know, but he got a great gig as director and president of a little company called EVSX in… January 20, 2021. Awesome timing, Paulie! Knowledge of this connection is what initially interested me in the company, but you should know that Paulie had to step down as director in September, and is now only the Environmental Advisor to the Board. It is definitely worth noting that Paulie still has a significant chunk of change invested in the company– as of Jan 20, 2020, it looks like he still has around 5 million dollars of his own money invested in the company. (Per https://www.sedi.ca/sedi/: click welcome, click ‘access public filings,’ click summary reports, you can figure it from there.)
But what’s most intriguing, the underlying fundamentals of this company appear CRAZY strong.
Bull case:
-The Pelosi Connection
-Seemingly solid claims efficient recycling of important elements for lithium-ion batteries
-Claims for utilizing electrical discharge and phosphorus for fertilizers may be unique
-Can also recycle recycle car batteries
-The whole sector of battery recyclers does not appear to have any one leader yet
-Parent company has some promising mining operations as well
-Not seeking outside financing! Full speed ahead!
-Rising demand for EVs, possible commodity prices increases, and potential threats to REEs by political instability are very bullish for this sector to supply
-Depending on infrastructure bill language, may be eligible for tax credits
Bear case:
-Unknown amount of expenses, hard to calculate how profitable operations will be
-Very low market cap ($70 million on Nov 7) and OTC only, no public stock options
-Rising rates have been very bad for small caps and growth names, there could be danger by association
Part 1: The Background
So EVSX is going to be a lithium battery recycler targeting electric vehicles. They aim to “recover metals like nickel, cobalt, rare earths,” and other critical elements from old batteries.The main components in the batteries have some value, but the real tendies are in the cathodes. They make up about 30% of the total weight, but are worth about as much as the rest of the weight, especially if their rare elements rise in value.
The bottom line here is: there is very little active lithium-ion battery recycling currently. Moreover, the limited supply of battery elements comes overwhelming from foreign sources, most of them either associated with China or civil wahuman rights abuses (in the case of Congo). I plan to cover this more thoroughly at a later date, but for now, let’s just focus on this particular company.
As the link below indicates, world supply of Lithium-ion batteries in 2022 is expected to be approximately 50,000 tons annually. [https://www.marketscreener.com/quote/stock/ST-GEORGES-ECO-MINING-COR-40155056/news/St-Georges-Eco-Mining-nbsp-Preliminary-Feasibility-Study-Report-for-EVSX-Battery-Recycling-Plant-35686331/]
Table 4 of Report - Projection of electric vehicle batteries available for recycling (Plante, 2021-05-31)
I don’t know how Marketscreener got that information, but my rough math on open sources indicates that’s wildly underestimated. More than 2.5 million electric vehicles have been sold so far in 2021, with more than 3 million sold in 2020. Something like 60-70 million vehicles are sold yearly, and most EV batteries weigh somewhere between 0.5 to 1 ton. So just in EV batteries, we’re already around 2 million tons of EV batteries being produced… and if the President’s call for 50% of the fleet in 2030 to be EVs, that’s between 15-30 million tons of batteries.
Current world production of battery metals is hard to calculate, and until I do a deep dive on just this topic, a rough estimate on supply is hard to determine. Various articles and press releases indicate the world production of lithium is 120kt-160kt- tons. Cobalt is around 110,000. By weight of the EV batteries, lithium is 2%, and cobalt is 3%. So by 2030, world production of lithium will need to 600,000 tons and cobalt will be 900,000. So, essentially, production will have to increase by a factor of 4-- and most mines take at least 4-5 years to start production. Also bear in mind, many of these mines come from Chinese ownership, or in Eastern Congo.
2: Making Connections
This company initially caught my interest with the connection with Paulie, but as I dug into it, I found a number of interesting connections. So while he became the President of EVSX in January, he was let go in September for possible conflicts-of-interest. Per Saint-Georges:
“A [dynamic of conflicts of interest related to other businesses and personal holdings], together with the evolution of the new mandate of Mr. Paul Pelosi Jr. within EVSX, has now required him to step down as an officer and director. Paul will be taking the role of Environmental Advisor to the Board of St-Georges. As the Company ramps up its lobbying activities in the USA over the next few quarters, management believes that this change in the management and directorship structures will allow its main resource more freedom of operations.
Frank Dumas, COO and Director of St-Georges Eco-Mining, said, ‘Paul is a tremendous asset to our team, and we did not want to lose him due to the appearance of political influence. Moving him to the position of Environmental Advisor opens up more opportunities to capitalize on Paul's strengths for the entire St-Georges operation.’" -Press Release, 9/18/2021
Well, what could those conflicts possibly be? Well, Paul Pelosi is also a member of the board of Altair International’s ($ATAO) Advisory Board (as of 11/7/2021).
On January 26th, ATAO signed a deal that would allow it:
“access to St-Georges’ patent-pending Lithium processing technology for Altair’s Nevada based Stonewall project and most importantly bring together the two companies to jointly develop a patentable industrial scale process for Electric Vehicle Lithium-ion battery (LIB) recycling.
Altair has the exclusive option to acquire 49.99% of the common shares of EVSX Corp by issuing shares to St-Georges and making certain milestones payments to co-fund development.” (Press Release, same date)
This partnership still appears to be in effect, and the EVSX connection with other interests in Nevada is something that I’m planning on investigating more deeply.
Furthermore, there are some very tenuous but real connections to Tesla.
Per a news story from January 2021, Barrel Energy (BRRL), owner of a 30 acre property only 18 miles from Gigafactory 1, has been in talks with Saint-Georges. Furthermore, a recent video on Twitter demonstrating the EVSX shredder clearly shows a Tesla-brand battery.
Part 3: Claims
EVSX has pretty powerful efficiency claims for recycling batteries, according to SEC filings and other reports.
Per SEC filings (https://sec.report/otc/financial-report/292295), they reported:
“On February 22, 2021, the Company’s initial test conducted on an array of lithium-ion batteries were successful in confirming that the selective leach, conducted with its proprietary blend of acids, allows for the recovery of the lithium, nickel, and cobalt that are found as a coating on aluminium foil in the core of the batteries. On April 12, 2021, the Company disclosed the results of its initial electric vehicle cathode material battery recycling tests aimed at specific car makers and OEM battery specifications. 100% of the targeted metals were recycled in situ or selectively leached in solution.”
This proprietary process is patent-pending, and verified through feasibility studies with ID Manic and Globerpro.
The process is described below. What’s especially fascinating is that not only is there extremely high extraction of that precious lithium and cobalt, but there’s a number of potential fertilizer by-products. Finally, something mentioned but not elaborated is the processing of spodumene, a source of lithium that is normally sent to China.
“The keys to the invention are using water saturated with silicate salts or other similar substitutes with reagents that make the lithium be attracted to air for successful flotation. Clay materials that are superfine generally do not concentrate well in water. The combination of nitric acid leach with a controlled dosage of citric acid with saturated salt solution for froth flotation has not been done together previously.
St-Georges has been working on low-grade ores in super fines form. These resources are often as difficult to leach as traditional hard rock resources. In the development, the R&D is being carried on two fronts: concentrating with improvements on prior art and leaching with our research team to avoid high-temperature and high-pressure vessels and eliminating the need to roast or calcine the material in order to reduce costs.
The provisional patent filed cover prior art to concentrate low-grade lithium resources with St-Georges technology to leach without pressure or high-temperature and avoid leaching materials that traditionally leach easily with H2SO4 and HCl that enter the circuit as impurities. This selective leaching process allows the reduction of waste materials and neutralization efforts.
Our team has been testing our selective leaching on a number of traditional hard rock crystalline forms of lithium and has successfully leached spodumene and leopodolite without the use of high-temperature and pressure and not requiring roasting and calcining.
St-Georges' patent pending leaching technology achieved 100% leaching of lithium while not affecting the majority of the solids...
Potential Fertilizer By-Products
In addition to the lithium, the selective leaching collects mainly the salt family elements such as Sodium (Na), Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca) and items like carbonates. The company believe that this could lead to-possible development of fertilizer by-products in the nitrate family that would potentially positively impact the economics of the Bonnie Claire project.
Material from this leach test was passed through tasks 1, 2 and 3a. 100% of the lithium was leached at atmosphere pressure and low temperature. The total leach time was of 1 hour resulting in 12% of the initial total mass.
Optimization of these tasks should yield results in industrial settings that would reduce the total mass to a target percentage below 5%.”
Side hustle of processing spoudemene and clay:
Vincent Ledoux Pedailles of Infinity Lithium took a similar view, citing expectations that the present oversupply would last until 2020 before balancing the year after. “Spodumene is exported to China mostly to third party converters where the conversion into lithium chemicals is inefficient.” He added that miners were looking at integrating conversion capacity to “better control their value chain and improve their margins.”
Furthermore, they plan to recover lithium from clay sources, as well.
“St-Georges' metallurgical team is preparing its contracted installations to allow a full pilot-plant circuit to be configured to enable a complete run of its process with the help of independent engineers that will constitute the last stage of the development effort conducted with Iconic Minerals with its Bonnie Claire lithium and fertilizer project.
All steps have now been completed in separate efforts and will be run concurrently in an industrial setting in its pilot plant as soon as the Company receives its custom-made precipitation units expected to arrive in Canada within the next 15 to 20 days.”
It just keeps on going. The company also recently released news that they’ll be able to recycle not just lithium-ion batteries, but even plain ol’ regular car batteries as well.
“St-Georges Eco-Mining Corp. (CSE:SX) (OTC:SXOOF) (FSE:85G1) (CSE:SX) is pleased to disclose that it has successfully advanced its metallurgical process that now allows an ecological recovery of all material contained in batteries, either from electric or legacy vehicles that have any lead components.
St-Georges' metallurgical team can now safely recycle all components of legacy internal combustion engines (ICE) car battery as well as lead-containing and difficult to recycle elements and black mass from pluggable electric and hybrid car batteries.
The new process will allow EVSX, the Company's battery recycling unit, to take all sorts of black mass mix in one metallurgical circuit. All trials confirm that the lead is not leaching with the other metals and can all be retrieved and segregated.
The black mass material processed was provided by a company located in the United Kingdom that executed a confidential agreement with St-Georges earlier this year.”
Part 4: Licensing
What’s especially lucrative about the company is that it’s not just reliant on this factory opening, which is expected by the end of Q1 2022. There have already been licensing agreements with ATAO as mentioned previously, and in one of the company’s monthly reports, they mention:
“a proprietary hydrolysis circuit to its industrial pilot operations now planned for Q1 2022.”
Yes, even more proprietary technology. Fantastic.
Part 5: So what kind of money is this place gonna print?
When the factory opens, their goal is to recycle 10,000 tons of batteries in their first year of operation. It looks like the overall goal is somewhere around 70,000-90,000, with a possibility of expansion to 225,000. Additionally, the factory appears to be looking to refine 3,000 tons of spodumene a year into lithium carbonate.
“The Company is negotiating the acquisition of all the industrial equipment required for the first circuit. It expects reception of these units during the third quarter of this year. The equipment to be delivered is expected to allow the processing of up to 79,200 tons of gross batteries or approximately 20,000 tons of feedstock available for the chemical tech plant portion of the EVSX operations in Baie-Comeau. By way of comparison, Li-Cycle's declared capacity in Ontario, Canada, is currently 5,000 tons per year with additional capacities of 15,000 tons presently being planned and built in the United States and a planned plant with a 20,000 tons per year capacity with Redwood Materials also in the United States.
Spodumene processing
The Company has commissioned the front end of its spodumene pilot-plant circuit and is ready to process sizeable amounts of spodumene into lithium carbonate this month. It is expected that the production will be converted to lithium hydroxide in the new year as the Company receives delivery of additional industrial equipment. St-Georges targets a steady rate of production of 3,000 tonnes per year of lithium carbonate or lithium hydroxide from spodumene concentrate acquired in the market by the end of 2022. Management has received unsolicited offtake offers pertaining to resale market opportunities for the materials to be produced.”
In an “average” lithium-ion battery (there’s various types, obviously, but we gotta have some kind of approximation), by element/percent of the total weight/dollar per ton:
This makes a total of about $1900 a ton.
The cathodes, by element/percent of the total weight/dollar per ton:
That makes a total of approximately $4,000 per ton of cathodes. About $5,900 for each ton of battery.
These aren’t just all-time-high prices for these materials, either. Copper just reached the highs it made in 2011, but has pretty consistently stayed above 7,000. Aluminum is also making new highs at 2,700, but has consistently stayed about 2,250. Lithium and nickel are making new highs, but interestingly cobalt’s high was nearly double its current price in March, 2018.
Current market price of lithium carbonate is about $13,000 per ton.
Total those numbers up for Saint-Georges, and the first year production should be yielding (10,000 tons x $5,900) about $59 million of battery elements a year. If lithium carbonate production is separate from that process, that might be another $39 million. Assuming a margin of about 50%, an estimate that I’ve seen with AMYZF, that could be an earnings of around $50 million a year-- on a market cap of $80 million.
And of course, processing 70,000 tons of batteries would yield $413 million. On a current market cap (as of Nov 8) of only $69 million USD.
Currently, Li-Cycle is on pace to recycle approximately 5,000-10,000 tons a year and plans to recycle up to 20,000; for an approximate value of $120-$240 million annually. It also happens that Li-Cycle has a market cap of $2 Billion, showing a 10-20 p/e ratio.
Now, if the same earning potential of LICY is applied, and the company gets a valuation ten times of its gross income, that could mean a market cap of $800 million for SXOOF in its first year of production, literally a 10-bagger at the current price. A fully operational plant could be worth more than $8 billion… not counting any additional profit from fertilizer byproducts or licensing technology.
Part 6: Financial Risk:
“As at March 31, 2021, the Company has current liabilities and accrued liabilities of $6,790,795 (December 31, 2020 - $6,142,515) due within 12 months and has cash of $12,704,826 (December 31, 2020 - $325,619) to meet its current obligations. As a result, the Company faces liquidity risk as it expends funds towards its projects.”
But it’s even better than that.
In the company’s latest , it lists assets worth $8 million (including shares in other companies), and receivables worth $1 million. Is it possible that the company is already generating revenue?
Let me also stress again that the company is NOT looking for outside financing, and has not given any messages or warnings of share dilution to raise funds. Their recycling factory appears to be fully funded, and everything I’ve read is that they are are running full steam ahead.
Something to be very well aware of would be the potential costs involved in this project. American Manganese (AMYZF) has published absolutely fantastic educational materials about this sector, and one of their estimates has a calculation of $7,000/ton gross of Lithium-ion battery materials, less about $2-3,000/ton for costs. This estimate of $4,000/ton of profitability correlates to approximately $40 million for 10k tons, and thus $280 million at 70k tons.
According to a Li-Cycle projection for their own profitability, they estimate they might make 60% net by 2025. That corresponds to $35 million/10k tons, and $247 million/70k tons.
Part 7: Comments
I have a very strong suspicion that management is keeping their cards relatively close to their chest regarding their company. Go to the American Manganese website, and you’ll see a number of highly educational, very lucrative products about the strong potential of their processes. The Saint Georges website provides the bare minimum of what is required, essentially. And why bother? They’re not looking for any additional backing. They’ve been using shares to pay for some of their deals, and being debt free, why do they anyone jumping on board?
Part 8: Concerns about management sell offs, warrants, and dilution
After the, um, shall we say learning experience with BGFV, I’m now a little more wary of management using their own company to dump their bags. For a bit of a roll-up:
Enrico Di Ceasare: 3.1 million shares, 2.5 million options, 900k warrants
Francois Dumas: 14.4 million shares, 4.4 million warrants
Paul Pelosi: 4.7 million shares (cost basis around $0.20), 500k options strike $0.20 expiry Jan 2026, 2.4 million warrants
Mark Billings: 1.2 million warrants
Eric Salsberg: 5 million warrants
Neha Tally: 800k warrants
Wei Tek Tsai: 1.1 million warrants
Vilhjalmur Vilhjalmsson: 800k warrants
As far as warrants issued through business agreements:
Nov 11, 2021: private placement of “flow-through” units at $0.55 for total gross proceeds of up to $5.5 million (½ are warrants)
June 28, 2021: purchases its factory with 500k warrants
(There may be other business deals of which I am currently unaware.)
This brings us to a total of 19.6 million warrants.I have contacted the company to confirm these numbers; many of these have an exercise price of around 0.60, and have a clause that they must be exercised within 30 days if the share price exceeds $1.20.
I am concerned that there are about 20 million warrants outstanding, many requiring an exercise within 30 days if the share price exceeds $1.20. There are 208 million outstanding shares, on a free float of 157 million. I’m concerned that if the share price doesn’t rapidly overtake $1, insiders will dump in a hurry to cash out.
I’ll be doing my best to monitor management’s holding through the Canadian filing website, but I’m not at all familiar with it; I can’t say if there are delays in reporting.
Part 9: Infrastructure Bill
Starting on page 1433, the Bill states that the Secretary will establish within 180 days a grant program specifically just for battery manufacturing and recycling, authorized to spend up to $3 billion for FY 2022-2026. Even better, each grant “shall not be less than” $50 million. The wording even says specifically that “the Secretary shall give priority to an eligible entity that… (III) deploys North American intellectual property and content (IV) represents consortia or industry partnerships.
Hell, there’s even a $10 million competition on page 1438. On page 1446, there’s $60 million allocated for additional battery research. Short story… just so much public money about to get slammed directly into private pockets.
Then there’s an amendment to Section 48C(c)(1), which provides a 30% tax credit on qualifying energy projects. Well, guess what. “A facility which recycles batteries or similar energy storage property described in subparagraph (A)(i) shall be treated as part of a manufacturing facility described in such subparagraph.”
So, tax credits on top of grants on top of 50% margins... in the bear case.
Part 9: The Summary
Saint-Georges Eco-Mining, $SXOOF, seems to be in a position to produce highly valuable lithium-ion battery materials from recycling in an increasingly tight market in a highly profitable way with few active competitors. As I’ll describe below, I think they could very soon skyrocket from a valuation of around $80 million (based on their speculative mining operations) to a $700 million valuation in a modest case to $1.4 billion in a bull case; in the next 3-5 years I think they could be worth $8 billion or greater. They are completely debt free, have licensable patents, and have already begun active recycling that is NOT reflected in the share price. Language in the infrastructure bill appears to be highly favorable. This company is not publicizing themselves, but seem to be quietly setting up a massive, personal money printer. The main risks right now seem to be that the stock itself is available only through OTC, and that operating costs are extremely hard to estimate from an outside perspective since the company has not provided any information in that regard.
Nancy Pelosi’s kid became President of a company, EVSX, a subsidiary of a Canadian “green mining company” called Saint-Georges, $SXOOF. Paulie hooked up the company with some contracts with American companies; he's now on a backseat as an advisor to the board. One article alleged that he had personally bought $200k worth of stock in the company, but I couldn’t find any information that confirmed it.
By 2030, world production of the raw materials needed to make EV batteries could be literally ten times the current level. Prices for these elements are already near all time highs. Plus, many of these current sources are associated with China, human rights abuses, or environmental damage.
SXOOF has a subsidiary, EVSX, that specializes in the recycling of lithium-ion batteries, but the company as a whole has a focus on “green” mining of elements like gold. The EVSX factory is in an oversized building in northern Quebec near a port and railhead. In addition to recycling from used batteries, the company also has techniques for extracting lithium from a crystalline form (spodumene) and clay. It appears the company plans to perform this extraction in addition to its recycling operations. Furthermore, the company plans to sell its by-products as fertilizer.
Currently, only about 5% of all EV batteries are recycled, perhaps partially due to recovery of only about 50% of the valuable material. SXOOF has proprietary techniques that yield greater than 99% recovery on the most valuable elements: lithium, nickel, and cobalt. It’s also apparently able to recover most of the other material, such as copper and carbon, as well.
Furthermore, the company now has the ability to recycle batteries from regular ol’ Internal Combustion Engine cars. The company has a propriety, patent-pending blend of acids, verified by third parties in test cases.
The recent “Infrastructure BIll” has $3 billion in funding set aside specifically for battery manufacturing and recycling, with a priority on North American intellectual property; each grant is _not_ less than $50 million. Additionally, the company will probably be eligible for significant tax credits if it does anything in America.
In its first year of operation the company could be making a profit anywhere from $35 to over $70 million dollars, depending on how profitable the enterprise is. Honestly, given the number of side projects, I think the higher number is more accurate. Once the factory is fully operational, I estimate it to bring in $247 million to $310 million. With expansions that are mentioned but not elaborated on, this could push it to $1 billion in revenue. These estimates are my own, and I am not an industry expert; I am planning on providing an in-depth explanation in a follow-up.
One competitor, Li-Cycle ($LICY) currently has a market cap of $1.2 billion for about 20ktons of recycling, as far as I’m aware. First year operational market cap could be anywhere from $700 million to $1.4 billion. Full operations could be worth up to $8 billion. Low end projections are based on LICY’s estimate of 60% net profit for their own operations, and assume the prices for EV materials don’t increase.
I am concerned that there are about 20 million warrants outstanding, many requiring an exercise within 30 days if the share price exceeds $1.20. There are 208 million outstanding shares, on a free float of 157 million. I’m concerned that if the share price doesn’t rapidly overtake $1, insiders may dump in a hurry to cash out.
Currently I’m looking for two possible price catalysts, one by the end of January and very possibly to be released on Sunday the 23rd (the company has a history of releasing news on Sundays), and on earnings on February 28th. Per an official company announcement, active recycling is now underway, and at least 20 tons have been recycled so far (https://webfiles.thecse.com/MonthlyReportSXDecember2021.pdf?L7ppbSPxJHJLzzW8a2uIlP.upjO2pfAT). Furthermore, it was reported just November 8th that TSLA is forming partnerships with other Quebec-based companies to produce batteries, it’s unknown to me if there’s a connection here.
Finally, the chart itself looks quite healthy, with a general uptrend in price since the summer with building volume. I suspect the initial pump and fade in price is due at least partially to the company compensating its business deals with transfers of its stock. There is no indication of dilution, but there is a significant amount of options and warrants that can be exercised at $0.60 (current price is ~$0.35). The company is not seeking any outside financialization.
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Thanks for any suggestions
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2022.01.24 11:11 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Another person shoved onto New York’s subway tracks days after Michelle Go’s death | Washington Post

[National] - Another person shoved onto New York’s subway tracks days after Michelle Go’s death | Washington Post submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 11:11 Casperandgrim BEST OFFERS LIST: Worth $2500+

Bank Accounts:
Chime Receive $100 when you open a Chime account and make a direct deposit of $200 or more. You can use Venmo or cash app for the direct deposit requirement.
Aspiration Receive $50 when you open an Aspiration account and spend $250.
SoFi Receive $25 when you download the app and register and deposit $10.
Chase Receive $225 when you open a Chase account and make direct deposits totally $500.
Lili Receive $100 when you open a Lili account and receive a direct deposit of $250.
ONE Receive $50 when you open an account and make a direct deposit of $250 or more.
Yotta Receive 100 bonus tickets in a chance to win $10,000,000 given out weekly. Open an account using my referral code I1Y7PSB9 and make a first deposit.
Albert Receive $100 when you open an account and receive a direct deposit of at least $200.
Varo Receive $50 when you open an account and spend $50.
Firstrade Receive a free stock worth $3 - $200 when you open an account. Receive another free stock when you deposit $100.
M1 Finance Receive $50 when you open an account and deposit $100.
Public Receive a free stock worth $1 - $200 when you open an account.
Moomoo Receive a free stock worth $8 - $1000 when you open an account and deposit $100.
HappyNest Receive $10 when you open an account and make your first $10 investment.
Invstr Receive up to $30 of BTC when you open an account and make a deposit.
Tornado Receive up to $1000 ($10 min) when you open an account and make a deposit.
Groundfloor Receive $20 when you open an account and make a $10 deposit.
Credit Cards:
Capital One Receive $200 when you open an account and spend $500 within the first 3 months.
Hilton Honors Receive 80,000 Hilton points when you open an account and spend $1,000 in the first 3 months. Worth about 2 free nights at a hotel or $200 for Amazon purchases.
PM me for any details you’d like to know. These offers are a great way to make some extra cash. I have additional offers if interested as well.
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2022.01.24 11:11 Slight-Relation169 Please send me anything

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2022.01.24 11:11 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - German police say ‘several injured’ in rare campus shooting | Washington Post

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2022.01.24 11:11 Captain_Terry_M Seriously guys...

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2022.01.24 11:11 443610 Ponsson and Gil Motor Sport back for 2022 WorldSBK campaign

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2022.01.24 11:11 memoriesofcold Trump’s comeuppance is finally coming

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2022.01.24 11:11 budgetcooking Queen of the jungle 👑

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2022.01.24 11:11 Banansvenne Does oral raw hemp consumtion trigger THC tests

I live in Sweden where THC is strictly forbidden. I have no interest in getting high of any sort, but I am interested in the ither health aspects of the plant and seeda. Does oral consumtion of non-heated flowers, leaves or seeds trigger positive response on THC tests?
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